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Named The NoCycling Book of All Time by Cycle Sport, Wide Eyed and Legless is a fast paced, fly on the wall story of courage, endurance, bungling, rows and cheating in sport s greatest marathon In , the Tour was won by Irishman Stephen Roche It was the first time the champion had hailed from outside the Continent or the States and the first time inyears a British team ANC Halfords had competed in the world s toughest and craziest race Jeff Connor not only stayed with the British team but also found himself an unofficial team member In this new edition of Wide Eyed and Legless, now widely regarded as a classic, Connor describes what it takes to compete, survive and win during thosedays of gruelling effort Alongside the heroism and athleticism, he reveals the extraordinary amounts of chicanery, from pulling riders along to illicit drug use Time has not dimmed the impact of this eye opening and entertaining close up look at the supreme endurance event, and Wide Eyed and Legless is destined to be acclaimed by a new generation of cycling enthusiasts

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  1. Mark Pack Mark Pack says:

    The 1987 Tour de France saw Irishman Stephen Roche triumph, including one of the most memorable scenes in the Tour s history his dramatic recovery during the stage to La Plagne, followed by his physical collapse after he crossed the finishing line.It also saw the first British team compete for 20 years, ANC Halfords, whose rather shambolic attempts now look even poignant given that it was over a couple of decades later that the professionalism and resources of Sky saw a Brit win the Tour de France two years in a row.1987 is notable for a third reason it was the tour covered by Jeff Connor s book, Wide eyed and legless Insider the Tour de France, rated by Cycle Sport as the top cycling book of all time.It s a deserved accolade for the book energetically and clearly covers not just the race but many of the wider issues around road racing, including why so many riders ended up regularly cheating with drugs and why too the sport s authorities were often so reluctant to take meaningful action.Although cycling has changed in many ways since, it is still recognisably the same sport, complete with problems over cheating, prima donna cyclists, vast crowds, oppressive media attention and near impossible physical challenges for the riders Some of the lack of professionalism of professional teams back then has, however, thankfully been overtaken by bigger budgets and better treatment of the cyclists at least for male cyclists.The book itself is a great read, though its structure an overall account of several stages at once, before doubling back to cover each of the stages in some detail can make the flow of the story a little confusing at times.A tip about the audio version of this book it is missing some of the appendices at the end, even though they are amenable to be read out loud.

  2. A Scrutineer A Scrutineer says:

    To everybody who took part in the ANC Halfords 1987 Tour De France attempt, well done for giving it a goIt is easy to find fault and obviously some of the strange events that unfolded are funny, but without that spirit of adventure by everybody involved, there would be no British team at the Tour De France and those riders who participated in 1987, some, may never have been given the chance at another team to do it.If you are a cycling fan, buy the book It is amusing, illuminating and gives an honest account, of the valiant efforts everybody who was involved with ANC Halfords team made in 1987.

  3. toby toby says:

    This is an entertaining read and pre dates the current spate of band wagon cycling book writing Stylistically, it is slightly muddled a combination of stage write ups and little anecdotes The author has recently admitted it could have been better A lot of the reading involves looking through the results and GC parts and trying to marry them up with the stories that are told.It gives good insight into how amateurish the British were at trying to match the continental Europeans at their sport It also makes you wonder what could have been for riders such as Timmis and Elliott had their careers been today and not back then.

  4. Capa Capa says:

    This is a half decent read but the idea that is deserved to beat Paul Kimmage s brilliant and ground breaking Rough Ride into second place in Cycle Sport s list is just laughable.

  5. P. Thomson P. Thomson says:

    Fascinating eye witness account of the chaotic ANC pro cycling team in the classic 1987 Tour de France Great writing with style, wit and insider knowledge Essential catch up to where British cycling is today.

  6. Dibdobs Dibdobs says:

    Bought as a Christmas present for my husband who enjoys watching the Tours every year Great buy

  7. Penny Penny says:

    Interesting insight

  8. Paulaman Paulaman says:

    Good condition used copy The book is not for me hope son enjoys it Fast dispatch All OK thanks

  9. performing-arts.co Customer performing-arts.co Customer says:

    I was told that this was the best bicycling book ever written Well, I guess bicycling books must be very poorly written because this book was not very good I would not have minded if the author was just a poor writer But it goes further than that Run on sentences and grammatical errors abound in this poorly written tome It did not foreshadow what was to become of the tour a decade later with the arrival of the dopers Connor did not foresee what was to come But importantly he did not report on what most certainly going on during the tour on which he reported I say this because several riders failed their drug tests during this tour and Connor did not see any reason to discuss it other than to mention it in passing That would make him part of the problem Very sad.