The Dead Man, Vol. 5: The Death Match, The Black Death, and The Killing Floor (Audio Download): Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Christa Faust, Aric Davis, David Tully, Luke Daniels, Brilliance Audio: Audible Audiobooks –

A Shocking accident gave Matthew Cahill the ability to see a nightmarish netherworld that nobody else does pitting him in a fight to save us all, and his own soul, from the clutches of pure evil in these three exhilarating talks of dark humor, nonstop action, and pure horror in The Dead Man series Matt enters the violent world of underground cage fighting where a brutal death match becomes a horrific fight to the undead that could lead him to the truth about his reincarnation or to his gruesome demise The black death is a deadly new form of crystal meth that turns its users into black eyed, homicidal maniacs Matt must destroy the virulently addictive drug before the madness spreads from a backwoods community to the entire nation A hydrofracking operation resurrects an ancient, terrifying entity that pits Matt against Mr Dark in an epic battle that began centuries ago and will end today, with the fate of mankind at stake, on the blood soaked dirt of the killing floor Buckle up this is a big ticket horror New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry

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  1. Mr Dennis Sutch Mr Dennis Sutch says:

    A good read

  2. allan1 allan1 says:

    excellent book as usual by lee goldberg

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    Still not sure

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I like horror books I was nurtured on fairy stories, including a nasty one where a giant hung little boys on hooks in his larder, waiting for them to grow fatter on bread and butter before he consumed them Naturally the giant did not eat little girls so I loved it From there I progressed through H P Lovecraft, Wheatley ad my favourite of all times 100 best horrow stories published even before my time in 1947 a copy of which I still have I enjoy being scared I love nasty but clever horror films so decided I was qualfieid to judge this one The Dead Man V5 is unfortnately graphic and not in a nice way It is a series of stories around the search for Mr Dark by one Matt Cahill who wakes up after dying to find himself drafted as a warrior against a perception of evil, the aforementioned Mr Dark The first part of the volume features cage fighting, an ugly realistic, unnecessary pastime and one for gangster movies not good old horrors is he going to die permantly or learn The second features another ugy pastime a chemical not unlike crystal meth and its affects turning people into murdering maniacs probably the real thing does, again not horrow realism The third part is the ultimate fate of mankind unearthed in a fracking dig er, surafce whatever are frackings digs I thought they were shakings and is now in Matts hands to save the world and perhaps earn his earthly plac back I am sorry and I did read it to the end but found that it was full of gratuitous violence not good plain Stephen King type Horror, or even James Herbert rats rype , this is just plan modern day gruesome reading I am sure some of todays youth who watch axman 23 etc would like this if they read anything or may be wait for the comic book version to come out It may have its place, but not on my bookshelf Horror should be in and from the imagination, not newspapers and comics which it unfortunately is today.

  5. Rowena Hoseason Rowena Hoseason says:

    This is the fifth compilation of novella length stories about Matt Cahill, a resurrected avenger, brought back from the dead with the ability to perceive depravity and corruption in physical terms Matt is a man with a mission He s also a man with an axe, and he ain t afraid to use it.You can read any of The Dead Man tales in any order but they are gradually developing an overall narrative Some of the stories definitely advance the story arc and reveal new aspects of Matt s character, the nature of the evil he faces and how it affects different people, with hints about why he s been set wandering America s backstreets and small towns in pursuit of the mysterious Mr Dark But mostly each episode is a self contained story in which Matt must confront bad people doing bad things often he s up against overwhelming odds, and it starts to resemble your average hack n slash zombiefest as heads roll, limbs are severed and blood spurts non stop.Of these three stories, the rare one written by a woman was the most interesting for me In Death Match, Christa Faust explores the sordid world of no holds barred female fighting and comes up with some genuinely grisly and gripping fight scenes These are neatly balanced by an intriguing plotline about how even resurrected half humans, dripping with decay and brought back by Mr Dark, can hang onto some semblance of their humanity and previous relationships It s chilling and thoughtful, but doesn t stint on the shocks and action.The Black Death is a typical Matt Cahill adventure, with crystal meth as its theme, and The Killing Floor rounds off this trio with a combination of current controversy hydrofracking with the old Roanoake mythology trying to solve the Croatoan puzzle and adding Native American themes to the supernatural story Plus as usual there are plenty of raging corrupted souls all trying to rip Matt s head from his body, while he attempts to rescue the innocents Although it s not always obvious who the innocents areUsing a different writer for each episode keeps this series fresh, although inevitably they reveal a slightly different interpretation of Matt each time, so he can feel a little inconsistent But they all keep to a fast paced writing style so the action clips along and they re easy reading The Dead Man series is usually classed as horror and it is graphic, violent and occasionally sexually explicit but it s hardly hard core There are chilling moments but this is like a thriller action for mature viewers than a sickening slasher flick.8 10

  6. Bryan Bryan says:

    All you need to know is what was revealed in volume 1 of this series of Dead Man books Happily married Matthew Cahill was buried by an avalanche of snow and it wasn t until months later that his body was recovered and taken to the university hospital His wife, Janey, was dead but Matt Cahill was not He opened his eyes, to the astonishment of the doctors, and left the university hospital to wander across America His journey helped him to discover that he had the ability to see others, whose flesh was falling from their bodies while maggots chewed through muscle to expose rotting bone beneath But that was not all Matt soon learned that there was an evil mastermind behind his rebirth and the living dead who walked amongst us the mastermind s name Mr Dark The Dead Man Volume 5 contains the latest three stories featuring Matt s fight against Mr Dark Each horror story is wonderfully graphic and ties in with previous tales without it being necessary to have read the previous four volumes The chapters of the three tales are short and so the book is ideal for reading on a journey, the beach or bedtime reading however, the temptation of short chapters makes it difficult to put the book down Although it is not necessary to have read the previous four volumes, I m sure new readers will want to purchase them while previous owners of the first four volumes will want to add this book to their library Great stuff and highly recommended.

  7. John Platt John Platt says:

    The first two novellas in this collection knocked my socks off I ve read Christa Faust before she turns in a fantastic story here with The Death Match Aric Davis is new to me and what a revelation His story The Black Death gets my vote for the best Dead Man tale to date, second behind Harry Shannon s contribution back at 6 in the series I ll be reading by him, I guarantee it Unfortunately, the final book in this volume The Killing Floor by David Tully is a major letdown We finally got some advancement on the Mr Dark plot, but only through very stereotypical use of a Native American shaman who our hero actually uses a derogatory, racist term toward The absolute low point in the series so low it makes me question whether or not I want to continue reading.

  8. Tina Tina says:

    The stories at this point are getting a bit repetitive The Killing Floor was probably the best of the three in this volume, if you can excuse some of the ridiculous dialogue stupid white man Still entertaining enough to check out the next in the series.

  9. Albert J. Lecuyer Albert J. Lecuyer says:

    Or perhaps horrifically addictive This series has become a guilty pleasure for me It reminds me of the old Warren and EC comic books Cheap thrills and gory fun Not a lot of substance but perhaps that s much of the appeal These compilation volumes are a good deal as well.