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The thrilling first instalment in the Wars of the Roses series set at the beginnings of this turbulent period of English history which saw the throne change hands six times inyears The Swan sees Henry VI crowned King of England and married to the young French noblewoman, Margaret of Anjou and so begins the extraordinary story of how England became a divided nation, where brother took up arms against brother This was the war which defined the England we know today The Wars of the Roses series will be a landmark piece of historical fiction writing, with all the intrigue, drama, and action one expects from one of the biggest names in the genre This is Conn Iggulden at his finest

7 thoughts on “Wars of the Roses: Stormbird (Audio Download): Conn Iggulden, Roy McMillan, Penguin Books Ltd: Audible Audiobooks

  1. The Travellor The Travellor says:

    Gosh I really wanted to enjoy this book and it was my first Conn Iggulden book I chose it as I m fascinated by medieval history and particularly this period I couldn t get into it as the story line chopped around so much I was disappointed with the dialogue as well as I just felt for example that it so unlikely that a young French lady would learn the phrase bloody hell Is that not too modern I found Derry very strange too Would he really concoct a story that the king was ill and unable to attend His wedding in France when he was supposedly there but in fact still in England Surely the French would have worked out the whole entourage hadn t even left England When I got to the point where Margaret and Henry were to marry and the ceremony, I gave up It felt too modern day The writing just doesnt seem to fit the period Feel really disappointed and I dislike giving one stars as it can t be easy writing a novel.

  2. Sylvie P. Smith Sylvie P. Smith says:

    Having devoured the Emperor series, and lived for several weeks enthralled by the storytelling of Julius Caesar I lept onto Stormbird with the same enthusiasm.Struggling from the beginning with the swapping between Earls title and their common name never entirely sure who was who, i found the book structure didn t help either every few pages, the central character changes The writing style C iggulden chose is too decousu to my taste Hence 2 stars.

  3. Stevet Stevet says:

    Incredible I never understood the wars of the roses but here it so clearly documented in a frills free historical novel series that you can put down Far better than even Bernard Corwell s Sharpe I don t read many books again but I shall be re reading this series

  4. CJ & JD Bailey CJ & JD Bailey says:

    A very interesting read and very well written My knowledge of this period in history is rather sketchy so it was good to try and understand the key players in what was a very turbulent period in history both for rulers and the common people who lost their livlihoods and homes in what was then English territory in France.Jackie Bailey

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Having read and enjoyed so many of Conn s books particularly the Khan series I eagerly went for this series It is promising, but the early chapters bear so much resemblance to the Bernard Cornwell books featuring archers and longbows that I almost forgot WHO I was reading Much better when he gets into the Jack Cade rebellion and the politics of York and Lancaster

  6. M. J. Blake M. J. Blake says:

    I like Conn Iggulden but found this one a little confusing as the story jumps around quite a bit The depth of storytelling and pace are all excellent but it didn t quite meet my expectations.

  7. Caraan Cloherty Caraan Cloherty says:

    I really enjoyed this book , have bought the rest of the series , it s one of the few which gave sparked my interested in historical fiction well written although some of the battle scenes were too long for my liking I just skimmed them