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History professor Ned Brummel is living happily with his partner ofyears in small town Maine when he receives a phone call from his estranged friend Jack telling him that another friend Andy is very ill and possibly near death As Ned boards a plane to Chicago on his way to his friend s bedside, he embarks on another journey into memory, examining the major events and small moments that have shaped his world and his relationships with these two very different, very important menGrowing up together through the restrictive s and confusing s, Jackson Jack Grace and Ned Brummel take solace in their love for each other But once they arrive at college inand meet handsome farm boy Andy Kowalski, everything changes Despite Andy s apparent heterosexuality, both Jack and Ned fall hard for him, straining their close friendship Soon, the three men will become involved in a series of intense liaisons and bitter betrayals, coming together and flying apart, as they alternately hurt, love, shape, and heal one another over the course of years From the heady, drug and sex fueled days of San Francisco in the wild s to the haunting spectre of AIDS in the s and the righteous activism of the s, their relationship transforms and grows, reflecting the changes going on around them Now, together again in the most crucial and intimate of settings, Ned, Jack, and Andy have another chance to confront the damage of the past and embrace the bonds of friendship and love that have stood the test of time

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  1. Mummy Mummy says:

    What an amazing story It was gripping, emotional, intellectually engaging, heart rending and deeply, deeply satisfying I think it will be hard to find another book this year that affects me so deeply.The story follows the lives of two men who grew up together in the turbulence of the USA in the sixties It is an amazing journey as well as being informative and eye opening Through the lives of these men I have lived through the turbulence of the sixties including the Vietnam war and the birth of the US gay rights movement Incredible In summary, this excellent story follows the life and loves of two childhood friends Ned and Jack, and what happens to them when they both become friends and lovers with Andy, a close life time friend who they meet at college.The story starts in the sixties and progresses through times of immense social change As we follow the lives of these three men we get to see how these world events change and touch them, especially as they come to know themselves and each other, and as each of them explores their sexuality.I was taken through the recovery from world war 2, the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement, the Stonewall Riots, assassinations of John Kennedy and John Lennon and the confusion and fear that came with the onset of the AIDS pandemic All of these events are seen and experienced in through the lives of Ned, Jack and Andy.It is a really excellent story The writing as is usual from this author is gripping and draws you into the lives of Ned and Jack from the first page It is also a story which brings the emotions and feelings of these men to life on the page We get to understand how the men eventually become the adults they are by the end of the book and also how each one of them contributes to the lives of the other two.It is also a book about social events, history and the way in which Americans experienced the turbulent sixties The story has an excellent way of also outlining the progress of gay rights and how each man eventually comes to understand their sexuality and also their sexual identity It is a story which embraces love, friendship and family in a way that is gritty and emotional, but without being angsty Reading this book was similar to watching a film because the author writes in a way that evokes the imagination.I also found it really informative and educational I came to understand the huge changes as people moved from the free sexual expression of the sixties to cautious sexual expression of the nineties I also experienced the impact of the AIDS pandemic on gay Americans in the eighties and early days of the pandemic I didn t grow up in the global North and so I missed the fear and stigma that was initially experienced by so many My own work as an HIV activist came much much later with advances in treatment, but I still mourn the loss of so many millions all over the world and the devastating impact the pandemic has had on my fellow Africans This book is also special because it showed me these events through the lives of people who should have been enjoying their prime.The story is also one of courage Of reaching out again and again to find love and to care for others.This book captures so much history, so much emotion and so much love It is a beautiful story of love, family and friendship I have read a few books by this author and have never been disappointed, but this one for me is truly the best Michael Thomas Ford really knows how to tell a story and he has told one that has enriched me and left me with a deeper appreciation of the history of the many people who society has wanted to push to the edges and keep to the margins.Through this story I have been able to find my own place and see my own contribution to the work of making our world just for all In a little way this marvellous story has enabled me to understand some of my own full circles.

  2. Steve Steve says:

    I have just re read this book after a few years absence It than holds its own as the compelling story of the intertwined lives of three gay men But it is also a chronicle of a generation, growing up in post war America, confronting the Vietnam War, coming to terms with gay sexuality and facing the terrifying threat of death through AIDS Ford weaves fact into his fiction, creating a riveting portrayal of an era, as well as a powerful story of friendship, loss and love If, like me, you are gay, you will find it both resonant and empowering But it is a book of anyone who wants to read a vivid but realistic story of recent history.

  3. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book At its simplest it is a story about life but it is so much than that As you follow the life of Ned the central character along with his lifelong friend Jack and Andy who they both meet later you follow the twists and turns of their relationships with themselves and each other The historical backdrop, staring in the mid twentieth century, adds a richness and context that is enriching particularly to those of us who have lived through many of the events documented The story is about love, friendship, tragedy and about how the journey we all undertake to discover who we are and the incredible changes that happen along the way I could have easy consumed the whole book in one sitting but resisted so that I could savour every page of this wonderful book it really is a must read.

  4. Dee Tee Dee Tee says:

    Michael Thomas Ford s novels are always a quality read Full Circle features engrossing, realistic characters likeable and frustrating in equal measure who wrap around a tale that spans several decades Essentially a love story, this book covers the lives of 3 friends during several significant points in American history This is no dull history lesson however even though I did learn some stuff I hadn t been aware of Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.Funny, sad, sexy and moving you ll be so easily drawn into the interwoven storylines and the lives of the characters that you wont want to put the book down until you discover what happens next What could you want from a novel

  5. M B M B says:

    Quite simply the best novel I ve read in a good few years, a powerful, honest and emotional journey through one man s life, interestingly intertwined with history, exploring the nature of relationship s, love and loss Ned s story had me spellbound from the start, and I had great difficulty putting the book down I could barely read the last few pages for tears.I enjoyed Michael Thomas Ford s Last Summer , and found Looking for It an OK read but Full Circle is something very different, and reminded me fondly of Paul Monette s Becoming a Man Half a Life Story One of the most profound and life changing books I ve ever read which is really saying something