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Dr Michael Sieff and Dr Thomas Hamilton have stumbled onto a finding so astonishing that it could reshape the political and religious boundaries of the world Hidden in a cave in Hebron, Israel, they find an ancient scroll that gives evidence of a substance so powerful, it gave the Biblical strongman Samson his great strength In the quest to uncover this powerful secret, they run into two other groups who also know of its existence The first is a group of protectors chosen each generation to keep the ancient secret and use it when the moment is ready The second is a ruthless Palestinian ruler who wants to use it to create an invincible army for Allah to purge the world of infidels and bring it under his control Joined by an unlikely ally, Sieff and Hamilton travel the globe, dodge bullets, endure betrayal, and ultimately have to confront the most powerful enemy that this world has seen in ages Facing unimaginable odds, they are the only two standing between freedom and conquest of the world The Samson Effect is a thriller adventure story along the lines of Indiana Jones, yet set in the current, modern world It s interesting that I do not normally read novels of this type, but upon its being recommended, I took a chance and was than surprised I couldn t put the bloody thing down With interesting characters, detailed settings and a great deal of theological history, the story is fast paced and not without a few nasty twists Set in the turmoil enshrouded Holy Land, a college professor heads off on a quest to find the lost source of what could be the secret to the fabled strength of the biblical figure of Samson But, he is not the only searcher for the secret and, there are those who will not hesitate to kill for it.At first, I was expecting a biblical tale, but in all actuality it was a straight forward, first rate thriller and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Indy movies or the novels of Clive Cussler, Clancy or Ludlum.Get it Read it You ll enjoy it. The Samson Effect Tony Eldridge Kindle EditionThe storyline was quite good but the tale was a bit of a foxhunter better in the chase than in the catching the Samson Effect did not really hold up as a viable possibility Full marks however for the unusal concept.A few spelling and homophonic errors and a couple of historical religious error which probably originate from the King James re write and editing of the old testament books Never the less an enjoyable read I shall look out for this author s future offerings. I really enjoyed the first three quarters of this book and would have given it 4 5 stars if the final chapters had been better However, for me it started to fall apart when having found the treasure of the story the main characters, who up until then had been rather clever, suddenly became rather stupid and the ending came all rather predictably Shame because it started all so well The basic premise is a bit far fetched but the book is well written and the various threads kept coming together and separating again so that the reader wanted to find out what happened next The biblical facts seemed very authentic, as they should, in view of the author s background in biblical research I would certainly read another book by the same author.