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Before Bradley Wiggins, there was Sean Yates Behind Bradley Wiggins, there was Sean Yates One of only five Britons to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, Sean Yates burst onto the cycling scene as the rawest pure talent this country has ever seen After turning professional at the age of , he soon became known as a die hard domestique, putting his body on the line for his teammates Devastatingly fast, powerful and a fearless competitor, Yates won a stage of the Tour, as well as the Vuelta a Espa a, in , and went on to don the coveted maillot jaune six years later Having put British cycling on the map as a rider, Yates was soon in demand as a directeur sportif, using his tactical knowledge to inspire a new generation of cyclists to success And after Team Sky came calling, Yates was the man to design the brilliant plan that saw Sky demolish the opposition in , and for Bradley Wiggins to become the first cyclist from these shores to win the Tour Straight talking, entertaining and revelatory, It s All About the Bike is the story of a remarkable career told from the unique perspective of a man who is immersed in the history of the sport he loves

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  1. catherine catherine says:

    I really enjoyed this book I hadn t previously known much about Sean Yates as a cyclist, only as a DS at Team Sky, so it was really interesting to find out about the earlier part of his career The book is written in a very natural and readable way, as if you were just having a conversation with him, but what I really liked were the sections where his ex wife and his friends, colleagues and acquaintances were given free rein to give their own opinions of Yates It s a very unusual format, but it really worked, showing you the man through different pairs of eyes and from different perspectives The book has virtually nothing to say about the doping culture which seems to have been widespread throughout Yates time in the peloton, and he is obviously still very fond of Lance Armstrong and feels he has been unfairly scapegoated If you don t expect a kiss and tell about who was taking what PED and when they took it, you will find this a very entertaining and easy to read book.

  2. Sinclair Goldberg Sinclair Goldberg says:

    Not quite finished yet, but I m loving this read of one of my first cycling heros Like Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche and Robert Millar, Sean Yates was mesmerising to watch when he was up it, letting his legs do the talking Peugeot, Fagor, 7 Eleven, team names that bring back memories of being glued to the screen watching these men pound the pedals for hours on end Reading just how much he loved cycling himself into the ground for himself or teammates is incredible, and there are some quite hilarious tales told by past friends, famliy and teammates alike spanning his entire career Great stuff.

  3. IrishElk IrishElk says:

    Having read many other pros ex pros accounts, this stands out for being the best type of autobiography insightful stories from personal viewpoint Doesn t really get into drugs which is a pity as who would know Perhaps a honest book may come later when the dust has settled from his high profile retirement when a reflective considered account of the extremes demanded by professional cycling would be accepted as a truthful analysis rather than gossip media fodder.

  4. The Cyclist The Cyclist says:

    Sean we ve ridden some of the same races together Sadly not the Tour or the classics Only a couple of tens in Kent But you have always been an inspiration and you are a great rider and a great member of the cycling community People who love this sport or have any interest in it at all should read this It s not all about the bike It s also about Sean

  5. Suejim126 Suejim126 says:

    Fantastic book, written by a guy who loves riding his bike so much so it has nearly killed him he has a bad heart Fascinating insight into top level cycling and what goes on Refreshingly the book is not about who was and is doping but about cycle racing Written in a honest and forthright manner A great read highly recommended.

  6. John Noakhes John Noakhes says:

    Unfortunately I recently had an accident was knocked of my bike and suffered a broken leg as a consequence reading is one of the few things I can presently do This book is a great read if you re a cyclist like me of the era when Sean Yates was at his peak It gives a great insight into the man himself but also about the mind set required to reach this sort of level in not only cycling but any sport There s always a price to pay for single minded focus to one end in life, both positive and negative, which are revealed in the book A great read to those of us that have followed that path and highly informative to those who may just be setting out on it.

  7. Richard Goodall Richard Goodall says:

    Good read As I used to ride with Sean in his early days

  8. Deets Deets says:

    I ve lost count of the cycling biogas I ve read but can t remember enjoying one as much as this for years I know some might be disappointed by the lack of doping revelations but there s so much that he does tell in his own honest way Letting his ex wife write about him in a fairly in complimentary way shows the honesty the man, with plenty of others chipping in along the way.Highly recommended.

  9. sara wright sara wright says:

    Sean Yates the Animal A natural athlete who overtrained himself to the highest levels of the hardest sport on earth Straight talking no bull common sense guy A hero of cycle sport and life Well written, and at times amusing, this is a story worth reading The fact that Yates is still alive is miraculous Full Gas

  10. 7Cycleman 7Cycleman says:

    This is a calm and humble recounting of a great cyclist s life and achievements It really takes off when L.Armstrong joins Yates Not a tell all book but a recounting of a great career Yates is still active in this year s Tour de France 2015 His candid reflections about some of today s riders are refreshing A solid read.

  11. Mike Austin Mike Austin says:

    An interesting read from the perspective of the history of Yates career, but doesn t ever really get interesting until he gets to the bits about his role as DS with Sky Up until then, it s just a bit too much I rode this race and came xxthHaving said that, it is refreshing to get an insight into the life of a pro cyclist in the 80 s and 90 s prior to the arrival of big dollars and some of the ego that goes with that.The chapter from his ex wife was probably the most insightful for me.An interesting read, but nothing worthy of the Man Booker for sure

  12. Frank Sawinsky Frank Sawinsky says:

    I was never a real Sean Yates fan After having read the book I have a great deal of respect for him He s the last of the really hard men.