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The peaceful life of a village in Wiltshire is suddenly shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind it a trail of misery and horror A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other Whatever it is, it must be controlled for wherever it goes it leaves behind a trail of disaster as hideous as the tragedy that marked its entry into the world The fog, quite simple, drives people insane

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  1. Kez Kez says:

    I have been a James Herbert fan since picking up The Rats as a teenager In fact The Rats was probably the first book I ever read properly Prior to that it was the stuff that you had to read at school, Far from the madding crowd etc I am not knocking that book it just wasn t the sort of thing that cut the ice with a teenage boy So it was with great sadness that I read of his death.My reading habits have changed over the years As a teenager I loved books like The Rats and The Fog I now read a much wider range of books, but I have always looked forward to the publication of the next James Herbert book.So it was interesting re reading The Fog over 35 years later.In the forward to the book James Herbert said the book made him a lot of enemies and a lot of friends when it was published and he considered rewriting it at one stage I am glad he left it alone, it is still a great story A story of madness, mayhem and murder I found it totally engrossing and a real page turner There are some horrific scenes in this book and I can think of one scene in particular that still makes me cringe after all these years But it isn t all mindless violence, there is a fast paced absorbing thriller in there too A great read.So thank you James for many a sleepless night over the years, you will be missed.

  2. Barry Burn Barry Burn says:

    The Fog is a great read Certainly not one of Herberts best novels and in parts the description can become a little long winded but it shows his experience as a writer was growing with this book and as any fan knows he went on to write some fine books in the horror genre This book does move a fast pace and holds you in its grip as the story unfolds There are those lovely vignettes interspersed throughout, which are a classic Herbert trait, but the main thread of the story is never lost So if you enjoy a good thriller with a little touch of gory horror then give it a whirl I m sure you ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Juliet Foster Juliet Foster says:

    Herbert s second novel, published a year after The Rats, takes a turn towards the sci fi than the horror I d describe it as horrific scenes occurring throughout the course of a sci fi thriller Not as worryingly plausible as The Rats and losing itself at times in a series of snapshots that don t really serve the plot by being so detailed, as second novel it feels like some of the lust for writing has died down That is not to say it s not good It s just not quite as good.I don t think Herbert ever wrote a novel without at least one gratuitous bedroom scene As a youngster I wondered if maybe I shouldn t be reading his books and perhaps I shouldn t have been As an adult, I tend to think oh here we go and skip to actual plot matters It shaves quite a few pages off the total with The Fog.In terms of pace, I don t feel The Fog really picks up until the final quarter It s one I picked up and put down over a number of days whereas The Rats I never fail to read in one sitting Because I ve decided to read all of Herbert s novels back to back in order of publication, this is the first time I ve really noticed the contrast in pace and ferocity from first to second novel Still entertaining and easy reading, The Fog is perhaps a better book for the squeamish horror reader not me than others from Herbert s sizeable catalogue Not a bad book, but not my favourite of his.

  4. H M Reynolds H M Reynolds says:

    Not to be confused with the John Carpenter film of the same name Besides the title they couldn t be different The film is set on the American coast and is about a pirate curse this book is set in England and concerns a fog that wreaks havok with men s sanity.In a sense it is an environmental thriller about the dangers of environmental pollution and chemical weapons, although at its heart it is really an excuse to ask the question what would happen if you were allowed to act on all your impulses without regard for the consequences Comes up with some interesting scenarios, although it is a bit juvenile that I remember it being when I first read it as a teenager probably because it is the sort of horror that would appeal to teenage boys.

  5. Steven Williams Steven Williams says:

    I read this book when it first came out I am reading the 2nd book of the whole series of James Herbert s books on Kindle to re kindle my love of this great author The adaptation for Kindle has a few spelling mistakes, but does not spoil the book too much.

  6. Clipper 314 Clipper 314 says:

    Written in the 1970 s it must have been groundbreaking stuff but I found it superficial with just a catalogue of shock horrors thrown in at every opportunity and no effort made to give any depth to the characters As such it probably makes a passable horror film although I ve not seen it I did hurry through the book as it progressed at the same breakneck horror event speed and was glad to have reached the last page.

  7. performing-arts.co Customer performing-arts.co Customer says:

    A man made disaster story, science gone wrong with scenes of devastation, and sporadic violence This novel is very good, but not quite as terrifying as the rats.

  8. Rand Simpson lots of mistakes but good story, worth a read.... Rand Simpson lots of mistakes but good story, worth a read.... says:

    Great story well written, Actually mentioned my home town I could identify places that were mentioned Can t wait to read another of his books

  9. Tom Tom says:

    An alle Fans von 28 days weeks later, der Comicserie Crossed oder Tim Currans Roman Zerfleischt Lest dieses Buch Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen Es hat zwar schon fast 40 Jahre auf dem Buckel, kann aber immer noch bestens unterhalten und ist spannend von Anfang bis Ende Mir persnlich gefallen solche Geschichten sehr gut, in denen die Zivilisation zusammenbricht und die Menschen einer scheinbar unaufhaltsamen Bedrohung gegenberstehen In The fog ist es ein Nebel, der die Menschen wahnsinnig und zu Killern oder Selbstmrdern werden lsst und die ganze Zeit ber stellt man sich als Leser die Frage Wie soll man einen Nebel aufhalten Mag sein, dass das heute ganz einfach ist, durch all den technischen Schnickschnack, aber das Buch wurde in den 70ern geschrieben und damals tickten die Uhren noch anders.Herbert gilt als Splatterpunk und The fog hat mehrere harte Stelle, doch es wird nie langweilig, dank des flssigen Schreibstils Das hier war mein erstes Buch von Herbert, aber bestimmt nicht mein letztes Es hat mich wirklich von Beginn an gepackt und htte mir jemand gesagt, dass es nur zehn Jahre alt ist, htte ich ihm geglaubt Es ist gut gealtert, auch wenn weder Internet, Mobiltelefone oder anderer technischer Kram erwhnt werden Das wrde mir aber auch gar nicht auffallen bei dem Tempo, das Herbert hier einschlgt.

  10. dieleseratz dieleseratz says:

    H tte ich diesen Thriller um einen mysteri sen gelblichen Nebel, der aus einer pl tzlich entstehenden Erdspalte austritt, in den sp ten 70ziger Jahren als Jugendliche gelesen, w re ich wahrscheinlich absolut begeistert und fasziniert gewesen so wie ich auch damals von den neuen Autoren Dean Koontz und Stephen King begeistert war.Und der Thriller beginnt wirklich furios die Spannung steigert sich langsam aber kontinuierlich, es kommt zu ersten, noch unbemerkt bleibenden Unf llen, dann zu Katastrophen, der Nebel zieht bers Land und w chst und mit ihm die Bedrohung.Aber leider l t die Spannung ab der Mitte des Romans nach, zu viele Opfer, zu viele Grausamkeiten, zu viele Krisenbesprechungen und ein Held, der dann schon etwas zu viel tapfer, edel, hilfreich und gut ist.Aber f r einen mittlerweile fast vierzigj hrigen Mystery Thriller immer noch berdurchschnittlich gut.Fazit Lesenswert, allerdings mit L ngen Dreieinhalb Sterne

  11. Locky Locky says: