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Enjoyed the build up of the plot but then it got a bit beyond the credibility of belief My mind set predicted the demise of the heroine well before the final conclusion What happened to Grace was not particularly amazing to me I have read previous novels where the demise of the living descendants of bad guys solved the problem At the end when Ash was making his way out of the village and was passed by emergency services racing to the area, I found myself wondering what the police report would be like for multiple and in some cases unconnected carnage that he left behind Found out a new word though Squarson, new one on me. As per usual, this is an excellent book from the late great James Herbert I received this as a second hand purchase and the quality is wonderful Very very few marks and has been a book which has been well looked after Great book from a very professional seller. A bit boring At least it wasn t 700 hundred pages too boring Had some interesting moments but I didn t find the ghost scenes terribly inspiring unsettling, and some of the dialogue i ve heard in previous Herbert books Also the whole story i kind of guessed half way thru so there wasn t much of a wow surprise factor But it took me away for awhile until it the boring bits got me skim reading Not terrible, but not great I rate his Moon and Sepulchre although the end of that is a bit wobbly and the Rats trilogy really put him on the map for me. I found this much chilling than Haunted , as David Ash goes in search of ghosts who are haunting a whole village The village has a history of involvement in black magic and now it seems the spirits have risen to bring terror to the local population I really liked the idea of village being almost hidden, and then the fog descending to hide it from view as the evil finally breaks out Excellent. Follow up to Haunted and in my opinion, a much better book This is a very English ghost story, which you can relax into at any point in the day David Ash is meant to be the pivotal character However he is usurped by the mysterious Phelan What a shame Herbert never reintroduced this character into his subsequent stories Phelan saw disasters before they happened and was known to the authorities due to alerting the public beforehand His record stretched from Aberfan to Lockerbie Although the author never really explained Phelan s prescence at Sleath Really enjoyable read and one of Herbert s best. Took me a little while to get into this, but was worth it I sort of fell into this genre by accident, not too keen on stuff that scares me but I did really enjoy this and what a master of suspense he is Found it really gripping, could not put it down Was a bit puzzles by the character that appears towards the end won t say as it might spoil it as that seemed a bit of an after thought to resolve the plot I can t say that I loved it, as it isn t really my thing, but I did enjoy it. James Herbert has again produced a compelling tale of horror, caused by both human and spirit alike A page turner, hard to put down. Menace awaits Sleath Quiet, peaceful A small village hidden away in the Chiltern Hills, almost forgotten by the modern world Nothing much seems to happen here little disturbs the centuries old tranquillity Until the ghosts begin to appear and frighteningly bizarre events start to occur Psychic investigator David Ash, a man burdened by the dark secret of his own past, is sent to Sleath to investigate the phenomena and his discoveries there drive him to the very edge of his own sanity The incidents grow worse until, in the final night of horror, awesome and malign forces are unleashed in a supernatural storm that threatens to consume the village itself For Sleath is not what it seems And the dead have returned for a reason James Herbert was one of Britain s greatest popular novelists and ourbest selling writer of chiller fiction Widely imitated and hugely influential, he wrotenovels which have collectively sold overmillion copies worldwide and been translated intolanguages Born in London in the forties, James Herbert was art director of an advertising agency before turning to writing fiction inHis first novel, The Rats, was an instant bestseller and is now recognised as a classic of popular contemporary fiction Herbert went on to publish a new top ten best seller every year untilHe wrote six bestselling novels in the s and three since Once, Nobody True and The Secret of Crickley Hall Herbert died in Marchat the age of A little to similar to some of his other books, but I like his writing style. Excellent book Great story Very captivating.