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Here the third story in McCloskey s thrilling saga of the Alaskan fishermen Twenty years after his greenhorn days in William McCloskey s bestselling novel, Highliners, Hank Crawford stands tall as a respected fishing captain in Kodiak, Alaska Set amongst the tumult of the early s, Raiders follows the struggles of the Alaskan fishermen as they regain control of their fishing grounds from the fleets of foreign companies who have been plundering their bays But such companies aren t deterred, and instead they contract American boats to catch the fish for them In order to keep his family afloat, he swears, Hank signs on with a Japanese firm Shunned as a traitor by his peers, Hank keeps on fishing Their disgust and his tainted ethics will all be worth it for the chance to keep on fishing But when Hank begins to suspect that his new employers are playing a political game and using him as the pawn he must confront the possibility that in order to find redemption, he ll have to sacrifice all he has In this masterful finale to the Highliners series, McCloskey takes on the all too real horrors of the seafaring life storms that can sink a ship, giant fish that can snap a man s arm For anyone in love with the Alaskan backdrop, the feel of hauling in fish, or traveling the ever changing sea, Raiders is a story to read, cherish, and never forget

4 thoughts on “Raiders: A Novel: The Highliners Trilogy, Book #3 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: William B. McCloskey, Aaron Abano, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

  1. MikeInWoodlands MikeInWoodlands says:

    I am a fisherman, formerly commercial The storm series is so life like, I could almost feel the mountains people call waves Really liked addition of new chacters in the book Return home to check on Dad when he had the heart attack, and pull of 2 lives Will be reading McCloskey books.

  2. William J. Vaudrain, Jr. William J. Vaudrain, Jr. says:

    Even if I hadn t read his two previous novels of the Hank Crawford trilogy , William McCloskey s Raiders would still rate as an excellent story Any mentions of events from the other two books were bonuses as far as I was concered They added depth to a novel that was already way beyond the 200 mile limit on its own strengths.Mr McCloskey writes with an expertice of the fishing industry that also has a soul, allowing us to feel the ice cold Alaskan water as it trickles down our oilskins, or get a sense of the exhaustion that one would feel after spending hard hours either on the deck of the vessel or in the wheelhouse As we read, we become familiar with both levels of shipboard responsibility, and we are drawn to the characters with which McCloskey has populated this beautiful yet potentially deadly world A world where a deckhand s misstep can send him overboard to a watery grave, a captain s mistake can send his ship to the bottom of sea, and where an error in judgement can cost a man everything he has worked for.Whether onboard a ship, or in the corporate offices of international fishing consortiums, William McCloskey s skill as a writer puts us in the center of the action, standing next to Hank Crawford as an invisible, but far from disengaged observer in this excellent book.

  3. James B James B says:

    Read the complete series Very enjoyable and informative Looking forward to the next book in the series Hope another is in process.

  4. David R. Cummings David R. Cummings says:

    If you are interested in the fishery business this book will give you a good idea of what it s like If you are interested sun has a man struggles with honesty and integrity in the pursuit of earning a living to support his family you will enjoy this book.