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Meet Harry Dresden, Chicago s first and only Wizard PI Turns out the everyday world is full of strange and magical things and most of them don t play well with humans That s where Harry comes in A bargain made with the Queen of Air and Darkness has forced Dresden into a new job professional killer His first task is to bring death to an immortal As if that wasn t hard enough, Dresden learns of a danger to Demonreach, the living island hidden upon Lake Michigan A danger that could destroy billions and land Dresden in the deepest trouble he has ever known Dresden has onlyhours to gather the allies he has left and prevent a cataclysm all while the power he bargained to get, but never meant to keep, lays siege to his very soul Magic it can get a guy killed

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  1. Charles Green Charles Green says:

    After so many Dresden Files novels two things have occurred to me.1 They are now pretty much critic proof Jim Butcher has got the formula pretty much perfected, so if you re already a fan of Harry and his world you ll almost certainly enjoy the next volume, whatever reviewers or other critics might say You might enjoy some marginally than others, but overall if you liked all the previous books you ll like this one too.2 The Dresden Files sub title really makes no sense any The books are now so far beyond their fantasy private detective origins that I can barely remember the days when Harry was working out of a shabby office in down town Chicago A Dresden Epic would probably be a better sub title now, because that s what they ve become.Ghost Story A Dresden Files novelwas a bit of a return to smaller scale story telling, but Cold Days ramps up the scale once again If Ghost Story was a chance to pause and reflect after the destruction of the Red Court and the end of the vampire wizard war, then Cold Days marks the start of an entirely new phase in the Dresden series one where the stakes are even higher than before.Butcher reveals this fact with a truly epic scene in the Never Never, which expands the reader s understanding of the wider universe and makes him or her realise that all the books prior to this have only uncovered a tiny part of the bigger picture Its a great way to expand the Dresden universe and send the series off in a brand new direction In fact the whole book seems to be setting up new plot threads and dynamics, but Jim Butcher is skill full enough by now to weave all the developments into a satisfying and compelling story.If I have a complaint about Cold Days its that the finale does become a slightly overblown affair that risks veering towards the ridiculous, with characters undertaking feats that are almost superhuman at times It doesn t quite trip over that line but it does come close.I would also say that, as the Dresden universe expands and focuses less on Chicago and the real world and on the Never Never, the series also risks losing the human scale that grounded it and made it so compelling Wars against creatures from parallel dimensions are all very well, but a bit pounding the pavements of the Windy City, uncovering supernatural crimes, and fewer massed battles wouldn t go amiss May be then calling the series The Dresden Files wouldn t seem quite as ridiculous.

  2. Amanda Hall Amanda Hall says:

    Another unputdownable book from the mind of Jim Butcher Harry is in than the usual amount of trouble from the get go Really revved the series back up after the slightly slower Ghost Story The story pulls you in and doesn t let you go until you ve finished it.Oodles of stuff for any follower of the series to get into you must have read the earlier books in the series to make any sense of this book though, if you are new to the series this is not the book to start with Left me a lot to think about and speculate with my fellow Dresden fen I can t really find anything in the book to be truly critical of and yes I know I m doing the literary equivalent of fan girl squeeing but really that s the feeling I m channeling right now If I could rate this higher than five stars I would.

  3. R. M. Lindley R. M. Lindley says:

    I was surprised to see some negative reviews for the latest Dresden Files novel, although I can understand why There are now so many books that a certain amount of recapping is almost inevitable, but at times the prose does creak under the weight of repeated explanations and backstory HoweverThe plot is a direct continuation from Ghost Story, as Harry wakes as the Winter Knight Regular readers will expect him to rapidly face off against the Big Bad, come off worst, fight a series of running battles becoming progressively tired and injured and finally triumph in a spectacular conflict.Unsurprisingly, this happens.What will thrill diehard fans is that we finally get an explanation for what happen in Arctis Tor all those years ago And it was worth the wait, creating an overarching mythos that ties the plots of all of the early books together in a way that almost seems planned This alone makes the book worthwhile, but there are many trademark geek references including Grimtooth s Traps and what must count as the best use of a Queen song in modern fantasy.Cold Days misses out on 5 stars because of the repeated explanations we get it, magic doen t work well over water, shut up about it now but is still a must read for Dresden fans everywhere.And if you are not a Dresden fan, go and read book 1 asap.

  4. Tanabrus Tanabrus says:

    Quattordicesimo volume della serie.Fa effetto, ma fa ancora pi effetto notare come il livello si sia mantenuto altissimo, e come adesso che i livelli di potere sono altissimi e le macrotrame cominciano a svelarsi, tutto rientra nel grande schema.Moltissime le cose che ancora non sappiamo, molti i misteri da svelare, ma i dettagli cominciano a scivolare al loro posto.E tutto quanto vissuto finora, a partire dai primi casi con i quali abbiamo conosciuto l allora solo e unico Mago Professionista di Chicago fino ad arrivare ai colpi di scena che hanno cominciato a distruggere lo status quo e a far precipitare gli eventi tutto quanto rientra in un grande progetto, nel piano orchestrato da chi sta nell ombra.E tutto era gi deciso e progettato, dall autore, fin dal primo libro.Terrificante.Ora Harry il Cavaliere d Inverno Vive nel palazzo di Mab, il suo braccio armato, e deve fare i conti con il popolo fatato E col suo primo incarico da parte della Regina dell Aria e dell Oscurit.Nel frattempo deve anche evitare la distruzione di Chicago e di Demonreach, scoprire la verit sulla sua isola e sul pozzo di energie che vi risiede, scoprire la verit sugli Esterni, sui suoi stessi problemi di salute.E mettere in prospettiva tutto quanto gli accaduto finora.Oh, e ovviamente nel finale avremo ancora modifiche tremende agli status quo, colpi di scena e nuovi problemi da sommare ai precedenti.L unico punto un po debole della storia direi che dovuto alla prevedibilit di chi fosse il nemico da affrontare, tra i due possibili A parte questo, la discesa verso la mostruosit di Harry Dresden resa splendidamente, il suo sforzo di fare la cosa giusta, la sua lotta per mantenere la propria umanit.Una serie davvero eccellente

  5. GrayDeath GrayDeath says:

    So oder so hnlich k nnte man das Buch auch nennen, denn mehr als hier wurde bisher wenn berhaupt nur in Changes ver ndert.Ohne zu spoilern, das Ende ist so weitreichend wie damals, auch wenn Harry nicht schon wieder stirbt , denn die neuen Informationen, und die drastischen Ver nderungen von Harrys Weltsicht und Ich, Freunden, etc sind schlicht atemberaubend, ebenso wie die daraus entstehenden Fragen und Chancen f r Buch 15.Einzige Kritikpunkte sind die teils etwas schlechtere Integration der Buchteile speziell das erste Drittel, das zwischen Anfang und weiterf hren etwas holpert und, falls es Euchs t rt, die absolut EPISCHE Story nichts in diesem Buch ist klein, oder unwichtig, und fast nichts unsp ktakul r.Fazit ich hasse Jim Butcher, weil das n chste Buch mindestens ein jahr auf sich warten lassen wird.Aber ich LIEBE dieses Buch

  6. Wilder Bär Wilder Bär says:

    Es ist schwierig, etwas ber den Inhalt an sich zu schreiben, ohne die vorhergehenden Ereignisse zu spoilern Was aber wieder gut funktioniert, ist das erwartete, n mlich dass sich Harry selbst oder auf Anordnung oder Drohung in fast unl sbare Gefahren begibt und dann damit besch ftigt ist, sie heile zu berstehen.Wie schon in den vorgergehenden B nden, die ja auch schon um vieles dicker sind als Stormfront , gibt es auch einige ruhige Passagen Das ganze ist d sterer und ernsthafter als in den fr hen B nden.Auch wenn alles so hnlich schon mal da war in den anderen 13 B nden, ist es trotzdem so, als wenn man nach Hause kommt Das beginnt mit den ersten Wortgefechten im Winter Court und endet mit dem Harry blichen Showdown.Im Prinzip m chte man gar nicht, dass diese Reihe irgendwann endet Aber wie ein Rezensent hier schon schrieb, und obwohl mir diese B cher immer noch Spa machen, so langsam werden die Gegner und auch die Verb ndeten richtig, richtig gro m chtiger Badda Bumm Der kleine Hobby Necromant aus Band 1 ist da echt armselig.Deshalb Nochmal so viele B nde m ssen es nicht sein, aber wenn Jim Butcher die Reihe mit ein paar weiteren Titeln w rdig abschlie en w rde, w re das perfekt Und dieser Band macht definitiv schon wieder Lust auf den n chsten.

  7. A. Soares A. Soares says:

    Harry is now the Winter Knight and struggling to deal with the dark thoughts impulses that come with the role It seems that the mantle of the Winter Knight taints the wearer, eventually molding them into the role.This was an interesting change in the Dresden series This novel, as one might expect, deals with the Fae than any of the previous installments We learn in Cold Days of a war between Faerie and their enemies that transcends even the boundaries of Winter and Summer In Cold Days, Harry must prevent an attack on Demonreach which, if carried through, could destroy the city At the same time, he must also distinguish between truth and lies as he decides whether, or not, to carry out The Winter Queen s first task for him.Why only four stars I really enjoyed this book, but I am not sure what to think of the major twists at the end It almost seems too convenient Also, I don t like the direction Jim Butcher seems to be heading in terms of Harry s romantic life Unlike earlier books in the Dresden Files, this is not a standalone novel The last few books have been building a cohesive story which can be both good and bad.The interaction between the world of Faerie and humans is becoming very interesting Jim Butcher has done a phenomenal job in creating new twists and turns for the reader Typically, a series that goes on this long needs to be put out of its misery However, this is not the case with the Dresden files Characters continue to grow and the plot lines remain fresh and interesting I am awaiting the next installment with bated breath.