Read pdf Hanging in There: One Man and His Dad Take on the Alps in the World's Toughest Race (Audio Download): Jon R. Chambers, Ollie Gallant, Open Book Audio: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jon R. Chambers –

I feel I must start the review by stating that although I share a name a with Jon s father, I am not related to them as far as I know I am however a paraglider pilot only a beginner of 4 years experience.I have followed the last two X Alps on the live tracking with much interest and through that I found Jon s blog and this book Even though the live tracking and blogging of the race is excellent, you do feel a bit remote following a little symbol on a map Jon s book brings you right there alongside him through the highs and lows of the race I found it to be a gripping read and I read the whole book in two sessions A fascinating story well told.If you fly, buy this book If you are at all interested in extreme sports or mountains, buy this book If you just want a book to read on a rainy day, buy this book Seriously, what are you waiting for This book is really compelling and fast moving I didn t quite read it in one sitting but was looking forward to picking it up as soon as possible each evening and knocked off in three long sessions I am a weekend warrior paragliding enthusiast and have followed the X Alps every year in a rather casual manner Until I read this book the X Alps seemed too distant to comprehend despite having flown in many of the valleys and sites covered during the race.This book will interest anyone who loves the mountains and know something of the landscapes involved What these athletes achieve is awe inspiring and yet Jon Chambers makes it all seem so real and relevant to people like me with much modest pretensions at the outdoor life.I love it when the sky gods like Jon mention fitting flying round the drudgery of work or pressures of family life and hearing that these super beings get tired, fed up and scared at times is heartening I particularly liked the father son comments and thoughts that ran through the pages.Of course most of the work is all focused on the route, the demands of the race and the flying This is the real weighty content and it s fantastically described It s often all too easy for those with the skills and drive to reach the top of any sport to get carried away on technicalities and detail Jon Chambers gets the balance bang on and holds the attention perfectly My Dad, a non pilot with no interest at all in paragliders, loved it too.If I were to offer any criticism then it would be that I was left wanting to know about the author I want to know what drew him to the sport and how he deals with balancing normality with epic adventures like the X Alps.There s no doubt that competing at this level requires epic commitment and athleticism Jon Chambers has shown that he has also remarkable storytelling and writing skills to match.Good luck in 2013 Jon Please please take the trouble to write the next book when you return. Aside from a respectful appreciation for the stream of improvements to equipment and technique which filters down from the competitive side of paragliding, I confess to having little or no interest in that sector of the sport League tables, rankings and results don t do anything for my interest of free flying adventure.I had heard of the X Alps competition but never gave it than a second glance until I read this book It s quite different from the usual competition format of daily tasks set according to weather forecast, quite often suffering from cancellations or days of parawaiting as a result.This is the Camel Trophy, the Gumball Rally of paragliding and it encompasses some of the elements of paragliding which I find myself drawn towards namely hike and fly, vol bivouac and getting to a set goal by hook or by crook The competitors race across The Alps, regardless of weather and if they can t fly, they will continue on foot.I don t know the author so I did have a quick glance at his blog before purchasing this book, I have been guilty in the past of buying any publication or media which mentions adventure style paragliding only to be disappointed by the delivery So the pre flight check was passed, it seemed Jon is not only an established pilot obviously , but he can also communicate his experiences clearly and in an interesting, absorbing style.The story itself gives us an idea of the preparation, training and sheer hard work that is required, by all participants, including the ground crews Jon is lucky enough to have his father as his travelling support as well as remote support from other friends providing weather reports and updates on the other team positions It tells of intense competition, the inevitable camaraderie between teams and the surreal moments when encountering alpine residents or tourists who have no idea what these crazy people are up to.It s a real page turner, a must for anyone with an interest in free flight I found myself willing Jon on towards the podium but also wanting him to slow down as I knew that when he did cross the finish line, the book would also end.Great read, it has convinced me to tune in to the race this year, good luck Jon Two words come to mind when thinking about this book, awesome and inspiring I am not a Para glider but will be after this but the book is about an honest adventure told as if you were there by an author that you can relate to He captures the desire in all of us to literally fly like an eagle soaring on a thermal though often in poor weather and at substantial heights The sheer effort of the race come across and with the superb support of his Dad throughout, I will leave you to find out what happens.If you liked Touching the void by Joe Simpson or Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer then your ll love this too.Brilliant The Red Bull X Alps is the world s most extreme race With only a paraglider and a pair of hiking boots athletes attempt to cross the Alps from Salzburg in Austria to Monaco In this book, British athlete Jon Chambers brings you even closer to the action and reveals his personal story of hisrace In doing so he reveals the harsh reality of what it takes to compete in this uniquely demanding challenge the physical and mental hardship, equipment, extreme conditions, strategic thinking and lucky escapes Toll, die vielen Details Mann kann den Schwei fast aus dem Buch dampfen sehen.An vielen Stellen wie ein Krimi zu lesen, oft habe ich mitgefiebert ob er es denn schaft, mich gewundert wie er das durchh lt und oft gedacht Auch die Professionals wissen nicht immer alles und fliegen schon mal an Stellen die Aber lest besser selbst, es lohnt sich.P.S Das English ist gut verst ndlich, nicht zuviele Fachvokabeln und wer auf einem E Reader liest kann ja on line bersetzten lassen. I m a paragliding pilot, an average one looking at those big events with dreamy eyes and a sense of admiration for the participants.This book brings you side to side with such athletes, walking, suffering, flying with em It was quite an emotion participating to the race, even as just a reader.I really recommend this to all the pilots that want to improve or simply know of our wonderful passion.People without flying experience might find it a bit too much like a reportage rather than a narrative book, but that s the main intention of the author imho, and that s what makes this book so important if you re really interested in the race.Read almost all at once Sin tener un estilo narrativo especialmente trabajado, lo cierto es cuenta con detalle sus vivencias en la X Alps y te lleva al centro de la acci n.Totalmente recomendable para apasionados del parapente. Great read if you are into X Alps, particularly as a non pilot After reading this book following the next X Alps was even enjoyable because I understood better the challenges the pilots go through Also recommendable after X Alps as a Substitute to Live Tracking. Dass die X Alps an Grenzen gehen, ist wohl jedem klar, aber dass sie ber jegliche Grenze hinausgehen, macht das Buch zu einem 12 Tage Echtzeit Thriller, den man in einem Zug durchliest Absolut empfehlenswert