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I bought this book some years ago as a present for my partner who is an avid reader of books I seldom find the time these days to read books I find it difficult enough getting through the newspapers each day but picked up this book just before Christmas when I didn t have much to do I couldn t put is down A great read appealing and interesting characters, and a happy ending. What I am about to write is a bit of a cliche, but trueOnce I started reading this book, I just didn t want to put it down Provincetown, where the story is set, felt real to me and so did the characters who inhabited it There wasn t one part of this book that didn t work for me It was well written, with believable characters, wonderful observations about life and great humour.I ve just ordered Looking For It , which is also by Michael Thomas Ford If it s as good as Last Summer , then I m in for a great read.Sarah I found this book a welcome antidote to the kind of gay fic where characters seem doomed by their sexuality, spending their lives chasing men yet ending up alone It s refreshing to read a story with a happy gay couple in a long term partnership just living an ordinary life, as an example of what s possible Provincetown makes a perfect setting for a fairy tale book where happy ever afters do happen It s a place where gay people feel they belong A magical kingdom of sun and sky, lazy days and starry nights The stuff dreams are made of.It s an undemanding read but not lacking substance Relationships, family and romantic are explored in detail, through a group of likeable characters spending one summer season in P town Some are looking for love, others running away from their past or simply trying to find themselves.The book s central character is Josh Felling He s licking his wounds following the revelation by lover of 8 years, Doug, that he s been unfaithful Josh is a romantic who believes in true love forever He s looking for Mr Perfect and is not about to compromise just so he doesn t have to be alone Josh meets Reilly, a heartthrob builder working on the cottage he s staying in, owned by Jerry and Ted the long time couple who run a guest house called the two Queens Reilly is about to be married but he s having second thoughts His love life is sustained by memories of a long ago sexual experience with his best buddy from high school, further fuelled by a troubling attraction to Josh They meet first of all in the Laundromat where Josh makes an impression by folding all Reilly s clothes from the drier, indulging in happy fantasies about a man with so many work shirts and white boxers.Jackie is a lesbian whose long time lover is about to leave her She runs a popular club but her biological clock is ticking Should she have a baby on her own, and who will be the father Young Toby runs away from Hannibal, Missouri, hoping to find a new gay life, far away from religious parents who don t understand their son Provincetown is the ideal place to get a gay education He s lucky enough to be taken under the wing of beautiful drag queen Emmeline, who sings at Jackie s club, saving money for the op that ll finally make her the girl she s always wanted to be Unresolved issues about the gap between who we are and who those around us want us to be come to a head when Emmeline s ageing mother has a stroke and comes to live with the daughter she s always denied.Big Hollywood producer, Reid Truman, is rich and successful but the one thing he wants is denied him His boyfriend is an up and coming movie star, Ty Rusk, whose career depends on him remaining in the closet Reid and Ty escape to Provincetown for a summer together Can Reid s dream of making a successful gay themed movie starring his gorgeous lover become reality This mightn t be great literature, but it s very well written I found it entertaining and compulsive I couldn t put the book down until I knew how it played out for characters that d become like friends I think it d make a great movie.The book has explicit scenes but erotic rather than pedestrian porn, and firmly in context The difference between love and sex is one of the book s main themes Highly recommended. An interesting and complex book, a twisting of loosely related stories over a summer in Provincetown A few too many story lines in my opinion.It makes for a cynical and serious version of Tales of the City, but also true and enlightening.Sadly it is not on kindle. From the critically acclaimed writer, Michael Thomas Ford, comes a highly anticipated first novel that follows the intertwining lives of three men, set against the backdrop of summer time in the breezy coastal community of ProvincetownAt , Josh has become tired of his life, leaving his old self behind with the hope of making a fresh start Toby, who is only , finds himself moving to Provincetown to seek solace after his family has kicked him out of his Midwestern home Reilly, who has been a lifelong resident, is still unclear about his own sexuality and has long wondered what his fantasies about other men might meanEverything is about to change when Reilly meets Joshua and the two strike up an odd friendship that s when Reilly knows, for sure, that he isn t just fantasizing any Well looking through the pages of i came across a book So with the summer just ahead i decided to purchase it and thank the lord i did I could not put down this book, even my friends had to pry it out of my hands on some occasions but they never won.Each character you love, each punch and kiss you are there this book engrosses the reader from the first page and dosent let go until the last With this book the ending is never in doubt but even when it happens you end up smiling to yourselfThis book is very easy to read which is not derogative to the author in any way but the cahracters are well written and the storyline is great.Miss this book at your peril. Picture it the start of summer and all the hopes and dreams of beautiful surroundings, glorious weather, romance, sun, sea, sand and mystery All wrapped up in a delightful read Ford s work is never the most challenging you will encounter but his Maupin like way of pulling characters together is wonderful A great summer book.