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Never before has the incendiary mix of action, politics, and intrigue that has become Timothy Zahn s trademark, been evident that in this new Star Wars epic On the heels of the stunning events chronicled in Star Wars A New Hope, the newly minted heroes of the Rebellion fledgling Jedi Luke Skywalker, smuggler turned reluctant freedom fighter Han Solo, and Princess Leia Organa, a bold leader with a world to avenge must face the harsh realities of the cataclysmic conflict into which they have so bravely plunged From this point forward, legends will grow, treachery will abound, and lives will be irrevocably altered, in the long, hard fight to counter the fist of tyranny and restore hope to a galaxy too long in darkness The destruction of the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance was a decisive blow against the Empire, but Palpatine and his monstrous enforcer, Darth Vader, are no less of a threat The brutal extermination of Alderaan not only demonstrated the magnitude of their murderous power, but served as a chilling testament to their resolve to crush the Rebel uprising Standing against them, Skywalker, Solo, and the Princess remain uncertain opponents Luke is gifted and brave, but unschooled in the power he possesses Han has doubts about waging someone else s war and his contentiousness is one burden for Leia to bear as she struggles to help keep the Rebellion alive The three have been sent to mediate a dispute between Rebel Alliance factions in Shelsha Sector agitating matters by forcing Han to deal not only with pirates, but with his dreaded enemy, politics At the same time, Mara Jade all of eighteen and years away from her fateful meeting with Luke is serving her evil master, Palpatine, well in her role as the Emperor s Hand tracking suspected treachery in the Empire to what may be high places while trying to stay out of Darth Vader s way But the Rebels will prove to be only one of the Empire s concerns For Imperial Stormtrooper Daric LaRone, his faith in the Empire shaken by the wanton destruction of Alderaan, will commit a sudden and violent act of defiance, and take four other enforcers with him, in a desperate bid to elude their masters wrath Each of these fateful actions, whether sanctioned, secret, or scandalous, will expose brutality and corruption, spur upheavals destined to shake the Empire to its core, and shape momentous events yet to come A horrible book and certainly the worst Zahn has ever written Not only is he ripping off scene s from his previous books and simply copy and pasting them in here, Leia gets a job as a waitress, Luke acts like a shallow fool with Obi wan on ghost speed dial, before being left locked in a cupboard by Han and Darth Vader web surfs on Google and pretty much acts out of character and get s pawned by an 18 year old girl Yes all those things actually happened and are as bad I make them sound.As for his own character well Mara despite being the best est Imperial agent ever still seems just only go after pirates and for some reason have other Imperial officers try to kill her for absolutely no reason, except the author feeling he needs to try and introduce some excitement in an otherwise boring book Long gone are the days when Zahn made this character really interesting with great development, now she is nothing than a computer game cut out.As for the Storm trooper A Team who are wanted for a crime they did not commit , well they do not act like Storm troopers but then these are Zahn troopers since they seem to be able to shoot straight and are able to survive multiple blaster shots They also incredibly generic and you could switch the names around and still not tell the difference between any of them as characters.As for the plot its a big mystery that starts off with pirates and leads too pirates seriously that s it, all in all it s a terrible book and I am struggling to see how anyone could rate it so high especially when compared too Zahn s original trilogy which was great that great I ve read all but one of Timothy Zahns books and I can t help but feel he put in a lack lustre shift with this book The plot is improbably intertwined and some of the main enemies lack a real depth of character This coupled with the liberal exploitation of the force see Luke s interaction with Ben and Mara s Yoda like control just makes the book lack a sense of realism in the sense of realism in the Star Wars universe For years I have longed for a good book to be written from a stormtroopers perspective, and this fulfilled this a little I liked the characters from the Hand of Judgement, but I d like to see from them while they were inside the Empire I only persisted in reading this book out of loyalty to Zahns other books If it had been written by anyone else I would have given up after about 5 chapters I liked this, the story of the Stormtrooper squad deserting whilst still holding their sense of duty to the people and their oath to serve makes a very interesting read The lines between good and bad blur and you sense the grey areas all military conflict throw up Mara Jade s presence and her sense of morals despite being the Emperors Hand lays the foundation for her later growth, excellent stuff I like that these novels, along with the Republic Commando series take you out of the somewhat false Good guys bad guys clean lines and immerse you in the humanity and moral issues that are there in real life.