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This is a great story and a very easy read The book moves very well and leaves the reader wanting to know what will happen next Bo gives you a great insight to what it is like to climb the seven summits, but he also gives you great insight into his personality His discription of his actions shows the reader why he succeeds at climbing, but also informs them of areas where he struggles and why I was given the book to read by a friend and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to add it to my collection. I took part on Bo s first challenge, and this book accurately reflects the journey that Bo undertook, both spiritually and physically His courage, determination and humility are an example to us all of what can be acheived when we determine that we can do anything or Die Trying A pleasure to read and to have been a small part in it. Good easy read. Excellent..I know the author having climbed with him in Argentina so the book is..a great reminder of good times For anyone interested in how a non professional can go about climbing the seven summits, this book is great Yes, the author was born wealthy, so if that bothers you, don t buy it Bo has clearly worked incredibly hard, not just at school and at his job, but at climbing as well I found it refreshing that he openly admits his mistakes and his faults You feel like you understand how he went from an out of shape beginner to an accomplished mountaineer, all while juggling an intense 100 hour a week investment banking job and then as an MBA student at Northwestern There is one year in which he climbs an amazing number of significant mountains I found it a thrilling book I couldn t put down.Bonus is that I was able to buy used in like new condition for 4 cents thanks to all the negative reviews Not bad for a book given 5 stars by the majority of people reviewing it. I have read numerous books about the seven summits This obsession started with the Dick Bass book This book is as good as that, But at the same time you get a very personal tales about bo s life which adds to the story It s well worth a read I actually read the kibo section again as it was so like my own experience. Although I have respect for and interest in hearing the story of anyone who succeeds in attaining the Seven Summits by any accepted definition Parfet s book is basically a thinly disguised promo for his scholarship funding proposals and follow up visits to distant climbing spots.Yes, it s interesting at times especially his misadventures in the beginning and the Carstenz Pyramid section but it s the same three themes over and over 1 work for awhile go to grad school and 2 propose grants which allow travel climbing and 3 get credit for travel climbing.Even with his dyslexia, he was doing well in grad school yet he couldn t spend any time using the internet to research for 1 hour on how to prepare for hiking at altitude How to dress in layers What fluids to drink All I will give him an A for is choosing his co writer and publicist whatever because if you read the whole dust jacket including the parts I left out above, you would think Bo Parfet is practically the next Mallory This book is a quick read, and for the non mountaineer oriented it may be very enjoyable For me, Die Trying was almost fiction.Excerpts from the dust jacket At the age of 26, Bo Parfet seemed like just another ordinary guy working as an investment banker at J.P Morgan when he arranged his first major mountain climb of Mt.Kilimanjaro He was no professional climber, nor was he in any kind of shape to be tackling any major peak To the trained mountaineer, Parfet would have seemed foolhardy But in just four years, he managed to successfully complete his quest to scale all Seven Summits, including Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Denali, Vinson Massif, Elbrus, Carstenz Pyramid, Kosciusko, and Everest.We share the terror of his confrontations with corrupt army officials, cannibalistic tribesmen, and local militia groups, and we follow this ultimate everyman blessed with the opportunity to undertake an extraordinary journey of exploration and self discovery as he survives on a diet of fried bats and rats in New Guinea and nearly dies after falling into a crevasse when the ground beneath him gave way on Mt Cook.Bo Parfet was a postgraduate research fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and an investment banking analyst for J.P Morgan He established the Seven Summits Awards Program as a specialized research grant for The Explorers Club s Youth Activities Grant Program funded by both his personal contributions and various capital campaigns. The story was lacking most of what I would look for in a mountaineering book There was no depth or thoughtfulness that went into his adventures and often times the story rambled into irrelevant areas of the author s life or redundancy you can only talk about defecating so much The writing itself was fairly simplistic and that rich, deep description of the mountains and the revelations that climbing brings was entirely absent The author vaguely hints at some sort of epiphany or spiritual discovery, but by the end of the book he doesn t seem to have changed at all.As a mountaineer, I was mostly offended The point of climbing isn t to just bag the seven summits, or just get to the top, or even to go to the top and come back The author clearly loses the entire point of encountering a mountain, and in doing so disrespects the entire history and culture of the climbing community It wasn t just that the author had the financial ability to pay someone to drag him to the top or to hop on a jet and take only the classics or get TWO shots at Everest , it was that he did and that was all that he bothered to write about Discovery, adventure, and growth occurs in your backyard, not just when you are pondering going to the bathroom in Antarctica.The author also is very indifferent to the native communities in which the mountains are embedded His naive and thoughtless comments about the peoples as if he is going to the zoo , or his attempt at descriptive writing by referring to himself as a budding Che Guevara simply because he has on fatigues, leave the reader thinking that the protagonist is a bumbling good ol boy and no matter how far he climbs, he will never find enlightenment. Very interesting life, worth a read listen. In early , a young Wall Street investment banker named Bo Parfet set out to accomplish something very few had done before climbing the highest mountain on every continent He was not a professional climber, but what began as a casual interest would soon become a lifelong passion and in just over four years, Bo would overcome the odds and conquer all of the mountains Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Denali, Vinson Massif, Elbrus, Carstenz Pyramid, Kosciusko, and Everest with courage, unbridled passion, and determination Combining the gripping narrative of Into Thin Air with the adrenaline fueled drama of Vertical Limit, Die Trying is the incredible story of one man s battle against his own limitations From dodging avalanches to crossing a ladder over a seemingly bottomless crevasse, to making his way through the Khumbu Icefall and burying a dead teammate at , feet, we experience all of the author s exhilarating, often terrifying climbs first hand We travel with him during his near death experiences when falling into a crevasse in New Zealand and nearly drowning in crocodile infested rapids during a canoe race in Belize And we share the terror of his confrontations with corrupt army officials, cannibalistic tribesmen, and local militia groups Harrowing and uplifting, Die Trying is a riveting memoir that will inspire all of us to defy the odds and fulfill our dreams