Prime Freddie & Me: Life Lessons from Freddie Bennett, Augusta National's Legendary Caddie Master: Life Lessons from Freddie Bennett, Augusta National's Legendary Caddie Master (Audio Download): Tripp Bowden, Scott Pollak, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks –

A former Augusta National caddie recounts the invaluable life lessons he learned from the late Freddie Bennett, the fabled club s legendary caddie master Though he was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, home of fabled Augusta National and The Masters, as a child Tripp Bowden was too young and too removed from the game of golf to realize what Augusta National really was, what it meant to his town and the world and the sport its history, nostalgia, prestige and secrecy All the ten year old Bowden knew about golf was that it was a stupid game that took up too much of his father s time, and that he d much rather kick around a soccer ball or stay home and read a book But all that changed once Bowden s father, a renowned local doctor, introduced him to one of his patients, Freddie Bennett, the legendary Augusta National caddie master Though Bowden was a white child of considerable privilege and Bennett was an older black gentleman of modest means, the two formed an unusual bond It was Bennett who introduced Bowden to the game of golf, a sport that would one day earn him a Divisiongolf scholarship and lead him to the final stage of a British Open qualifier But it was the lessons Bennett taught the young Bowden off the course that had their profoundest impact on his life Through Freddie and his particular brand of homespun wisdom, the author learned invaluable lessons about personal responsibility, hard work, and respect for others regardless of age, race or religion He also learned that there s much to life than just playing golf Like the best sellersTuesdays with Morrie and Seasons of Life before it, Freddie Me is a heartwarming tale of two unlikely friends and their uncommon bond forged through sport

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    I love it Tripp Bowden thank you for sharing a lifetime of effort.

  2. Ted B. Ted B. says:

    This was a very good read Augusta National is the setting, but life and friendship is the real story Buy it, read and enjoy You won t be sorry.

  3. Shari Youngblood Shari Youngblood says:

    They say that every person has a story to tell While that may be true, not every person has the skill and the wherewithal to tell it well Celebrities, of course, manage to sell copies of their memoirs by virtue of their built in following the rest of us, however, must have a voice that sings to the masses, a voice capable of rising above the background noise and being heard.Bowden has such a voice His knack for storytelling combined with his self deprecating sense of humor ensure that his words simply fly off the page.Tripp Bowden s ability to take certain events because every good memoirist knows that what you leave out is every bit as important as what you put in and to spin a good yarn from them make golf an interesting topic even for those who couldn t give a flip about the game.It helps, of course, to have had a subject as multi faceted and vibrant as Freddie, but I have the feeling that Tripp could have taken an extended wait at a bus stop and turned it into a great story.Well done.

  4. Steve W Steve W says:

    I usually don t write reviews, but after reading this book in 1 day, I had to Instead of swing theory books which I have read own many , I have been reading a lot of books about the history of golf and the legends of the game Add Freddie Bennett to the list of people I would have loved to have met This is a well told story of one of the legends of the game Without this book, you would never know who he was a true legend of the game behind the scenes at the most prestigious course in the US It is a book like any of the Harvey Penick books the chapters are such that you can lay in bed at night and read for 5 minutes or an hour and have a good stopping point, and there are a lot of life lessons in there as well Or, if you are like me, read it all the same day I could not put it down If you love golf history, and Augusta National, you will love this book

  5. Bobbie Rooker Bobbie Rooker says:

    The book was a gift to my son he has badges for the Master s tournament and I thought that he would enjoy reading it he did and found it to be very interesting and uplifting.

  6. Josh Josh says:

    A quick, easy and entertaining read If you like golf, Augusta and the Masters check it out.

  7. JMinGHWA JMinGHWA says:

    Very fun book to read Author captures the voice of Freddie, who was full of fun sayings philosophy Highly recommend

  8. Jack D Jack D says:

    As a fan of golf, this book did a great job in going behind the scenes at Augusta to show what life is really like there, and how a young man learned valuable life lessons from a the head caddy at Augusta National I recommend this to any and all people, it s one of the best books i ve ever had the pleasure of reading 5 stars I would give it 6 if it let me.

  9. david snyder david snyder says:

    Outstanding book on a side of life that I didn t know a lot about Lessons of Life from a man who has, seen it all A running narrative on the Author s life at the most prestigious golf course in the World Enjoyed it immensely

  10. UMLBB10 UMLBB10 says:

    I cant over emphasize how much I enjoyed reading this book The golf aspect of it was great but it was way beyond that Even if Augusta National had nothing to do with the story it would be a great book The writer did a great job of setting the scene with Augusta being the surroundings as well as describing the characters Who would have thought a book involing that course could be written and the course would be pushed off the stage by a bigger charater It was one of those books I read getting upset that I was going to finish it too soon Every time I opened it I went back to my own childhood It made me wonder who was my Freddie and does anyone look at me as their Freddie

  11. Ryan Tarchalski Ryan Tarchalski says:

    What a great book I couldn t put it down Read it in one day If you were ever a caddie or want to know some of the secrets of ANGC, it s a must read.

  12. Bob Cromwell Bob Cromwell says:

    Purchased for my grandson who is a golfer However, I ended up reading it first Very enjoyable, well written, hard cover and autographed I was extremely pleased with the price and quick delivery.

  13. Joe Joe says:

    Anyone from the South in this time frame will have memories flooding back.We should all be so lucky to have some one like Freddy in our life

  14. dalegreer dalegreer says:

    Fantastic read Great personal story Easy read.

  15. Thomas W. Phillips Jr. MD Thomas W. Phillips Jr. MD says:

    Fantastic look inside Augusta National I ll never see Augusta National the same during The Masters I love the history and first hand account Tripp Bowden knows how to live, and appreciates his life.