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As a reader who enjoys espionage thrillers, this book brought smiles to my face Having read many maybe 20% of the referenced novels, I had FUN reading this book Occasionally, the author seemed to lose focus or written the story into a corner, like the proverbial floor painter then, a literary reference appears and the story rolls again Fesperman does so well with fictional history It all seems so real and plausible, he has the ability to create a willing suspension of disbelief even when the reader knows that it is only sometimes awkward fiction I really enjoyed this book. Construcred in a conveluted way based on other published spy stories it completely fails as a bookThe attempt to translate Washing to politics int central europe illustrate the failureof Us foreign policy to any creibility outside the United States A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, spook turned novelist Edwin Lemaster reveals to young journalist Bill Cage that he d once considered spying for the enemy For Cage, a fan who grew up as a Foreign Service brat in the very cities where Lemaster set his plots, the story creates a brief but embarrassing sensation More than two decades later, Cage, by then a lonely, disillusioned PR man, receives an anonymous note hinting that he should have dug deeper The note is the first of many literary bread crumbs that soon lead him back to Vienna, Prague and Budapest in search fo the truth, even as the events of Lemaster s past eerily and dangerously begin intersecting with those of his own I am only 60% through this book, but I have to say I am really enjoying it The plot is a mixture of espionage fact and fiction woven together, where ficticious events from the writings of most of the most famous and repeated 40 years later by the main characters I am hoping that there will be a super blending of past and present events climaxing right up to the very last paragraph Ask me for another review in 2 3 weeks time, and i am fairly sure I can give it 5 stars Great condition as promised A cross between Dan Brown and every other spy novel The TImes said if you only read one spy novel this year it has to be this one I hesitate to disagree with the Thunderer, I would say readable but only just. If you enjoy reading spy related material then this book is a must, It will take you through all the classic works and if you do not know them it will introduce you to the masters George Smilies handbook Like completing a complex jigsaw of an uninteresting picture You finish it because you started it but you aren t driven to complete it Mildly enjoyable but not riveting. Fesperman writes a brilliant, modern spy thriller that harks back tothe Cold War. I m a fan of Fesperman having read all of his books so far.Based on the son of a US diplomat who served in Europe during the Cold War, who then finds himself caught up in the spy games of days gone by people dead drops codes, etcYet, whilst this is good in parts, it lacks the edge that other novels had Good but not great.