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This is a good book I can remember hockey in the 70s and it gives good insight to the goings on Especially, liked the chapter on Allan Eagleson and how he ripped off the players in collusion with the owners Stole money from the Canada Cups which was suppose to go to the players pension Supported the Cleveland Barons for one year on players pension money Park was one of the best d men in game and his pension is only 13,000 a year.As a big time Habs fan like the chapter on hate the Habs Playoffs those years were some of best moments of my youth Like Park said in the book, Habs had 11 hall of famers, Bruins had 3 I think Boston was able to push Montreal to brink on elimination with togetherness and hard work I was real glad of trade in 75, to the Bruins Rangers at that time was hated in Montreal They beat us out of playoffs in 72 and 74 We knew once the trade was made Rangers would never be the same and opened it up for Habs.Park mentions writing an early book with Stan Fischler also Around the early 70s I would like to find a copy as it most likely is a good read. The official biography of an NHL legend By the time he retired, Brad Park had surpassed the great Bobby Orr in career assists by a defenseman Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible, and later named one of the TopNHL players of all time by The Hockey News, Park will forever be remembered as one of the greatest men ever to take the ice The first and only authorized biography of Park s life and career, Straight Shooter The Brad Park Story, delves deeper into his legendary success than any book has before, bringing together exclusive, candid insights from Park himself, as well as interviews with dozens of players, family members, and key figures from the hockey world Covering Park s early years growing up in Toronto, to his first exposure to the NHL with the New York Rangers and his stellar performance with the Boston Bruins, through the twilight of his career and retirement, the book examines every aspect of his remarkable life in unprecedented detail Giving hockey fans a full, frank look at the career of an NHL legend including the challenges Park faced in his personal life, including caring for his physically handicapped son Straight Shooter is a fascinating look at one of the game s true greatsOffers a fascinating insight into the life of Brad Park, one of the greatest defensemen the NHL has ever seenCovers Park s life in detail, from his time with the Rangers and Bruins to his experiences with Team Canada in theSummit SeriesFeatures a foreword from hockey legend Don Cherry Working closely with Park himself, writer and researcher Thom Sears has created a thorough, authorized biography of one of the NHL s greatest legends and an essential read for hockey fans everywhere With a Foreword by Don Cherry how can you go wrong A look into the life of one of the greatest hockey player to ever lace up skates hockey people, runs for the Stanley Cup, Team Canada 72 it s all their for you to see A great read. People forget how good this guy was in the NHL Great book about this great NHL star I recommend it I just love everything hockey Saw this book when I bought Sanderson s new book The Boston Bruins were huge in the 70 s when I was a kid growing up in the suburbs woods ponds outside of Boston I remember the 10 games with Orr Park on the powerplay Obviously we didn t know it would be just 10 games Best powerplay point pair ever I remember the tough losses against the Canadians All this stuff is in the book and lots Great addition to my Boston Bruin s books collection along with Ted Green, Derek Sanderson, Bobby Orr Thanks Brad As a Bruins fan growing up watching the Don Cherry teams in the 1970s, Brad Park was the lynchpin probably the most indispensable guy on the team If not for Montreal and the Islanders, the Bruins would have won a Cup or two The book is very well written, with lots of good information A must for any true hockey fan. FRom what I understand, the book was delivered to my home in NJ, so Thnx I will be glad to read it upon my return Great reading about a great player with help from the player Would recommend for anyone interested in hockey or any sports Brad Park was a great player and tells his story well Overshadowed by Orr but an important player for his time