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Fed up with questions about what he was going to do when he retired, Edward decided to get on his bicycle and ride from Le Havre to the Mediterranean He struggled in Normandy to get directions from old men tipsy on Calvados byam, passed by prairies of corn and acres of sunflowers, and hit his stride on the towpath of the Burgundy canal He explored the mystery of what an ouvrier eats for lunch, and was barred from a swimming pool because his trunks were too decentThrough the Rhone and down to Provence and the Camargue, Enfield is witty and informative as always

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  1. Eva Wierzuchowska Eva Wierzuchowska says:

    A gentle ride through France for those who prefer to take their time and visit places of interest, in particular, ancient buildings, monuments castles and cathedrals Personally I would not have spent half the time visiting these places, but rather concentrated on the cycling adventure and of course the people met on the way His accommodation, whilst keeping the cost down, certainly must have detracted something of his comfort zone I did a fair amount of cycle camping, alone and independently, when doing the LEJOG ride in UK But I varied it with hostels and B B s on the way.This was by far the best way and both can be appreciated for their own merits.I probably enjoyed his book on the Danube ride because I had also completed it from Pasau in Germany to Vienna His section on Poland was interesting as I now live there.He certainly did not seem to push himself or over exert in any way whatsoever As he never seemedto complain about aches and pains or exhaustion like other cycle authors But then they probably were cycling 100km daily which seems quite standard for most of them And they certainly wouldnot have time on their deadline schedule to mess about with ancient monuments Perhaps this book is a refreshing change to the motto of going flat out for all you are worth as its not always necessary to enjoy yourself, which is, after all, the point.

  2. Cruise Queen Cruise Queen says:

    I was a little disappointed with this book ,,, I was hoping for so much The author is by nature a very droll person and this is reflected in this book almost to the point of being boring I dont know if its his style of writing or if its the actual content but I really found it hard going in places I kept wanting him to show some interest in his surroundings,, it seemed like what he was doing was chore and he was only doing it to write a book , not the for the joy of travelling.I have bought another of the authors books I know it was on offer and hope its a bit enjoyable than this one was for me.

  3. Jules Jules says:

    This is a gentle, lolloping soliloquy to a solo bicycle trip from southern England to the South of France.Entertainingly peppered with curious observations on customs, people and bureaucratic red tape, this is a humorous read and, for me, a much needed, refreshing escape from another project.Enjoyable and encouraging but equally suitable for those minded to travel from the comfort of their own armchair.

  4. Stephen McAteer Stephen McAteer says:

    Edward makes a great companion His writing is cheerful and easy to read He makes you laugh quite frequently and is a good observer of people and places recommended.

  5. moonwillow moonwillow says:

    Different from the usual travelogue, this book is a collection of memories of a journey from North to South across France.Written quite some time ago, before the Euro, but does offer some interesting information and tips that may influence a journey being planned.Much will have changed by now, the story is a fairly light read.

  6. John Laidler John Laidler says:

    Not a bike book for everyone, Enfield is at heart a misererable individual I think and his views on what in biking terms is correct are very old fashioned although he later admits to changing his mind in a later book.I enjoyed this book for its accounts of places and their history which Enfield is well able to describe in an enjoyable way So if you ignore the author it is a good book

  7. MR J SMITH MR J SMITH says:

    Great book pleny of humour but also plenty of geed advice to be gleaned.


    By being totally unpretentious this author gives a very good indication fo what it is actually like to cycle across France.He is not a particularly good linguist, he is not banging any drums or pretending to be a great travel writer,and by dint of just bumbling along he has put together an amusing and rather nice book.

  9. Graham North Graham North says:

    The author has such a gentle, warm and humorous style As a longtime cycle tourist myself as well as a fan of France this tale hit all the right notes for me It is a book to recommend to anyone who loves to cycle tour or who you think may like this marvellous way to travel Salut M Enfield

  10. Pollux Pollux says:

    Interesting but overall a little disappointing, could have been longer with a little detail, although I can quite understand, as I did a similar trip in 2000, from St Malo to Lloret in Spain, that at times it can be quite boring.

  11. Kathesme Kathesme says:

    Gave this to a friend who really enjoyed the TRIP as he lives in France Hoots of laughter at the authors sense of humour.

  12. Book Addict Book Addict says:

    This is an enjoyable read but would have really been helpful if the author had included a map of his journey After reading awhile, everything just ran together I would have also liked to have seen some photos of his journey which would have helped, especially since he includes at the end lists of what he took and places to stay.The author s droll English sense of humor will go right over the heads of most Americans His later books read much better but it s always good to get a different viewpoint This is really a very basic tale of bicycling journey without a lot a frills.

  13. John S. John S. says:

    I read this one after listening to the audio of the author s other bicycling adventure through Greece Sorry there aren t Set this one aside for a half day plane train trip.