Free pdf A North Country Life: Tales of Woodsmen, Waters, and Wildlife (Audio Download): Sydney Lea, Alan Sklar, Audible Studios: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Sydney Lea –

If you love poetry and the outdoors, particularly when intertwined with the human fabric, get this book My enjoyment was hightened because I know some of the places and people mentioned by Lea, but regardless this book is a true joy If you put it down, it will only be to reflect and then perhaps to return to reread slowly that last passage. Sydney Lea is the most underrated living American writer. Great Excellent story telling and reminisces of a time when made their living in the woods and those who spent all their free time hunting, fishing and hiking Loved the book. The author looks back at a lifetime s worth of hunting, fishing, and camaraderie in the Northeast Kingdom A North Country Life is the story of author Sydney Lea s powerful connection to his family, friends, and the northern outdoors Loosely organized by the changing of seasons, different sections feature essays on such topics as childhood family fishing trips in the wilds of Maine, trophy fly fishing the northern reaches of the Connecticut River, the opening day of turkey hunting season in Vermont, and getting lost in the deep woods while deer hunting The essays are introspective and dramatic illustrations of the blending of the human and natural worlds emotion is attached to both spheres and adds texture to the sketches Listeners of varied interests will be drawn to the sincerity of the author s voice A notable writer and poet, Lea s lyrical writing preserves a picture of people and places from the past with vivid scenes recalling former times and contrasting them with modern life Thoughtful portraits of New England elders and the author s friends bring to life the outdoors as seen through many different eyes, inspiring listeners to take a new look at the world around them With the author s knack for descriptive language, this compelling listen will strike a chord with anyone interested in the contemplative side of nature which, in truth, is most of us I enjoy books like this as I spend all summer in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine It is so much fun to escape to the Wild Country Prose written by a poet a winning combination A reflective book about a place and a life that speaks well of both. Effectively a eulogy for a northern New England of loggers, hunters, and rugged individualists of a unique regional type Beautiful, sad, and profound. love it Not spectacular but it was a peaceful way to spend an afternoon a dedicated hunter would find this book interesting.