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The White Council of Wizards has drafted Harry Dresden as a Warden and assigned him to look into rumors of black magic in Chicago Malevolent entities that feed on fear are loose in the Windy City, but it s all in a day s work for a wizard, his faithful dog, and a talking skull named Bob Es ist und bleibt ein Genuss, sich durch die ganze Reihe zu lesen Ich freue mich schon auf den n chsten Band. I find myself with an interesting relationship with the Dresden Files I put off reading this one, concerned that as I wasn t feeling excited at the prospect of picking it up that I d gone off the series But actually once I did lift it from the shelf and get stuck in I found myself really enjoying it.The story begins with a cry for help from a family member of a friend, which in turn drags Dresden, Chicago s only wizard PI, into an investigation into supernatural occurrences around the city and beyond.There are a number of things about this book that I enjoyed It s a proper investigation, and I am a fan of detective stories It reveals about the characters, their backstories, and their relationships and develops them in new directions as well It builds into the world and the mythology of the series And it s a good adventure.So overall I m left feeling much engaged with the series, and I hope I can keep that feeling forefront in my mind when I m choosing what to read in the future and my gaze drifts to the shelves for B. Onto number 8Same as before really if you ve read this far, likelihood is you ll keep doing so.A few notes on the differences from book 7 Karrin and Michael are back though the latter only gets a few scenes the White Council appears a lot now, since Harry was made a Warden in the last outing, which has a lot of potential moving forward Michael s daughter, Molly, is the chosen supporting character here no Butters, and no Mavra thanks be.Main plot revolves around black magic users in Chicago and a wave of fear demons This all is designed to link into the Faeries being involved in the longer storyline of the White Council s war with the Red Court vampires.This does mean the the Sidhe appear once again both Summer and Winter I think the fae are used a little too often, hardly something I d complain a lot about, but they are getting stale for me.Overall, a fun read as normal Characters develop a bit, talk some things out and circumstances change for Harry, Michael and Karrin Some discoveries are made and the book ends once again in a good place looking forward to 9.The action sequences don t work so well for me here harder to visualise I found so is paced a little slower than Dead Beat.3.5 stars I will undoubtedly keep reading. Don t start here if you are new to this series each book adds to the previous ones to build a full and complex story and you would be losing out considerably if you didn t start at the beginning.Harry Dresden is now a Warden of the While Council as a result of the casualties during the War with the Red Court vampires It isn t a role that he wants and it isn t one that he appreciates when faced with some of the hard decisions that have to be made but this is a war between good and evil and Harry is also facing that in his own head as he has has a demon living in his mind who wants full control of him There are rumours of black magic happening in the city when Harry is called by a young friend to a horror convention where dreadful things are happening Harry has to fight the evil at the convention, determine who has been doing black magic and bring them to justice, look after the daughter of a dear friend and try and work out why the faeries won t help in the War Pretty much the usual sort of thing that Harry does.This book works at two levels Firstly there is the convention and the immediate danger to Chicago Then there is the war and the strategic importance of getting the faeries involved Overarching these is the suspicion that there is something bigger and evil happening that Harry has begun to glimpse There are lots of exciting fights against evil especially at the convention and in the NeverNever but the best fights are in Harry s head and when he has to face the White Council and plead for the life of a child, There are casualties in the war too and it is not easy being Harry s friend, acquaintance, dog or brother.Harry Dresden is one of my favourite literary heroes He is a man who has significant limitations and is often overwhelmed with fear but has decided that neither of these matter you are doing the right thing The right thing is so important to him that Harry will risk death or worse to ensure that good triumphs over evil He also has quite astonishing bad luck and a habit of speaking his mind the two may be linked This book is written with great wit and imagination and brings in details from lots of previous books so that you begin to see the way that the series is going Harry is on a journey of discovery I want to join him as the story progresses.