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At the Mountains of Madness first appeared in , in the February, March and April editions of the American magazine Astounding Stories One of HP Lovecraft s most chilling works, it draws on Edgar Allan Poe s Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, as well as Lovecraft s deep fascination with the Antarctic The sinister discoveries made by a group of explorers in At the Mountains of Madness are testament to the author s enormous powers of imagination PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio

14 thoughts on “At the Mountains of Madness (Audio Download): H. P. Lovecraft, William Roberts, Naxos AudioBooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Thomas A. Thomas A. says:

    The content is great, but this version not so much Perhaos I should have read the small print before ordering, since this is a rather cheap looking and feeling printed copy Even the cover is looking quite pixelated, as if they didn t find a picture with suitably high resolution to put on I think I ll donate it somewhere, I don t like to have this cheap looking book next to my nice books in the shelf.

  2. damodarko damodarko says:

    Do not buy this version I assumed this would be a common paper back, this instead is a cheaply printed copy of the book It s as if someone printed this off their printer on A4 sheets Very disappointed and I will not be keeping my copy.

  3. andrew cummings andrew cummings says:

    I bought this book after reading how it has been years in preproduction meaning never brought to resemble a movie script How it was to dark a subject matter for its time, in deed It was but my main bugger boo with this book was in its over wording of a rather simple scfi story.and not much terror as to the story , that a race of interstellar beings comes to earth able to transvers the depths of space without spaceships settle here then lose their abilities to relauch themselves when needed ,,, oh yes and fight a rather vague enemy from across the same depths just seems meager but in its favor it has got potential as a strat of a bigger book Anyway good luck to the script writer in fashioning a movie , they ve been made with less of an idea.

  4. Xander Xander says:

    The price is not worth the product Very cheap print, paper quality and awful page layout One star just for that Don t buy this version please, even a pdf printed on a simple A4 is better than this.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Some Lovecraft books annoy me with their overbearingly heavy style Others are heavy enough to bring a sense of weight and importance that makes the story really feel big This one is in the latter category Plus, most Lovecraft is only horror This one also has some adventure, which mixes in nicely.

  6. Ifor Ifor says:

    I m not quite sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn t what I read I think I need to read of his books, before I can make a decision on Lovecraft

  7. Paul C.Garrity Paul C.Garrity says:

    This is H.P.Lovecraft at his bestthis amazing tale of the bizarre alien Old Ones that came from the stars and once ruled the earth millions of years ago but are now long goneor are theythis CD tells the tale of an Antarctic expedition that discovers the ancient remains of gigantic buildings and monuments of a race of beings that came from another star systemthey begin to collate evidence to take bake to the civilized worldthen members of their team begin to disappearthe mexican film director Guillermo Del Toro Pan s labyrinth Hell Boy has this Lovecraft story down as one of his future Movie projects.and i for one hope he produces a film as good as his brilliant master piece Pan s Labyrinth this is a four CD reading well told by William Roberts.

  8. B B says:

    A classic Lovecraft novel for free on the kindle well worth the read Lovecraft is the master of horror and will suck you into a terrifying world.

  9. Arjen van der Wal Arjen van der Wal says:

    This edition published by Rediscovered Books, 2014 Active table of contents, but with just a list of chapter numbers A well organized and readable edition.The story of an Antarctic expedition, following the earlier efforts of Byrd, Amundsen etc., organized by Miskatonic University of course Beginning with a fairly standard, but ambitious plan for exploration Themes and conventions of Lovecraft s writing are in evidence here Though this is not repetitive, it s like an outsized development of those themes And of course there are numerous mentions of the dreaded Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.A long short story, or a short novel, extending beyond his usual length But still manages to sustain a continuing sense of the unknown that potentially exists in unexplored places Of knowledge that is beyond human belief, but still exists And the experience of that in isolation, apart from society, is part of the horror Knowing what you saw can t be communicated, and wouldn t be believed anyways.It was written at a time when the Antarctic really was an unknown frontier and Lovecraft lets his imagination loose on it to create his own world Though in the aftermath of the exploration that has been done in the intervening years, we no longer have a sense of the Antarctic being unknown territory, a world of impossible mountains, geography and ancient unknown life forms.

  10. Cliente Kindle Cliente Kindle says:

    Un vero capolavoro, perfino pi dei racconti Pieno di colpi di scena e situazioni al limite.

  11. Katharina Loh Katharina Loh says:

    The story is undoubtedly great.But this book does NOT seem to be the DEFINITIVE EDITION meaning the wording is at times NOT accurate and NOT the original The About the Author section is from wikipedia and the book does not even have a publisher or anything.

  12. Amy Amy says:

    Real world headlines in the news from the scientific community regarding ice core samples, etc are what led me to this brilliant Lovecraft piece An absolute must read for all interested in geological research ancient life forms The parallels between Lovecraft s story and real world science are often astounding He, and his writings, were years ahead of its time, albeit they probably won t find a Shoggoth or anything down there we pray.

  13. ramstein ramstein says:

    It is a adventurers and mysterious book.

  14. Cliente de Cliente de says:

    Es un perfecto libro para adentrarte en el mundo de terror de H.P Lovecraft La versi n es un poco austera pero es perfecto para llevarla contigo.