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Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder is an anthology ofarticles written by an amateur cyclist over a period ofyears The collection exhibits the madness that engulfs those who descend into cycling obsession, celebrating the average cyclist living in a world defined by the pros The writings range from fanciful musings concerning the Tao of singlespeeding to lengthy descriptions of end to end rides in Britain and Ireland Mountain biking, road cycling and all sorts of other cycling events are chronicled along the way Each is written in a lighthearted style designed to bring the reader into the author s world which is often littered with incident and humour The listener will find a loose ticklist of events to ride, bikes to own and challenges to take on, each described in the author s own inimitable style

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  1. the_bald_man the_bald_man says:

    I finished reading this book this morning on my commute to work, and I am disappointed on two fronts Firstly, I am disappointed that I have finished it, and secondly, I am disappointed it took me so donwload a copy As a self confessed bike book nut, this is without a doubt one of the best cycling books I have read in a long time Dave Barter is a normal man, wife, two kids etc, who happens to be obsessed with bikes and cycling in all forms This collection of writings are witty, thoughtful, extremely well written and a delight to read Barter has a wonderful writing style, and anyone who has ever ridden a bike will be able to relate to his descriptions of rain, wind, hills, traffic and the like.He has done some remarkable challenges on his collection of bikes, including riding the 3 Peaks on a single speed, and you can feel his enthusiasm for every event he s ever done coming through in the words that pour off the page Barter s enthusiasm for bikes and bike riding is infectious, and I defy anyone to read this book and not want to head straight to the garage, grab the nearest bike and get out to get some miles in.I am so pleased I read this book, and have been boring people silly recommending it.I reckon Barter would be a splendid chap to have a night in the pub with, only if I didnt have to try and keep up with him in the morning 5 stars all round.

  2. Mapakev Mapakev says:

    Of all of the cycling books I ve read, including some top racers bios,this has been the most enjoyable For the cycling enthusiast whohappens to be a bit nerdy about their bike, the sprockets, cassettes,ratios etc.,Dave Barter writes in a compelling style, full of the fascinatingsmall tech detail missing in other cycling books He s a natural comic tooand his wit and anecdotes significantly add to the enjoyment Whetheryou re a roadie or an MTB fan, he has something for you Crammed withvery descriptive stories and escapades, It s certainly 100% bike talk..Couldn t put it down I look forward to checking out Dave s otherpublications soon.

  3. simon r bromfield simon r bromfield says:

    I enjoyed this book immensely a wonderful journey of cycling experiences through Dave s eyes.His disarming modesty and charming self deprecation endear the reader, although once read you will understand Dave is pretty damn good on a bike The book is written as a series of short stories and is quite easy to refer back to time and time again I now know of the Dunwich Dynamo a wonderful annual unorganised event where anyone can just turn up join the fun and ride London Fields is the setting for the start,there is no race or any official time keeping.Participants just pedal through the mid summers night to reach Dunwich on the Suffolk coast a very English experience indeed.Enjoy reading that and I m sure if your e like me you ll be marking up July for next years event Dave has a wonderful tone and expression with words and on a few occasions I was literally laughing out loudI lie not No lights and a grey triangle being one such tale I recommend this book for anyone with a passion for cycling there will be a story or two all can relate too.

  4. A Satisfied-Customer A Satisfied-Customer says:

    This has been one of my favourite fun reads of the year and once finished I started delving and still do into Dave s blog too I love his humour I love his obsessional devotion to cycling and challenges and pain and his family talking of family, they are clearly obsessionally devoted to him too, otherwise how could they put up with him and his bike mania But apart from the laughs, this book has accompanied me on my own journey into cycling madness From being a fair weather, hybrid with panniers riding granny I ve now metamorphosed into an all weather, carbon fibre road cyclist in screaming yellow gilet and lycra knickers and I blame a lot of it on Dave though my brother has to carry some blame too oh, and Brad, Cav, Pendleton, Rowsell, Hoy et al Could it be that OCCD is infectious Is there therapy for it Well don t tell me about it because I m very happy to indulge my new obsession and fill my house and garage with bike stuff.If anyone had told me at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I d be waiting impatiently for Dave Barter s next book on cycle routes, I d have laughed in their face yet it s nothing but the truth So bash on Dave, and nurture your OCCD for our benefit.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Dave is a man who takes his cycling quite seriously but doesn t take himself too seriously and that is what makes this a really entertaining read The chapters are self contained so you can dip in and out or read it cover to cover I thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it to any cycling enthusiast whatever discipline you take part in.

  6. Sdrowym Sdrowym says:

    A friend recommended this book to me after he had read Peter Blackman s It s Not About The BIKE on Kindle a lot of similarities in style, humour and entertainment As an amateur cyclist MAMIL I was hooked from the start just the opener cracked me up Dave has captured a compilation of lots of different cycling stories, and as I read through them it was easy to relate to many of the experiences that he had had It is an easy book to read and I love the down the earth humour As a bit of cycling escapism but without the physical effort, this book is as brilliant as it is funny Highly recommend it.

  7. Corky Corky says:

    It was because of the great reviews this book has already enjoyed that I bought it I read it in a few sittings and found it engaging, well written and informative Dave clearly is about three fields ahead of me when it comes to fitness, but that just provided an extra dimension of entertainment I have shared some of his joys regarding buying bikes and stuff, and could clearly relate many aspects as the book is very entertaining, honest and witty to boot Obviously niche, but he does cover lots of aspects of cycling from mountain biking, road racing and my favourite bit, the Land s End to John O Groats All in all well worth the five stars.

  8. Blues4Fun Blues4Fun says:

    I have to say I am absolutely loving this book The writer has a great way with words, the chapters are interesting and his discussions are very real to those of us that cycle I have several cycling books but this is by far the best one I ve read Well done Dave Barter

  9. Ilias Ilias says:

    A compilation of several road and mountain cycling stories written in a way that didn t really much my taste Some of them are good but the majority was like notes thrown in a book.I had high hopes for this book as the title really appalled me but unfortunately I can t characterise it as a very pleasant reading.