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i have read all the other Dave Rilley, Bob Mayer books and the best is proberly synbat this is a close second and its free at the moment so what are you waiting for get it now.More military than some of his others as the lead is still in the green berets at this point and not free lancing with a private security company eternity base of helping a friend out cut if you want to know what a special forces a team could do in china this is the book for you. As usual Bob Mayer has written a book which is fast paced and enjoyable to read I particularly like the way characters are developed and the technical detail Strongly recommended for people that like action novels. Well written with lots of twists and turns, keeps you wanting to read on to the finish line Excellent knowledge of material and special forces equipment, lots of it still in use today and lots that we have now seen with our own eyes.This was my introduction to the Green Beret series of books and I m very much looking forward to my next venture into the world of the Green Beret series. Slow starter but once the action starts you won t be able to put it down I really want to get book 3 but think it best to leave it a few days so I can catch up on sleep from the late nights I ve had where I couldn t put the book down. Military simulations occur every day without any worry or danger, right Well, not exactly In order to test the US Special Operations Command s ability to respond swiftly and efficiently, the computer genius Meng created a simulated strike against China Dragon SimMeng s plan changes after the atrocious slaughter of democratic protestors in Tiananmen Square He seeks to bring China to its knees, forcing the prevalence of democracy and launching a massive US attack on the People s Republic Now, Dave Riley, Dragon mission leader, must implement Meng s fiendish plan Dave and the Green Berets must infiltrate Chinese borders and execute mission Dragon without being detected but also unknown to their own government Can the team execute the difficult maneuver or will they be at the mercy of the unmerciful Chinese Bob Mayer has produced a book that flows without interruption unveiling the plot little by little in great detail, without loosing the plot An exciting read from cover to cover. 1 2 through enjoying this, have got the next in the series queued to read next, probably will buy the whole lot. well written This was excellent and kept me wanting to keep reading even when told by the better half to stop to eat, she had a point thre. I had a problem putting the book down Late nights were many reading on into the wee hours.