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In the seventh best selling Ben Hope conspiracy thriller, the action shoots back in time to the days of Jesus Christ, where a buried secret has staggering implications for the world as we know it Returning to the UK to try to sort out his stormy personal life, Ben runs into two old friends Simeon and Michaela were once his fellow students at Oxford now they are the Reverend and Mrs Arundel Ben senses that Simeon is deeply troubled and frightened, but before the truth can emerge about his secretive research project concerning a mysterious, ancient sacred sword , both he and Michaela are wiped out in a devastating road crash Convinced that his friends deaths were no accident, Ben is propelled on a global quest from the UK to France, the Holy Land, and America to unlock the enigma of the sacred sword At every step, he is pursued by ruthless agents of the sinister organisation that will stop at nothing to acquire it In the course of his investigations, Ben will discover an incredible secret, not just about the history of Christianity but about his own past There are many aspects to like in The Sacred Sword but also a couple that surprised me, one being a little distasteful and the other being of a disappointment.What I like about this story is how we learn a lot about Ben Hope s early life when he was studying theology We also see a darker side to his character, which some readers may find a little jarring with how he is usually portrayed In addition, some of the acts that occur in the story I feel are unnecessary and somewhat distasteful e.g the descriptions of what happens to some of the victims are explicit and gratuitous than in previous novels However, as we expect from this series, the plot has many twists and turns as our hero investigates the deaths of two friends from his college days and the action takes Ben to Jerusalem, the North Eastern seaboard of America and England Unlike the earlier books in the series, there is hardly any mention of his French business base or his complex personal relationships with Brooke and Darcey, two females who feature quite prominently in some of the earlier novels.However, I was a little disappointed by one critical twist in the plot that, for me, is just a little too convenient and incredible, occurring as it does at a point in the story where Ben s future is looking exceedingly bleak sorry, I can t reveal here as it would mean providing details of a rather critical event that occurs near the climax of the story Further, I was also a little disappointed with how the story ends given the late dramatic twist in the plot it just seems to tail off and I was left wondering if it is going to be continued in the next book in the series Finally, I thought the basic premise of the story was not as strong, and even far fetched, than those of the earlier novels in the series.So while it is not one of my favourite stories in the series, it still remains an exciting, page turning, all action thriller that can provide a welcome distraction if one is looking from something to read either on holiday or when looking for a short break from the cares of daily life. Having already devoured book 6 of the Ben Hope series I couldn t resist reading another one And they never disappoint, in fact they get better With this one you actually find out how old out hero is and he is now 40 In this novel he meets with some old college friends who inadvertently end up dead but puts Ben on the hunt for their killer Whilst at the same time Christianity is called in to question and how it could affect the world and wiping it out And whether you believe there is a God Along the way Ben discovers a 20 year old secret as well as discovering a lot Most enjoyable. Possible spoilers here, BEWARE Another spellbinding book by Scott Mariani I am not sure that I can buy the theory about a sword that actually belonged to Jesus but I found the action packed story interesting Needless to say the adventure leads the readers into a huge chase sometimes traversing several countries, with Ben fighting his way through to the end.Scott is a very readable writer, the story flies along and intriguingly a new character emerges who no doubt will feature significantly in future stories.There is some violence and strong language I am not a fan of this but I can handle it But is is something to bear in mind when deciding whether or not to download this novel.CAN ANYONE OUT THERE TELL ME what actually happened to the sword I know it was used to bring the villain s life to an end, but then what Did it perish in the flames Or something else I might have missed something