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Return to the world of the Liveships Traders and journey along the Rain Wild River in the third installment of high adventure from the author of the internationally acclaimed Farseer trilogy Kelsingra waits for those brave enough to enter The dragons and their keepers have discovered Kelsingra but so far only Heeby has succeeded in flying over the river to enter the fabled city The other dragons, with their deformed wings and feeble muscles, are afraid to risk failure and humiliation But wondrous things wait in Kelsingra, a city built for dragons and their Elderling keepers Alise, overwhelmed by the treasures she finds there, records her finds for posterity Once the rest of the world knows about the riches the city contains, nothing will ever be the same again Already, rumours of the city s discovery have floated down the Rain Wild River and reached envious ears in Bingtown and beyond Adventurers, pirates and fortune hunters are coming in droves to pillage what they can from the city As is Hest Finbok, Alise s husband Meanwhile, Selden Vestrit finds himself a prisoner of the ailing Duke of Chalced, who believes him to be some sort of dragon man whose flesh and blood may work miracle cures Where is Tintaglia, the great sapphire blue dragon, when all have such need of her Has she really abandoned her beloved Selden and the fledgling dragons forever Or will she too return to seek the wonders of Kelsingra

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  1. Jim J-R Jim J-R says:

    The third book in the Rain Wilds Chronicles and twelfth overall in Robin Hobb s Realm of the Elderlings series feels shorter and much character focussed than most of the earlier books.Rather than following a quest, as many of the other books in the series have, this book follows the daily lives of the characters from the previous two novels as they continue from the point these books brought them It makes some interesting points about prejudice, society and childrearing, and the ensemble cast makes the drama feel real and rounded than ever before.The plot feels simple despite the array of threads that run through the book, and for the most part each is split into its own chapters, although there are some where the narratives are intertwined, which is a nice variation I really love the asides between chapters that Hobb uses to expand the world in which her stories are set, and they provide a humorous and interesting companion to the main story.While it felt a calmer story, I was really hooked by this book and can t believe how quickly I read it compared to some of Hobb s other books I really enjoy spending time with these characters and hope that Hobb will find stories to pen once this one is complete.

  2. Paul Tapner Paul Tapner says:

    Latest novel from fantasy writer Robin Hobb Also latest in her series The Rain Wild Chronicles Normally she writes trilogies, but the final book in this one got somewhat large and ended up being split into two Thus this is technically the first half of one book, although it isn t billed as such and does feel relaively self contained But it s by no means the end of the story and thus there s lots unresolved come the end.There s no exposition to bring new readers up to speed, so there s no point in reading this if you ve not read the earlier books in the series Start withDragon Keeper The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 1.A little knowledge of her other stories will also help as well there is a familiar face from one of those in here but it s not required.This volume is divided into fifteen chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue, and runs for four hundred and twenty five pages.It picks up from the ending of book two, with the expedition having reached it s destination.Some early moments come from the viewpoint of Dragons, and show us the main threat to them The Duke of Chalced Who needs Dragons in order to prolong his life.Whilst those on the expedition and their Dragons get ever closer, and go through great changes as a result, the mysteries of the city await to be uncovered A trip back to the start of their journey brings fresh problems for one character Others draw closer And nobody will be able to keep what they ve found hidden forever.There s lots going on, and quite a few plot strands.The lack of opening exposition does mean that if it s been a while since you read the second book this does take some time to really get into As a result, it takes a while to get going, and only really clicks close to page eighty or so.But once it does, it becomes as readable as what has come before.If you read Robin Hobb s books, you will know how good her prose and characterisation can be And this volume is no exception in delivering that.It doesn t feel like half of a bigger book It feels like a book in a series Which does what those need to do Move things along and set things up for the finale This it does very well, and it does at just the right pace for a volume of this length, meaning it reads very nicely and the pages flow Once you get into it.The fact that it takes a while to get into does stop it from being five star material But even so, it s a very good read in an entertaining series And it made me want to know what will happen next So it did it s job.To find out what does, readBlood of Dragons The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4

  3. Gerry O'Mara Gerry O'Mara says:

    The biggest problem with an author like Robin Hobb is..the books are just too GREAT I cannot put them down and once you read the first one of any of the series, you have to read the others right away Robin, I NEED SOME SLEEP Not only are the story lines fantastic, the books are so well written that you believe you are in the world of the Rain Wilds I feel the pain and joy of all the characters and crave In fact, I think I shall go and read another chapter now.

  4. Yangmaster Yangmaster says:

    Once I started reading book one of this series, Dragon Keeper, a gift from my daughter, I couldn t wait to read the full set to see what happens to them all City of Dragons, the third book, is constantly surprising and delighting me as I m reading through it I don t like the dark bits, I have to say, but they always seem very brief and things soon brighten up very soon after Robin Hobb is a brilliant story teller

  5. The Bio The Bio says:

    I love Hobb s books and have been enthralled by her dragon world every bit as much as the Assassin and Fool series I read this book quickly over one weekend, and enjoyed it very much However, I think they forgot to procure a proof reader for the Kindle version, and I was a little annoyed by all the grammatical errors I also felt unimpressed with one of the plot lines would a loving husband really let his heavily pregnant wife walk through an unknown city at night on her own through wind and rain I think not That said, it was still an excellent read, and Hobb is right there in the top 3 of my favourite authors.

  6. MJR-73 MJR-73 says:

    Having eagerly waited for what seemed like ages for the Kindle price of this book to drop to something like reasonable I was bitterly disappointed after reading the story It s not that its badly written, it s just that nothing really happens I m hoping that this book is just a necessary evil that you have to get through to set some story threads in motion for a thrilling final to the series.It would be a shame, after the first two books, if this series turns into a bit of a damp squib of a story Fingers crossed for the fourth book when its price has been sensibly reduced although the reviews so far are not encouraging.

  7. TD TD says:

    I always look forward to Robin Hobbs books, they have great characters and new ideas This book has the same slightly flat characters from the previous two books, but introduces several characters we already know and places them in difficult situations The original arc of the first two books progresses very little but there is a growing excitement about the newly introduced twists I am worried that the Chaliced characters will seem undeveloped and too stereotyped, in the same way that Hest has failed to live up to his potential It is hard to see how the series can be concluded in another short 425 page book so expect a long wait for book 4.

  8. Tanabrus Tanabrus says:

    In questo libro possiamo vedere tutti i pregi di Robin Hobb.Perch non affatto da tutti scrivere un libro o mezzo, visto che inizialmente questa quadrilogia doveva essere composta da due libri, poi spezzati dall editore vista la mole risultante con pochissimi eventi degni di nota nella trama la rivelazione dello status di una persona, l arrivo di qualche notizia, un paio di avvenimenti ai piedi della citt , un consiglio indetto e un tentativo di omicidio, toh , e renderlo talmente avvincente e affascinante da far diventare difficilissimo il posare il libro per interromperne la lettura.Davvero, non ho idea di come faccia a rendere piacevole e necessaria la lettura di qualcosa che, ridotto ai minimi termini, verrebbe cestinato senza esitazione o bollato come riempitivo.Personaggi vivi, emozioni che risuonano nella testa del lettore, caratteri in evoluzione costante, rovesci della sorte che ci fanno arrabbiare e svolte positive che ci emozionano.Viviamo assieme alle persone che Robin Hobb ci ha mostrato e ci ha insegnato a conoscere e amare nel corso di queste saghe E assieme ai draghi, creature affascinanti, maestose e irritanti allo stesso tempo Cercando di realizzare che drago non vuol dire animale e neanche umano, drago realmente qualcosa di differente, qualcosa di tanto diverso dagli animali o dall uomo come l uomo diverso dagli animali Cos come particolare il rapporto tra i draghi e i loro custodi.Ora non resta che godersi la parte finale di questa saga, temendo per l orda che arriver e per le difficolt che gi si intravedono all orizzonte per i nostri Elderlings.

  9. Isa Effigia Isa Effigia says:

    Schon langsam etwas traurig hatte ich geglaubt, keinen neuen Fantasy Autor mehr zu entdecken, der alle meine W nsche abdeckt.Nach dem zuf lligen Kauf von Fool s Assassin war ich dieser Sorge enthoben und habe mir alle vorausgegangen B cher dieser Hobb Welt gekauft und ganz unglaublich genossen.In nur einem Buch der Rainwilds Chronicles fand ich die st ndigen, teils seitenlangen, Zweifel der weiblichen Heldin etwas nervig inzwischen hatte es der Leser ja schon bis zum Erbrechen kapiert, dass sie sich sehr schwer aus Ihren Kindheitspr gungen l sen konnte und ein stark vorstellungsgebundenes M dchen ist Aber man kann ja auch mal ein paar Abs tze weiterspringen und ich habe auch dieses Buch in vollen Z gen genossen.