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Audie Award Finalist, Mystery,Bookof the BRAINRUSH series was touted in the Wall Street Journal as the number one Bestselling Action Adventure in their Readers Guide to Self Published Big Sellers December ,This sequel, The Enemy of My Enemy, was released in early Decemberto rave reviews Within a few weeks it became the number one Top Rated Action Adventure AND the number two Top Rated Mystery Thriller on Former combat pilot Jake Bronson believed the worst was behind him But when a sophisticated terrorist cell shows up in his home town, he s drawn into a conflict that threatens the heart and soul of every mother in America The bonds of love and loyalty are tested as Jake and his friends are swept into a deadly chase that takes them from the beaches of California to the depths of the world s longest underground river, and finally to the remote jungles of the Venezuelan rain forest where Jake discovers that it will take far than his enhanced abilities to prevent what is coming

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  1. Simon Denman Simon Denman says:

    True to his name, the Bard has done it again I once had the good fortune to be a passenger in a 4 man bob sled as it hurtled down the spectacular Olympic bob sled run at Lillehammer in Norway It was possibly the most thrilling physical experience of my life, leaving me shaken, exhausted and yet desperate for though perhaps not right away The experience of reading Brainrush 2 is not altogether dissimilar.I loved Richard s d but novel, the first of the Brainrush trilogy, but it left me wondering how on earth he could possibly follow it Well, not only did he follow it, his already enviable skills of story telling have now been refined and polished to such a degree that I no longer have any doubt that the name of Richard Bard will soon be a regular fixture on every best seller list.The strange thing is, I don t usually go for all american hero, action packed, save the world, novels like this, preferring instead something a little subtle, or dare I say, cerebral And yet, to say I enjoyed this book is such a gross understatement, it s made me completely rethink what I look for in terms of literary sustenance.When I want to luxuriate in the elegance of prose, reflect on the subtleties of human nature or expand my vocabulary, I ll continue to seek out the works of Ian McEwan, William Boyd and a hundred other past and present literary giants When I want humour, there is a similar stable of greats But when I want to switch off and escape for a few hours of pure adrenaline, I will from now on, turn to Richard Bard.The only problem I see with this resolution, is that he hasn t yet written enough to satisfy my addiction Come on Richard, Hurry up and write some for us

  2. Mike PP Mike PP says:

    Rather like the first in the series you would be best to read that first, though it does refer to what has happened previously enough to let you read this without doing so , it is full of action, very accessible and all go from the start Do not expect to be challenged by this Do not expect great depth of character development Many of the characters are from the first book, so even faster to get to grips with than the first one Lots of guns, explosions, some gory descriptions, some unlikely language skills alluded to, but the hero can do pretty much anything to the point of being a bit of a pain Maybe the author should have made short and ugly to compensate and make him likeable, but then maybe he wouldn t get the inevitable superhot girl Can t have everything I guess Anyway, if you are looking for easy, fun, non challenging reading for holidays on the beach etc It certainly scores Download this and a few others for your beach or poolside reading I don t think for a second the author wrote this to stretch anyone, but rather for the fun of the read I think in that he has succeeded.Mike P

  3. Customer Eliza Customer Eliza says:

    I love the Jake Bronson and his friends series please continue to write and l will read Lots of action, good and bad people all crafted together in an exciting fast paced thriller One practically holds one s breath as things hurl along Mr Bard is a great story teller and holds the reader enthralled So on to the next instalment, can t wait.

  4. Keith Trangmar Keith Trangmar says:

    The original Brainrush was awash with clich s, but having finished it and already purchased this one in advance I must admit to feeling compelled, in spite of myself, to discover the fates of the characters from the first book, and sure enough the author does provide The plot of this one is equally as fast paced, and with less new superhero esque characters being introduced this time around, credibility isn t stretched quite so far.The ending is rather abrupt, and the taster first chapter of Brainrush 3 gives a clue as to why, but I personally feel it s likely to be a bit samey and my appetite was not sufficiently whetted to tempt me to shell out for that one too Perhaps when I ve finished reading Inferno

  5. BlondeBiker BlondeBiker says:

    A brilliantly written story which follows flawlessly the first book I am now going to buy the next in the series I would recommend this book It is captivating on all levels and is a hard book to put down.

  6. Lyn Lyn says:

    I have seen so many new authors since using a kindle and lots of free books This author is up there with the best of them I love reading these books and will read many Great plots plenty of action and not predictable with excellent storylines Thank you

  7. Huge Huge says:

    I enjoyed Book 1 so much I had no qualms about buying this follow on and behold it turned out to be even exciting However, it was almost too frustrating when towards the end supposed goody turns out to be on Battista s side and Jake finds himself thwarted yet again Cripes that s tough but thankfully not the end All in all a damn good read and if there is a follow on I ll be buying it Nice going Richard Bard

  8. johnp johnp says:

    The story continues Book 1 was quite good, going at a tremendous pace and with some good ideas Book 2 suffers from the fate of a lot of sequels The story is carried forward but with a sense of too little material being stretched to make an entire book and no new ideas really I am entertained enough see what happens in book 3.

  9. Ted S Ted S says:

    For someone with a higher level of intelligence, thanks to the CT pulse, the main character is pretty slow witted Three books and he is still not smart enough to question why the enemy is always second guessing his every move Seems pretty basic that one might wonder how it can be that the bad guy is always close behind.The books read like a version of, The Perils of Pauline One disaster after another seems a bit much The worst example of this is the episode in the under desert cavern What was the point

  10. Maroma Maroma says:

    Starting from a family stressing situation, Maria grows and becomes almost an adult, however she remains frightened by other humans Panic attacks, stress will explore the human behaviour of people not fitted for our fast modern society I enjoyed reading the story as I learned to be extremely patient and comprehensive with such weaken people I had a wish to hold one of them in my arms and say Everything is OK.Life is so fragile, so beautiful that we can be grateful to be almost normal within our world.A good book, describing a variety of human world and when you close it, keep in mind to be grateful to be real