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You girls are my vocation I am dedicated to you in my prime So says Miss Jean Brodie, a teacher unlike any other She is proud and cultured A romantic, with progressive, sometimes shocking ideas and aspirations for the girls in her charge When she decides to transform a select group of pupils into the cr me de la cr me at the Marcia Blaine School they become the Brodie set In exchange for their undivided loyalty, the girls earn a special place of honour and privilege within the school Yet they are also introduced to a startling new world of adult games and intrigues, and as boundaries are crossed so the difficulties start to unfold Miriam Margolyes, one of Britain s finest character actors, gives a highly accomplished performance rediscover this classic on the th anniversary of Muriel Spark s birth

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    In 1930s Edinburgh, Miss Brodie s glamour, free thinking ideas and manipulative charm hold dangerous sway over her girls at the Marcia Blaine Academy, to the discomfort of the headmistress, Miss Mackay Compressed, economical, only 128 pages The story is intricately constructed with many flash forwards to outcomes, so the hook is not what will happen but how and why The point of view shifts constantly between the omniscient narrator and the various members of the Brodie set , particularly Sandy with her small, insightful eyes Full of wit and hilarity, not least when the girls, prepubescent and ignorant, try to imagine what Miss Brodie is up to with the art and singing masters who are her rivals in love.Jenny You do it on the spur of the moment That s how it happens.Sandy You would think the urge would have passed by the time she got her clothes off I wouldn t like to have sexual intercourse.Jenny Neither would I I m going to marry a pure person.Sandy Have a toffee.

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    I very rarely encounter a book of which I do not know what to think Is it good, is it really good Is it brilliant Is it awful Is it awful or brilliant just because I was told that I remind someone of no other but Miss Brodie, the romantic, heroic, comic and tragic, unconventional schoolmistress Jean Brodie, an iconic figure in post war fiction.I think I liked it I definitely found it sarcastic and sometimes ironic But then I was also quite tensed when encountered with Miss Brodie s ways of thinking Some hate her, some praise her.P.S Interesting how they say post war and we automatically assume WWII With so many wars in history.

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    This is a deceptive novel, which contains a story of depth and scope despite it s short length, and which I have returned to many times The plot concerns the unconventional schoolteacher, Miss Jean Brodie, who seeks to influence a chosen group of schoolgirls the so called Brodie Set Much of the novel is relayed through the eyes of Sandy Stranger, who enters Miss Brodie s class in 1930, and becomes a confidante of the teacher.Miss Brodie virtually wages war on the school as the embattled headmistress, Miss Mackay, attempts to reign in her disturbing influence on the girls and find a way to force her to resign It is true that Miss Brodie tends to tell the girls about her ideas and love affairs, rather than drilling them in facts, but they are still the creme de la creme and her belief is in, her version, of goodness, truth and beauty This is, in many ways, a disturbing read, as Sandy looks back on her life as a schoolgirl as one of the elite Brodie set and muses on her ultimate betrayal

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    Bought this for a relative as I already have a lot of Muriel Spark s books.Spark is a matter of taste as they say I like her stuff never overly long Never gratuitously worded She never fails to amuse, interest and shock.The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is perhaps her best known work, because of the film Naturally, the book is different and so much better than the film Though it can be tricky to put the shallow stereotypes presented by the film s actors out of your mind when reading it.

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    Well written, easy, enjoyable read The unusual but now well known story is a classic.