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It s weird what you remember In 2011 I think I was in Hong Kong and had an afternoon to kill so went to see the film made of this book It was somewhat sureal An English guy watching a Norwegian movie in a Hong Kong cinema, but there you go it was what it was The film wasn t just the best Norwegian film I d ever seen it was, and is, the only Norwegian film I d seen , but also one of the best foreign language films I ve seen I read a lot, but I m not a quick reader As a consequence, I found the balance between the subtitles and the, you know, acting, good.This book was much the same, in terms of the story A top headhunter looks to place a potential employee with a top Norwegian firm, only to have his life fall apart when he examines those nagging down he had about the employee in greater detail My grumble is the same as the one I had about Divergent.I didn t like the whiny internal monologue in that book I wanted to yell at the character to shut up about how put upon they were on occasion The lead character Roger Brown here He drives a nice car He has a beautiful wife, and is obviously talented at his job Okay, he had a strict upbringing, but people had worse, so stop whining so much.I get the insecurities drove the plot, but still shut up.If you can put up with the whining, you ll enjoy the book It rattled along quickly, is an easy read, and had a few decent plot twists, which you ll enjoy It s just I wonder if some people can get over the consistent Oh pity mes from the lead character. Not your typical Nebo book but enjoyably different, No detective Harry Hole in this one but,a captivating story line that keeps moving at a fast pace Different cast of character from the Nesbo norm but still very interesting Highly Recommended by a big fan of Jon Nesbo. There is a new book by Jo Nesbo, Blood on Snow due out soon but, when I started reading Headhunters it was the last remaining Jo Nesbo that I hadn t read I m pleased that there is yet another last book as I would be saddened to think that Headhunters was my last Nesbo going out with a whimper rather than a bang.There is a sniff of the usual Nesbo quality, towards the end, when the plot twists and deceptions are revealed but, for the most part, I wouldn t have recognised this as a Jo Nesbo I suspect that the problem, for me, was that I just couldn t accept the main character, Roger Brown so, by the time I was half way through, I didn t really care what happened to him I think that, by making Roger Brown love his wife so unconditionally, Jo Nesbo intends the reader to set aside all of the other wholly unpleasant aspects of Roger Brown s character and empathise with him but it just doesn t work In fact, I liked the main villain, Greve, far The real role of Lotte is a surprise that s telegraphed way in advance and the awkward shoehorning of her into the story clashes hugely with the image of Roger Brown as a devoted husband.Other reviewers have commented, with disparaging incredulity, about the plot line that has Roger staggering around the landscape covered in er muck and I too found this broke my suspicion of disbelief I can see why this part, and others within the book, would make a sensational American film, but it doesn t quite cut it in the novel.There is also a strange anomaly in the technology Although no time frame is described in the book other than the fact that the vehicles and phones used set the time around about now , it s written as though GPS technology is an emerging thing and satnav is only available to the very few.So now I ve read everything that is currently available from Jo Nesbo It s a bit variable and my own views don t always coincide with popular opinion, but there are sufficient excellent books in the canon to keep Jo Nesbo as a star author Some of the Harry Hole series are excellent, even despite what I have, previously, referred to as the Nesbo fomula and The Son is superb But Headhunters isn t and I really hope that Blood on Snow brings JN back to his very best. My, what a story Plenty of actually quite funny twists and turns to this story about Roger Brown, an Oslo headhunter with a lucrative side line in art theft, who finds one of his clients ex commando Clas Greve, the other headhunter of the title quite a deadly challenge Some VERY memorable action scenes are guaranteed to leave any thriller fan asking for 5 stars for that.Having read a few of the author s Harry Hole crime novels, however, I was a little disappointed by the characters Would an arrogant, spoilt and manipulative headhunter, who knows that he is top of the heap , really say of himself But I might have been wrong, of course Being a headhunter doesn t necessarily mean you re a good judge of character or particularly empathetic p.204 location 3314 I doubt it But then again, he s not one of the good guys you can readily identify with, and if you harbour a gripe against headhunters recruitment experts and who doesn t you ll find the hero s strange turn of mind spot on I wonder what they ll make of it in the film that s scheduled for autumn One reviewer wrote that if you like Carl Hiaasen and James Ellroy, you ll love it , and I can agree with that I absolutely recommend it Read it for the wonderful outside toilet and the upturned car scenes The one star deduction is only because I ve come to appreciate the Harry Hole stories. Roger Brown has it all He s the country s most successful headhunter He has a beautiful wife and a magnificent house And to maintain this lifestyle, he s also a highly accomplished art thief At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve Not only is Greve the perfect candidate for a position with one of Roger s high profile clients, he is also in possession of The Calydonian Boar Hunt by Rubens, one of the most sought after paintings in the world Roger sees his chance to be rich beyond his wildest dreams and starts planning his boldest heist yet But soon, he runs into trouble and this time money is the least of his worries