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Excellent all the better to have this amazingly inexpensive compendium of his writings after you ve read Wade Davies brilliant book on these early Everest attempts in the context of the Great War aftermath Don t miss this, armchair and real climbers Very good book if you are interested in mallory Like any book, i would like to have read about his private life Bought as a present for a close friend and he was delighted as he found it to be both interesting and informative. Lost my first copy Had to have it on the shelf Brilliant book Here are unabridged selections from George Mallory s collected writings on his mountaineering and his motivations Famously impelled to climb Mount Everest simply because it was there, Mallory made three attempts to be the first to reach its summit, and perished on the third His writing reveals the emotional life of the mountaineer With eloquence, Mallory captures the struggles and the rewards involved, the climber s sense of triumph, and experiences of staggering beauty Great dvd but awful poor sound quality It s a shame that this book didn t get the blaze of publicity that other mountaineering publications received, as it really is a little gem and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to read a first hand account of George Mallory s legendary attempts to scale the worlds highest peak, Mount Everest.Peter Gillman the author ofThe Wildest Dream Mallory His Life and Conflicting Passionshas realised a lifelong ambition, to bring together and publish the works of George Leigh Mallory Not an epic tome by any stretch of the imagination as Mallory has only six published articles written for two of the eminent climbing publications of the day However if you seek an insight into the man who became part of the biggest mountaineering mystery ever known then you will not be disappointed, for his dedication and tenacity abounds from each page and will keep you in a sometimes icy grip, a grip you won t want relinquished This book will demand your attention Suffice to say that Mount Everest dominates this book, however the attempt on Mont Maudit 1916 and Mont Blanc 1921 provide a captivating interlude The descriptive ability of Mallory will take your breath away and even those with the dourest of imaginations will almost feel the Himalayan wind buffeting them as they read I was most interested in the detailed accounts of the reconnaissance of Everest and the logistical nightmares of the day, the coping with altitude sickness while dealing with sometimes wayward porters was an eye opener What he wouldn t have given for a helicopter or even a jeep If you have any interest in the often quoted but seldom understood George Leigh Mallory then this book is an absolute must have So wrap up warm, grab a brew and enjoy. Fascinating listen of a true explorer you really get a sense of his yearning for discovery A million miles from the Everest climbers of today.Of note is the frequent miliary type vocabulary of conquering the mountain One can only speculate if a humble attitude might have better served him and Irvine in their quest. It s Mallory, need I say It took a while to get into this book but when I did, the book took on a gripping story of the difficulties of the world s early explorers had to contend with they where the true pioneers.