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Jack Veeder is dying Soon And that impending event brings his son Jimmy back to the Imperial Valley of southern California just north of the Calexico Mexicali border Jimmy hopes he can spend what time his father has left laughing and reminiscing But Jack s got one dying request He needs Jimmy to find a Mexican prostitute named Yolanda Enlisting the help of his boyhood friend Bobby Maves, the pair stumbles through the violent, the exploited, and the corrupted of Mexicali It doesn t take long before they re in over their heads And as Jimmy tries to survive the dangers of the Mexicali underworld, he unwittingly uncovers truths about his father he never imagined, forcing Jimmy to come to terms with the man he thought he knew, and to decide just what sort of man he wants to become

12 thoughts on “Dove Season (Audio Download): Johnny Shaw, Gary Dikeos, Brilliance Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. MuttyM MuttyM says:

    Interesting characterisation, but a little too American for my taste that is, you HAVE to know a great deal about the Americanisation of various similies, which I found a distraction in trying to liken to British ones Otherwise, a different take on life in a hick town in the south of America borderland with what I perceive as red necks out on the razz, spoiling for a fight The main character was as confused about how he should be behaving as I was That is not to say that I didn t enjoy reading something a little out of the ordinary though Not quite what I was expecting, but a good quick read.

  2. Maeve Maeve says:

    I ve had this book on my kindle foe a few years perhaps I got it free or maybe for 0 99 in book of the day I have bypassed it many time in favour of others because I for some reason thought it was about hunting.It is, in fact, a really human story about relationships, loyalties conscience I enjoyed the first half a little bit than the second don t want a spoiler so won t say why.

  3. M. Aldred M. Aldred says:

    After reading the Big Maria I was really happy to see Johnny Shaw had written another book I now know Dove Season chronologically came first but are unrelated story wise I thought this story was on an equal par for both laugh out moments and there were times it brought a tear to my eye The two main characters, the way they interracted together you would really believe they had known each other all their lives.If you have never read Johnny Shaw on the back of the two books mentioned you need to check him out I promise you will enjoy his work.

  4. Leics Liz Leics Liz says:

    This is an unusual genre for me to read but I really liked this book I read it whilst on holiday and it was perfect holiday reading I liked the colourful characters a decent, hard nosed bunch who liked their booze, hung out in seedy bars and were somewhat dodgy.The novel is set on the USA Mexico border and the reader instantly becomes hooked when a dying man asks his son to locate a prostitute and bring her to him It is a novel of murder,theft, and kidnapping A deadly cocktail to keep the reader engrossed.At such a cheap download price give it a try.

  5. Hank Hank says:

    I really enjoyed this book because it gave the feel of the area around the US Mexican border the hardship and poverty This didn t slow the story down and it never blamed any country or people for the dog eat dog lifestyle The characters were real and the men saw violence as a natural way of life The women were thoughtful which balanced the equation Yes there was a lot of bad language but it seemed appropriate but I will be very surprised if it would appeal to a woman reader that is NOT a sexist comment If you like a thoughtful adventure and an unusual story then this is for you.

  6. WoolyBully WoolyBully says:

    I read some of the reviews before downloading this book, although I had previously read Big Maria another book by the author Negative feedback is always going to be there, from the same people who probably love The girl with the Dragon tattoo series which I started but couldn t finish so if you like the look of this book try it because I bloody loved it Thanks Johnny

  7. tone1428 tone1428 says:

    After reading Big Maria I thought I would try Johnny Shaws other bookand am I pleased that I did I shall not reiterate the story line as it is outlined in the product page.This book is funny,sad and pretty damned action packed,I loved it,I loved it so much that I have ordered the sequel Plaster City I love the fact that the characters have their their weaknesses and their strengths all on view A great story with great Characters makes a great read

  8. Roger Cave Roger Cave says:

    So, this Jimmy Feeder book starts with an educated wanderer returning home because his fathers dying However, when he meets his father in hospital, he asks Jimmy to find someone for him I won t spoil it by telling you who, but that s when the story changes The book is full of twists and some very funny and well written characters I would thoroughly recommend this well written book.

  9. Tom Tom says:

    My second Johnny Shaw book and I still can t get over the masterful way that he blends his wonderful dialogue with characters that perfectly match the written words Mr Shaw is a gem of a writer Great stories, engaging characters, snappy repartee, I regret that it took me so long to find him, but I will make up for it.

  10. barbablu barbablu says:

    Ich hab das Buch als Kindle Deal gekauft es war eine sehr gute Wahl Das Buch hat mich gefesselt die Geschichte nimmt immer wieder unerwartete Wendungen, und die Charaktere sind sehr interessant vielschichtig Das Verwischen der Grenzen zwischen gut Freundschaft, Treue, Liebe, Ehre und b se Gewalt, Alkoholismus, berufliche Versager , Prostitution in den Charakteren fand ich faszinierend Auch das ungew hnliche Setting des Buches mit einer eigentlich trostlosen Stadt an der Grenze zu Mexico tr gt viel zum Reiz des Buches bei.Ich werde mir definitiv auch andere B cher vom Autor ansehen

  11. Sandy Raby Sandy Raby says:

    Just when you think you ve got a handle on this story the author surprises you with another angle Great characters, good storyline and enough twists to make it a worthwhile read.

  12. Trevor Vas Trevor Vas says:

    I really enjoyed the escapisim of this book I really was absorbed in the plot and was facinated with the the binges on booze and bars I love mexico so I enjoyed the descriptions of mexico and the charactors All in all a good read