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The Fifth Queen is Ford Maddox Ford s masterful trilogy of historical fiction centered on Katharine Howard, a young girl of a proud, noble, and impoverished family who catches the jaded eye of Henry VIII and becomes his controversial fifth Queen In this first volume, Katherine arrives at the King s court to find its dimly lit corridors vibrating with corruption and fear, as unscrupulous courtiers hungry for power maneuver for advantage Clever, beautiful, and outspoken, Katherine soon becomes caught in a web of intrigue and romance as she fights for political and religious change Ford saw the past as an integral part of the present experience and understanding His sharply etched vision of the court of Henry VIII, first published in , echoes aspects of Edwardian England as it explores the pervading influence of power, lies, fear, and anxiety on people s lives

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  1. The Keen Reader The Keen Reader says:

    This is the first in the Fifth Queen trilogy by Ford Madox Ford the second being Privy Seal, followed by The Fifth Queen Crowned In this first book Katharine Howard appears at Court accompanied by her cousin Thomas Culpepper Immediately on her arrival she is seen and sized up by the King, Thomas Cromwell and Bishop Gardiner, all of whom see ways to use her naivety and family connections for their own nefarious purposes Katharine becomes caught up in plots beyond her understanding, twisting and turning in paths she cannot see.This is a wonderful novel, and I look forward to the next in the trilogy The writing is almost archaic and reminds me of the works of William Harrison Ainsworth There are not a lot of characters involved in the book, and the book unfolds like a stage play or set scenes in a television series Action and speech are paramount what the characters are feeling is inferred from their action and speech Absolutely wonderful.

  2. Mr. R. F. W. Freeman Mr. R. F. W. Freeman says:

    I really wanted to like this book I do like historical fiction, especially if it is set in Tudor times and writers of historical fiction are allowed a certain amount of poetic justice Just not too much Unfortunately, for me, Ford Madox Ford s Katherine just bears no resemblance to what we know and requires too much of a leap in the imagination I just could not suspend judgment and believe that Katherine Howard was chaste and learned when we know the opposite was unfortunately true The author even changed her appearance I found the style of writing extremely wordy and difficult to follow at times But the characters, apart from Katherine, did ring true and the writing suits the time and place But I m sorry to say, I did not really enjoy it and feel in a strange sort of way that I ought to have done.

  3. Yondie Yondie says:

    I tried to read this kindle books and found it hard I believe I will try read it again at a later date when I am in the mood.

  4. Mr G Adams Mr G Adams says:

    Very good up till now yet to read , Slow reader thanks Graham,

  5. 25QPR 25QPR says:

    Ford Madox Ford does it again a fine historical novel.

  6. Mrs. D. J. Smith Mrs. D. J. Smith says:

    Fords The Fifth Queen trilogy deals with, as may be conjectured, Katherine Howard after all, how many other monarchs have had five or queens If you are at all familiar with your Tudor history then Im afraid youre not going to find the Katherine Howard you are familiar with here Fords Katherine is tall, witty and an expert in Latin The real Katherine we know was petite and barely literate Here she is Fords Catholic martyr and romantic heroine.Many of the other characters, or historical figures, are pretty well drawn, although the Lady Mary comes across as a thoroughly unpleasant woman, sneering and snickering her way through the book.Usually blatant historical inaccuracies in novels like these really get my goat I shudder at the very name of Phillipa Gregory Nevertheless I did enjoy the Fifth Queen trilogy and got through it reasonably quickly, being nearly 600 pages in all The writing was good, the settings realistic and characters behaved consistently, even where they werent as they were supposed to be This is another example of why you should not judge a book by its first chapter as I did think it would be a struggle to finish, but afterwards I got drawn in to the story.All in all an enjoyable read, although not a great book I think sometimes it says about its author and the Edwardian period than Katherine Howard and the Tudors


    Quite dated in its writing style as you might expect Not very objective as a history of her life But the seller was impeccable

  8. thevogon thevogon says:

    I suspect that The Fifth Queen was written for an audience who knew little about Tudor history Ford Madox Ford creates an image of Katherine Howard as a saint, a saint prepared to live and die and suffer the advances of Henry VIII in an attempt to set back the reformation and save the established church But she is not the only historical personage who is distorted in the FMF lens Take Katherine s tutor, Nicholas Udall What a remarkable life Headmaster of Eton Sentenced to death for buggery with the boys Saved by the intervention of two of Cromwell s men Intimate of Queen Mary and Katherine Parr Author of Ralph Roister Doister and as such now regarded as the father of English Comedy And, though still not of the marrying kind, ending his life as Headmaster of Westminster In Ford Madox Ford s novel, Udall is an unashamed womaniser prepared to risk all for a petticoat So, though brilliantly written, The Fifth Queen cannot really be enjoyed as historical fiction As historical fantasy, perhaps.

  9. Phebe Phebe says:

    This trilogy on Cromwell and Katherine Howard is marvellously vivid, but it is historically fraudulent, so what is the point Its virtue You can positively breathe the air of 1539, so vivid is the description, so active are the characters and populace Problems 1 All of the characters, major and minor, 100%, are obnoxious or despicable Including the snakey Cromwell, that current fashion favors since his sympathetic portrait in the miniseries The Tudors So unless one wishes simply a vivid account of the times, is there any use struggling through a story about yucky people 2 Unhistorical, so what is the point Why read an historical novel that is not actually historical, but alters history wildly to make a better story or because the author just wanted to tell it that way Katharine Howard was NOT placed in court as a lady in waiting to Mary Tudor but to Anne of Cleves It matters Thomas Culpeper did NOT bring Katherine to court and have a long previous relationship with her And he was not closely related to her at all Author Ford has mixed up Dereham and Culpeper, on purpose, but the truth was quite lurid enough without mooshing characters together, like making the king s two sisters one woman as The Tudors series did A lot of this goes on, but I d like to see some rules for historical novels Okay to put events in historical novels that we have no historical record of but MIGHT have happened Not okay to just change the history to make a better or simpler story These are the expectations I have for historical novels If an author cannot abide by these rules, I give up on him or her It s like the long used rules about Shakespeare s plays you can cut and you can repeat and you can do extra dumbshows, but you cannot put in new language because your name is not Shakespeare

  10. blooms blooms says:

    Katherine Howard was puritanical although as stauch Catholic, devote of the Old Faith Her intellectual and emotional fight was to try to turn Henry back into a good son of the Church again Except for her singlemindedness she is a nothing Strong willed and capable of temporarily nagging Henry into positions he won t keep to, I suppose, but smart she s not A teenage naivete for sure Henry in his advancing age dotes on her in a drippy, pushing past middle age, way So the three star mediocre response is due to the subject The writing and some of the ancillary characters are first rate and deserve the 5 stars.

  11. Kim10024 Kim10024 says:

    Loved his big one, generally like historical novels and literary big wigs eg, Graham Greene raved about this, revisionist version of Catherine Howard, Henry viiii s second to last wife Boring, as is Catherine, could not wait for her to die