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Burning Daylight begins as many of London s finest works begin with the depiction of a man blessed with physical prowess and keen perception who takes on the natural forces of the th century Yukon Supreme gold miner, risk all gambler, and unbeatable fighter, Burning Daylight is his name Daylight moves from the Yukon to San Francisco, and plays the bigger game of finance and wealth , until he is reminded of something he lost, something pure and good And with this discovery, London turns his standard format into the finest love story he ever crafted and Burning Daylight becomes much than a simple adventure Burning Daylight was intelligent and wise Seeing all the gold and wealth are worth nothing if you aren t happy.We work day in and day out searching for gold and we end up in situations that burn that gold up in an instant.But are we truly happy This is a sick society we are nothing but slaves working to buy that new fangled cell phone thatwe can ask our other when at the store there s a can of peas here for 0.75 and another brand at 0.79 Which one should I buy That s insane For a test of our loyality they have all us sheep heading in one direction all at the same time in the morning and evening What a game and we are all set up to lose. ineresting story about gold mining and gold miners. it got a little boring.