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As the winner of theIronman Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Chris Macca McCormack may be the world s greatest athlete In I m Here to Win, McCormack shares his story, along with training tips and practical advice to help listeners develop their own routines, diet, exercise programs, and race strategies Chris McCormack has dedicated his life to training for and winning the Ironman World Championships, one of the most grueling tests of mental and physical endurance in the world The race challenges athletes to swimmiles, bikemiles, and run a full marathon ofmiles, all while battling harsh conditions and their own willpower In , McCormack won the Ironman World Championship for the second time atyears old a testament to his fitness and endurance Macca s journey to athletic greatness is than just one of physical perseverance After coming in fourth in Hawaii last year, Macca returned to the island chanting, I m here to win He had a new mental game plan in place that brought him first across the finish line In this much anticipated book, Macca shares his playbook and reveals everything it takes mind, body, and spirit to become a champion In addition to his Ironman wins in Hawaii, Macca holds the record for the most triathlon race wins ever and it s his winning strategies and mindset that he now brings to the listener in I m Here to Win For weekend warriors who casually compete to seasoned veterans who race every weekend, armchair athletes looking for an extra push, and everyone in between, I m Here to Win provides riveting insight into the mind of a great champion with excitement and inspiration in every minute

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  1. GWoo GWoo says:

    After reading the Brownlee s book Swim, Bike, Run I wanted to learn about the sport of triathlon I had a hunt around on and book that had the highest reviews and something like a four and a half star rating was this one.I got the book as an audio CD I think there s quite a bit to be gained from having the native expression and accent in this case It s narrated by an Aussie with a pretty strong accent.Sounds like he s won just about everything under the sun A legend in the world Ironman event.If I had to describe how he comes across in this audiobook inane word The word would be ruthless He made it clear to everyone that he was there to win He saw it as his way to earn money To feed his children He wasn t there to make friends What is almost immediate in the audiobook it how he played the mental game He was a master of sowing seeds of doubt in his competitors performance He d talk them up in interviews to start with to make them feed good about themselves, and then hit them with their weaknesses These weren t perceived weaknesses either, Chris McCormack had done his homework He d analysed his competitors split timings over the seasons He knew what he was doing A great listen I highly recommend giving this audiobook book a whirl.

  2. Kostas Kostas says:

    Macca has written the history in the era of the highly competitive modern triathlon.The book describes Macca s dream to conquer and win races all around the world, which heachieved than anyone else This includes his ultimate effort to become anIronman World Champion, despite the scientists belief that he could never achieve this.Macca has broken all those mental and physical barriers that the majority of triathletes face,the book describes how his will converted upper limits into temporary problems with a very detailedmanner, you feel as if you are racing with him as you read the book and through his wordsyou become a hero, as if you are him for a while He has unveiled all his deep thoughtsabout triathlon race strategies, so much, that I think no other world class athlete willever attempt to share around.The most astonishing chapter for me is that about Ironman Hawaii, how he crackedKona code and realising his ultimate plan My Masterpiece The Ironman Championship.I ve read the book twice already and some chapters are so touching that I keep on readingthem over and over again As a triathlete, I find Macca s words a pure motivator andan open minder for new achievements.Thank you Macca this book is a coach for my training sessions.

  3. kevin orourke kevin orourke says:

    This book is quite simply superb Chris McCormack has filled the gap in Triathlon by writing a book which covers many aspects of this sport with an emphasis on Ironman Triathlon It is written as an autobiography but it covers other aspects such as the mental side of Ironman and even Chris s take on nutrition.Written in his own unique style McCormack manages to take you on his journey through the good and bad His battle with authorities, the sorrow of his mothers death and his incredible self belief are just some of the things that make Chris McCormack the best.In the way the fabulous book Born to run made barefoot running massive, I m Here To Win will create huge interest in Ironman Triathlon for all readers.If you are interested in Triathlon, Ironman or any sport which requires massive dedication, maximum effort, the will to win and the ability to deal with pain then this is the book for you.

  4. Mr. G. J. Barber Mr. G. J. Barber says:

    Although I must respect the man for his achievements, sadly I am left feeling nothing but pity for the man who believes mind games are a key to his success.He goes into competition with a game plan of talking as much smack as he can to undermine his competitors, he believes this has been pivotal in his victories.Sadly I m left feeling incredibly pitiful of the man who has achieved so much but shows so little to no respect for those in his sport Without them his achievement would be almost meaningless, yet given the chance if he could be the only man to ever complete Kona I think he would prefer this That is the size of this mans ego, arrogance and poor sportsmanship.a true disappointment.

  5. J. Lee J. Lee says:

    The problem with Macca is that he s lacking in self confidence With a bit belief in himself then he could of made something of his career.I m joking of course The guy is all ego and he doesn t mind telling you about it.It s a decent read for the most part and I picked up some tips But when a guys constantly telling you that he doesn t care what people think about him, you start to think that deep down he s quite insecure.And the bits where he compares himself to Muhammad Ali are laughable.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Ive seen macca on tv a couple of times but never took much notice The book is brilliant though Macca explains himself and why he does what he does He is humble and knows what drives him. the good and the bad It is well written and gives invaluble advice For me particually about the mental side.i would recommend this book to anyone

  7. Simon Peters Simon Peters says:

    Maccas book gives a great overview of his rise to one of the most prominent sport personalities of his generation The book takes you through the good and bad of his epic rise While it does provide some motivation and training advice, this is a story of his learning curves and how he battled the difficulties in and outside of sport.This is truly an excellent read for anyone involved in the sport of triathlon.

  8. Juice Free Juice Free says:

    A well written and candid account of McCormack s racing career with win sights into how he achieved his dreams and goals The book is an easy read of someone who has a lot of character and isn t afraid to share it

  9. jose jose says:

    Al principio me pareci que era bastante auto indulgente y que tenia una fuerte dosis de ego Sin embargo estoy contento de haberlo comprado Cuenta su historia a su manera y poco a poco el verdadero macca surge y demuestra incluso humildad y simpatia Sin duda muy util para ayudar a otros que hacen ironman Disfrute de su realismo, incluso autocritica, su cari o por las personas cercanas y te pone bien claro la necesidad que todos tenemos que mirarnos en el espejo y ser honestos con nosotros mismos Ello nos debe llevar a buscar soluciones y mejorar.El libro no es un plan de entrenamiento, que tambien trae, es mucho mas, por decirlo de algun modo es el ajuste fino, en todos los apectos, tambien mental, motivacional, de como buscar la mejora continua y no creerse dogmas de fe tan extendidos, cuenta sus fracasos y como se ha ido sobreponiendo a ellos, como mejora su nutricion, su tactica, su guerra con otros competidores faris y normann , como busca solucionesEn definitiva, la larga distancia es mucho mas que solo entrenar, por eso me ha gustado tanto, para buscar un plan de entrenamiento tienes muchos libros, si buscas un plan de entrenamiento puro y duro mejor mira otros, pero si te gusta la larga distancia descubriras algunos porques de cosas que ha hecho en su carrera y el camino evidementemente no todo que le ha hecho ganar en kona Por eso titulo mi opinion algo mas que entrenar.

  10. andreapav andreapav says:

    Consigliato per tutti gli appassionati di Triathlon che vogliono approcciarsi alle lunghe distanze Spedizione precisa e puntuale , l ho comprato usato e lo stato era ottimo