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From New York Times best selling author Leigh Montville, this riveting and definitive new biography pulls back the red, white, and blue cape on a cultural icon and reveals the unknown, complex, and controversial man known to millions around the world as Evel Knievel Evel Knievel was a high flying daredevil, the father of extreme sports, the personification of excitement and danger and showmanship and in the s, Knievel represented a unique slice of American culture and patriotism His jump over the fountains at Caesar s Palace led to a crash unlike anything ever seen on television, and his attempt to rocket over Snake River Canyon in Idaho was something only P T Barnum could have orchestrated The dazzling motorcycles and red white and blue outfits became an integral part of an American decade Knievel looked like Elvis but on any given Saturday afternoon, millions tuned in to the small screen to see this real life action hero tempt death But behind the flash and the frenzy, who was the man Best selling author Leigh Montville masterfully explores the life of the complicated man from the small town of Butte, Montana He delves into Knievel s amazing place in pop culture, as well as his notorious dark side and his complex and often contradictory relationships with his image, the media, his own family, and his many demons Evel Knievel s story is an all American saga, and one that is largely untold Leigh Montville once again delivers a definitive biography of a one of a kind sports legend

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  2. Mark Swindell Mark Swindell says:

    For those of us who were youngsters in the 1970s, Evel Knievel was the dare devil who thrilled us all and whose name was attached to the top selling toy But what about the man himself Personally, I couldn t even remember what he looked like and this book is a detailed look beyond the star spangled suit.The author has really done his research and thoroughly separated fact from fiction around Knievel s life and his stunts I wont say too much here because I wouldn t want to spoil this book for future readers, however, if you are even a little bit interested in Evel Knievel then I would highly recommend this.

  3. Ernest T. Ernest T. says:

    Very interesting and informative book It covers the exciting aspects of his life in great detail really giving you a sense of what he was all about.Only 4 out of 5 stars because it glosses over his life from the 1980 s onward single chapter Even though his stunt career and notoriety ended in the late 70 s I would have liked to know about his life afterwards How does a man on top of the world with his unique personality handle tougher times as his career and reputation start to spiral and out of control Definitely there is a Part 2 that needs to be written for anyone interested in the entire man s life.

  4. Steve Holmes Steve Holmes says:

    I typically love biographies of motorcycle characterssport, showman, and adventurers I just could not find a hook in this book Not a page turner, but, basically an account of a not so impressive character Gutsy yes, but, the story of an individual who seemed content to waste his life as a result of a flawed character Fact is fact..I get that Just not my kind of book.

  5. Lawrence R Fraley Lawrence R Fraley says:

    Leigh Montville hits all the marks in his detailed description of one of America s icons, including his manyfaults from womanizing, fighting, adultery, larceny, burglary, child abuse and I had never knownKnievel was as notorious as Montville defines him and thought for years he was simply a rugged man whohad all the guts in the world and was courageous enough to take those dangerous jumps Instead, hewas mostly drunk or nearly so with his favorite whiskey, paid little attention to the physics involved, and, even whenhe became a millionaire, lacked the integrity and knowledge to save and spend it properly In summary, Evelis a disappointment to many of us who once loved him but now know the truth Thank you, Leigh, for that.

  6. cilla gentry cilla gentry says:

    This book was very well written Even when it got into the technical description and Engineering of things it was still easy to follow and still kept the reader s interest This is a must have for everybody who loved Evel Knievel Makes you want to go back and revisit the 70s for sure.

  7. K. Balsamo K. Balsamo says:

    This book tells about the famous daredevil, Evel Knievel And it is every bit as colorful, as the man you would see on TV performing some of his death defying tricks It was entertaining at times and insightful Warning There is a lot of obscenity

  8. skooter skooter says:

    If Evel was half as bad as described here there are two sides to every story , then he was still about six clicks beyond textbook narcissist Except for the pain and strife he caused those close to him, I don t begrudge him this To do what he did a person has to be a little, no, ALOT whacked I guess in the measure of a life you have to look at the enjoyment he brought to the larger audience who never met him personally We spent many hours as kids jumping our banana seated, monkey barred bicycles, trying to emulate the version of Evel we d see that afternoon on Wide World of Sports Those were golden days Thank you Leigh Montville for writing a splendid book that allows us to revisit that era.

  9. CM514 "Chris" CM514 "Chris" says:

    Having lived during and witnessing Evel s glory days on ABC s Wide World of Sports, his bizarro attempt with bizarro attention given to it to jump the Snake River Canyon and also seeing his sad and quick fall from celebrity to broke background noise I found this book a great read The author calls it the way I remember it with lots of fleshing out and interesting stories to paint a very complete picture of Mr Robert Evel Knievel.Though not explicitly asked of the reader, I believe this book requests the contemplation of what such a person act like Knievel rising to such fame says about American society and culture Unless I m over analyzing but I dont think I am.My only quibble How can the tale of Evel jumping over a tank of sharks be told, with no mention of the greatest shark jumper of them all The Fonz being made

  10. Bill Dailey Bill Dailey says:

    This is one of the BEST biographies I have ever read, and I ve read many You do not have to be a sports fan or a fan of Evel Knievel It was entertaining and fascinating, from beginning to end, which I think is rare in a biography Better than biographies of Jim Morrison or Mick Jagger, or just about any entertainer What surprised me were the stories from his early days, before he became famous, which can sometimes make the beginning of a story kind of drag, but the whole book was fascinating Couldn t put it down Whether you loved or hated him, he was truly an American original Leigh Montville tells a story like nobody else can.

  11. Harshjudge Harshjudge says:

    This is a surprisingly well presented tale about one of Butte s strange people Leigh Montville has fashioned a really interesting tale about the life of Kneivel Little seems to have been invented to make the book such a good read I recognize the 50 s, 60 s in Butte and only just discovered the rest of Evel s adventures in the wider world I enjoyed this presentation and was surprised to learn that I did.A friend mentioned one name in this book, moments later had found the book and loaded it to my Kindle It is a good read

  12. B. Call B. Call says:

    Great read that tells much of not just the daredevil and public persona, but also of the man behind the scenes.

  13. Joseph C. Sweeney Joseph C. Sweeney says:

    Great effort from longtime sportswriting star Montville here I found myself marveling time and again at the audaciousness of Knievel The man was one of the most famous folks in the country in the early 70s, was arrested, and then almost disappeared Thanks to Montville for telling the tale Well worth the time.Very highly recommended for sports fans as well as those who want to know about America during the 70s.