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Zane Grey s books shoot fast and straight from the hip, hitting readers dead center with thrilling action His name has become synonymous with western adventure Because of his killing speed with a revolver, Buck Duane has lived the lone wolf life of an outlaw Every day is a struggle against desperate men anxious to prove themselves and a bigger struggle to hold onto his basic human decency So when the Texas Rangers offer to deputize him for a dangerous undercover mission, Buck grabs it as his final chance for redemption The trouble is, the odds are good that the mission will kill him In books like The Lone Star Ranger and To The Last Man, Zane Grey takes readers to a time and place where men lived by the speed of their draw and the strength of their convictions Narrator Ed Sala gives compelling voice to the lonely longing of a Texas outlaw I haven t read it yet Next book on the pile I m sure I ll enjoy it thx. Zane Grey wrote some fantastic Westerns, and this is one of them Buck Duane has to go on the run after killing a man and has to live life as an outlaw Duane soon becomes a legend in his own right, mainly due to the speed he can draw his gun, making even other gun slingers think twice before getting into an argument with him As the years pass though, Duane finds that his legend also incorporates killings that he never did Not only seemingly wanted by the law other outlaws would like to see his demise due to his killing of outlaw chiefs.When Duane is at his lowest can he find a purpose in life after meeting Texas Ranger, Captain MacNelly This is a great read, with romance, gunfights, Rangers and outlaws, and is sure to please those who love Westerns, and indeed those new to the genre.Some say that this story was the inspiration behind The Lone Ranger which we all know and enjoy, but I would like to add that even if that is true, something else has to be born in mind as well The Lone Ranger started out as a radio show and in the years previous Zorro had been a big hit, first with the novel, and by the time The Lone Ranger was first aired I think there was something like three Zorro films already made But if you do decide to read this, forget about such things, sit back and escape to the Wild West, where men were a breed apart. Brilliant all rounder Book quality, packing, service, all great thank you. I enjoyed this book, it s written in an unusual style but it is a good read