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Over halfway through this book and loving every page of it, great quality copy of it too A great read I intend to read the prequel because of the many references made to it in Games Traitors Play A clever author who knows how to keep his readers engaged. An excellent modern day spy thriller, that I throughly enjoyed and recommend I look forward to reading the Author s future books. great EXCELLENT BOOK.KEPT MY HUSBAND READING LONG INTO THE NIGHT Great Western intelligence is in meltdown trying to locate Salim Dhar, the world s most wanted terrorist But only renegade MI officer Daniel Marchant knows how to find him Everywhere Marchant moves, from Marrakech to Sardinia, he is shadowed by the exotic CIA agent Lakshmi Meena As Britain braces itself for a series of terrifying terrorist attacks, Marchant is forced to confront dark personal truths about loyalty and love Again, well written, good follow on to Dead Spy Running quite important to read that one first before reading Games Traitors Play Full of suspense, interesting and believeable. My first Jon Stock book was Dead Spy Walking I bought Games Traitors Play because it continues the story I enjoyed the first didn t like the second It s just over the top In the end the main character compromises much too much to be in a position to just possibly gain intelligence from a jihadist half brother, in the process cold bloodedly killing a man he owes just to gain credibility with the half brother and going along with the bombing of civilians Too bad I thought I d discovered an author whose books I could continue getting and enjoy. A friend had lent me Dead Spy Running which is the first in what apparently is a trilogy Couldn t wait to receive this second in the series Thank you for such prompt delivery Jon Stock is a clever, smart writer Literally a page turner.