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Lucretius was born inBC, and On the Nature of Things is his only surviving work His aim was to free the Roman world from its two great terrors the gods and death Lucretius argues that the gods are not actively involved in life, so need not be appeased and that death is the end of everything human body and soul and therefore should not be feared But On the Nature of Things is also a poem of striking imagery, intimate natural observation and touching pathos It is one of the most influential writings in Western thought PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio

5 thoughts on “On the Nature of Things (Audio Download): Lucretius, Hugh Ross, Naxos AudioBooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. johnrm johnrm says:

    A truly dreadful translation, in a kind of late 19c verbiage, so bad that I found it completely unreadable and gave it away to a charity shop

  2. Customer Customer says:

    dull 3rd rate verse don t be taken in by the slightly lower price there s a reason for it

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Ancient understandings of the cosmos, evolution, atoms, man s place in the animal kingdom, that are spot on The heralding of the insignificance of any gods, spirits, fairies, monsters and and such and the insistence of the death of the mind soul upon the death of the body Of The Nature Of Things it was a monumental task to execute such a poem, as Lucretius did in his time This is a must have book for any Humanist, free thinker, scientifically oriented person It is also for people who believe in myths, they, perhaps than anyone should read Lucretius too For, it is amazing to learn that the secular, non religious intellectual opinions of people from around 500 BC were actually quite accurate and concurrent to modern science.

  4. Ken Ken says:

    As a layman who has enjoyed many pleasurable hours of leisure reading philosophy, science, religion, and history, I had read of Lucretius poem many times Finally, I decided to read it and see for myself Others capable than me have commented on it in detail, so I will be brief You should read it slowly and even reread sections, especially for a while until you get the feel for the language and how Lucretius uses it to construct the poem Patience will be rewarded It is beautiful and incredible But the most astounding part, which I had read about many other times, is how modern it seems to be in its outlook, philosophy, and physical explanations of reality If you go down the path, take your time and enjoy it It is special

  5. genericbloke genericbloke says:

    It s remarkable stuff really, the genesis of modern science, suppressed for hundreds of years by the Christian church, as it synthesises the works worldview of Epicurus Democritus of we have we have very little extant into a single volume Rendered as an epic poem It s lyrical logical, and deeply in love with the world It s certainly not for everyone But if you re reading the philosophers as I am, it s a worthy addition and waypoint on your travels through antiquity.