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Exquisite writing A wonderful understanding of complexe motion and earthly tragedies.Masterful scences and vivid images of nature He is my favorite storyteller of all time of the western genre I read this book like a man rides a spirited horse Fast and hard This is the kind of western book that just grabs you and then you re off and running to the end In my paintings of western life and the characters in western genre at anthonydunphyfineart.com you can find a painting you will want to take home. A good, solid Western yes, a little contrived and predictable, but I enjoyed it the same way I enjoy those old Republic B Westerns It was a fun read, and I like the writing style as well as the author s use of language I plan to read Max Brand books, because they are entertaining without a lot of emotional investment Sort of like a cozy mystery there s a place for just about everything The best part of this story is the words Lots of old phrases and flowery description make it the best feature The story had interesting characters and a good plot but the delivery is the main course. Too much flowery love talk for a good western novel Needs action scenes The book Too long to develop the story line. Trailing kept my interest from start to finish it was very well written and I highly recommend A very good read Great tale as always from Max Brand Fine plot which keeps moving and very interesting characters who keep the reader guessing as to what will come next Recommend highly. Anthony Woodbury, strong, athletic, constantly in pursuit of another challenge, is the son of a New York millionaire Now he is faced with a most difficult challenge His millionaire father is murdered and Anthony goes West in search of the person who did the killing An expert marksman and rider, Anthony is well suited to the West and capable of self defense Not only does he discover who the killer is, he also uncovers a mysterious history regarding his mother and father But Anthony soon learns that he, the hunter, is also the hunted Max Brand is a great writer, with stories full of suspense and complex characters I also have his collection and read them when I want a good book They are usually quite long so don t think you can read in a day. Adventure from cover to cover Impossible to put down, and is fast paced and excitement all the way through Great author Thanks for this free to me ebook I ll be re reading this over and over Whoopee.