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First published in , Daniel Defoe s Robinson Crusoe is commonly considered as the first novel in English Based on the real life experience of Alexander Selkirk, who spent four years on a Pacific island, it is the account of theyear stay of an English sailor on a nearly uninhabited island near America Actually, Robinson Crusoe has to share the island with cannibals He eventually manages to save some of their victims, one of them becoming his servant under the name Man Friday The story has aroused the imagination of many generations and has remained popular ever since its first publication This book is considered one of the most widely published books in history

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    I hated this book with a passion This was my very first set book in English Lit in secondary school in the 50s aged 11 and the very first homework was to read the first 100 pages for a test the following week Having been brought up on a diet of Enid Blyton, Malcolm Saville, Arthur Ransome, Frank Richards, and some RLS etc, I struggled with the archaic style, long sentences, and so on, and failed miserably I vowed never to touch the book again.Fast forward sixty years and I thought I should give it another try I now find it very readable, interesting and even enjoyable So never say never The version I bought is from the hard cover, Collectors Library edition These books are a handy pocket size and smart looking with gilt edged pages, a page saver ribbon, and a durable spine On the down side, the print is necessarily small and some may have difficulty with this size font Maybe a touch expensive at 8.99, when you can get a paperback copy for 2.00 or less, but okay if you intend to keep it.

  2. Diverdave Diverdave says:

    As this is a Penguin Classic, it is written in old fashioned English, and initially is pretty hard going Once you get used to it, its a great story I first read it for my English Literature O Level when I was 15 Now 66, I am re visiting some of these classic books As a study book, it is great, with a good glossary, introduction, further reading and explanatory notes Typeface is a little small for my ageing eyes, but nothing a bright light and spectacles can t cope with Its one of those books that makes you think how resourceful would modern day people be if they were marooned on a desert Island for 28 years If you have not read it, or have only read a modern English version, try this one, its very entertaining, especially Robinsons explanation of his financial arrangements towards the end of the book they seemed pretty switched on even as long ago as the 17th century

  3. GO GO says:

    It s easy to forget quite how boring the unabridged Robinson Crusoe really is.Imagine audio documenting all the happenstance of your average day swept carpet, washed dishes, went to toilet, etc, etc.And repeating that for chapter after chapter after chapter after chapter.Occasionally adding in a reading from a Jehovah s Witness pamphlet that had come through the door.That would be equivalent to much of what this offering comprises.And Tom Casaletto may well be an estimable voice actor in his own milieu, but as a purveyor of an English accent and style of reading he is toe curling.

  4. Rob Stephens Rob Stephens says:

    This is a con The publisher has just downloaded and printed an online text transcription I didn t realise this and bought it as my son needed it for his A level English course He didn t realise there was a problem either at first started using it so I cant return it, presumably but his teacher noticed it and advised him he can t use it for his controlled assessment as the text isn t certifiable as the accurate original.

  5. still searching still searching says:

    I first read this many decades ago after watching the excellent BBC serial on children s television that I think was a French production Coming back to it all these years later I m struck, once again, by how, although appearing slightly overblown for some modern tastes, engaging the writing is and how the story of this young man s gruelling coming of age still resonates down the centuries Thus, one understands why the book quickly attained classic status and remained a favourite for than 300 years.According to Colin Wilson in A Criminal History of Mankind Defoe based the story on the adventures of a Scottish pirate named Alexander Selkirk who, following a quarrel with his pirate captain, asked to be marooned on what was then, one of the uninhabited islands of the Juan Fernandez group about 600 km off the coast of Chile in the South Pacific After five years Selkirk return to England and became an overnight celebrity and Defoe who began life, in 1660, as Daniel Foe went to see him in Bristol in 1713 and probably paid for his written reminiscences The interesting point to note is that Defoe was an agent provocateur and spy, a kind of forerunner to those recently employed by MI5, and built up a network of spies as well as spending time inside and in the pillory Why it s interesting, at least to this reader, is that this seems to indicate a certain type of person i.e not particularly pious, unlike his fictional creation Robinson Crusoe, who, during his long solitary sojourn on his fictional island, develops, possibly, quite understandably under the circumstances, a distinct religious sensibility and frequently and at length thanks God for providing for him so bounteously Crusoe reflects on this many times during the book and this is just one example of a degree of repetition that a good editor would surely have remedied.Nevertheless, this book is a classic for a good reason and provides hours of enjoyment for the patient reader in addition to a great deal of food for thought

  6. Erica Edwards Erica Edwards says:

    Can you give 0 stars This book is massive Too hard to read and very small typeface Who on earth thought it was a great idea to print on paper the size of a magazine Strewth

  7. Richard Allen Richard Allen says:

    As a child I remember being left spellbound following a 1970 s tv series depicting the life and times of Robinson Crusoe After many years I picked up the book and read it and was immediately transported back in time the book was much better The book really is a gem and although I thought it was going to be a tough read, it really wasn t The book deals with a man who although did not have much luck as a sailor he had two mishaps, the latter landed him on the island perhaps he really should have listened to his father did have an eventful life as a businessman in Brazil, he was a former slave and later a slave owner and lastly a castaway The book, although fiction, closely follows the true story of Alexander Selkirk who, like Robinson Crusoe, also found himself marooned on a desert island All in all a great British classic that has stood the test of time and a must for any serious reader of fiction.

  8. Emma Marshymallow Emma Marshymallow says:

    Great addition to my collection and so beautiful as part of the set

  9. Iuliana Tamasi Iuliana Tamasi says:

    Is a good looking book though I found the print to be small. very small I better read it now as I am still young and my eyesight still up to the mark.

  10. Fancisco Fancisco says:

    Ma chi acquista dovrebbe essere informato che una versione abbreviata e semplificata per risultare meno frustrante per studenti che non hanno ancora acquisito un buon vocabolario Successivamente mi sono cimentato con l audiolibro originale su libervox ed un altra cosa La storia parte dagli albori, dal suo difficile rapporto col padre e con la vita professionale e dai primi fallimenti come marinaio Recensisco in ritardo un acquisto del 2012.

  11. G.A. G.A. says:

    Rileggendo Robinson Crusoe nella sua versione originale, ho avuto la possibilit di far emergere un tratto del suo stile dal ruolo di intelligence man che Defoe assunse con la regina Anna Egli aveva scritto per il suo mentore, il parlamentare Robert Hartley delle dettagliate esperienze informative di viaggi che utilizz anche per altre opere Quando pubblic Robinson Crusoe nel 1715 il suo talento era maturo per fare delle avventure di un naufrago solitario un racconto denso di note socio geografiche e marinare che ancora sorprendono il lettore per la loro rispondenza reale.

  12. TeaAndCookies TeaAndCookies says:

    Crusoe ist eine Tavernen Geschichte, das wird besonders im Original Englisch Text sp rbar, zu viele bertreibungen und grottenschlechte Beschreibungen, zu viel Gef hlgesussel und nix erkl rendes Ich denke, dass Robinson Crusoe die Mischung von Daniel Foe sp ter Defoe , Alexander Selkirk und Robin Kreutznaer war Mehr hier auf den Wikipedia Seiten, wen s interssiert.Wer geistig anheuern m chte, dem empfehle ich Moby Dick von Herman Melville Hier lernt man was, es ist wunderbar journalistisch wahr der GUTE Journalismus geschrieben und packend detailgenau ber die Techniken, Probleme und irrgl ubigen Selbstverst ndlichkeiten einer sich in Kriegen w lzenden M nnerwelt Besonders auch f r Frauen eine wichtige Einsicht in diese WELT, wie die Damen es so ja NIE erlebt haben und erleben werden.

  13. Clarissa Clarissa says:

    A well written, book about a man stranded on an island in the the times of great ships, slave trade and man eating tribes Crusoe is stranded on a Caribbean island after a great storm and apparently the only survivor apart from a dog, he rescues on the day after, as he notices the shop having run aground not too far off So by means of a raft he gets loads of tools, a bit of food and some other items off the wreck before it finally sinks We learn about how he survives on the island by hard work and clever ideas, by being religious, which helps him not lose his mind band finally we see how he rescues a black man, who would otherwise have been eaten by canibals He teaches him everything he knows including the language and eventually gets rescued himself The books is clearly not politically correct in terms of the 21st century but after all one should read it as a book of its time and as such is it both entertaining and philosophically interesting, a true classic and definitely recommendable in every way The foreword and some extra material help to understand it against the background it was written.

  14. Javier Monjas Javier Monjas says:

    Considerada la primera novela en lengua inglesa, esta edici n mantiene la versi n original, por lo que cuesta inicialmente su lectura hasta que te acostumbras al personal estilo de Defoe El libro en s se puede considerar dividido en 2 partes la primera mitad, en la que Robinson Crusoe est solo en la isla la segunda mitad desde que aparecen los primeros can bales en la isla hasta que el protagonista consigue abandonarla La primera mitad se hace un poco larga La segunda mitad resulta mucho m s din mica, incluyendo un an lisis psicol gico del protagonista, atormentado por las primeras huellas que encuentra en su isla Adem s el autor nos ofrece un regalo final, al describir un viaje desde Navarra hasta Paris, cruzando los Pirineos en invierno un relato formidable en donde puedes descubrir las manadas de lobos y los osos que habitaban estas monta as a finales del s XVII

  15. Deckard Deckard says:

    It s difficult to start reading old classics if you are not used to their sometimes slow pace, but I can say this one grabbed me almost from the beginning Leaving a man alone in an island where he can only resort to his own wit to survive leaves you thinking what would you do in that same situation.As the book advances, it gets complex as it delves into the psychology and beliefs of a person stranded in solitude for than two decades I found it very deep and phylosophical and a really good read for everyone.