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On an ocean liner bound for Natal, adventurer Alan Quatermain is engaged as a guide Supplied with arms, courage, and determination, he and his group set out through Africa s beautiful but often dangerous and inhospitable wilderness Their trek culminates in the discovery of a lost sacred mine that could bring them all richesor death Easily one of my favourite pieces of classic literature and Dover Thrift Editions always makes good copies of the classics for an affordable price I read King Solomon s Mines years ago in a Dutch translation when I was 16 or thereabouts I remember having read She around the same time but in an ongoing effort to read or read again all major Victorian novelists I ordered a brand new copy, in English this time Reading it now having turned 49 recently was obviously a very different experience I m sure I was captivated the first time by the adventures of Allan Quatermain, Sir Henry Curtis, Captain John Good and Umbopa in Kukuanaland, whereas now I could not help noticing how for instance the language is old fashioned and to our modern ears may sound stilted at times, or the latent racism that appears now an then one of the native guides is characterised as for a native a very clever man.Be that as it may, I still found King Solomon s Mines to be one of the finest adventure stories I have ever read It s up there with gems likeTreasure Island Oxford World s Classics ,Captain Blood Vintage Classics ,The Thirty Nine Steps Wordsworth Classics orKim Vintage Classics to name but a few Fast paced action, archetypical heroes and villains, what s not to like This remains one of the books every boy young or old should read at least once in his lifetime. I have read it as a teenager and liked it but I now find it tedious and dated A typical boy s adventure story It might appeal to teenagers but I especially hated the hunting of elephants. Supposedly a classic but totally outdated with colonial language of a bygone era How the British conquered Africa Perhaps good for 10 year oldsbut would need guidance Not recommended