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The book itself is a classic and I m not faulting it This particular edition was a little disappointing having a rather brief and superficial introduction Moreover, the Classic literature words and phrases section at the end which sounded like an excellent idea in principle seemed utterly unrelated to the text It included words such as shabby and smallpox both referenced to Huckleberry Finn but none of the obscure words from Wells story etiolated cicerone I also purchased a Wordsworth Classics edition of another of Wells stories actually a 2 in 1 and that includes a substantial introduction, biography and relevant end notes I d recommend you look out for those editions instead. How will the Earth look like 800,000 years in the future That s a question everyone can only attempt to find an answer to, while H.G Wells was one of the first writers who tackled the topic of time travelling and painted a rather convincing picture of the future.Published in 1895, the book introduces a scientist who uses a Time Machine to be transferred into the age of a slowly dying earth Humans have been separated by time, genetics, wars and change of their habitats into two different races, the Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks At only about 100 pages, Wells manages to delve into a lot of different topics, among which can be found the ambiguity of human natures, the mutual effects of humans on our planet and our planet on humans, as well as a profound look into what defines humanity itself.As a dystopian story, this tale has probably been rather ground breaking back when it was published, and some might even consider it to be the father of all time travel romance stories Unlike recent publications, however, Wells doesn t lose the point of his story in describing romantic affairs and dramatic love stories, but rather delivers a fast paced narration coated with a prose not unlike most other writing styles from the Victorian era Since the author builds up his story from some scientific background the inclusion of which I highly appreciated because Wells didn t leave things unexplained , it is not easy to get into it, but once the narrative gains speed, you will digest this book in the course of a few hours.For me, the engaging writing and the adventurous atmosphere contributed a huge part to my enjoyment of the novella His descriptions of the dying earth were fascinating and very memorable, as was the ending which surprised and depressed me simultaneously Much has already been said about Wells book and its contents, so I will conclude my review by saying that readers who are not afraid to read important dystopian classics should give this one a try. My parcel has arrived 2 days early than forecast and I just could not wait to open it and read a new OUP edition of The Time Machine.The editor has given a very succinct overview on the development of Wells, the writer, from his financial hardship to his later success as a world historical figure in the early twentieth century The editor pays special attention to those contemporary writers like Wells who did not come from upper middle class to whom a classical education was preferable than a science education So, at the time, Wells and Haggard, for instance, were subtly slighted by elitist writers and critics.What is so impressive about the introduction is the editor s nuanced analysis on degeneration, a topic that greatly concerns the Victorians Evolution is not always about becoming better there is a chance to degenerate The editor has shown how contemporary writers in the last twenty years of Victorian period expressed their concerns for the gloomy future of humanity.I also think the editor has greatly enriched the end notes to the main text, which comes from the first UK edition though other editors use an earlier edition as copy text and emended errors one by one As Prof Luckhurst says in Explanatory Notes, he has been also indebted to early work by S Arata, P Parrinder, ect He has supplied some findings of his own to elucidate some terms A wonderful job done The flow of ideas is smooth But on page xxiv, a misplaced subject in a sentence mis represents the intended meaning of his idea As a science journalist, drama critic, etc, IT is surprising that Well s work My guess is that the editor is referring to the author rather than the work and so it may be As a science journalist, a drama critic, WELLS not surprisingly has produced a work that feels like an echo box of many literary genresVery happy to see a renewed interest in Wells as reflected in the long list of books and articles on his works. This is my favourite book by HG Wells, so far I got through this in one sitting and was slightly disappointed by how short it is and how quick that experience was I just wanted To be honest, I m shocked how much I enjoyed it, with it being Science Fiction, but this is why I love reading books and short stories from all different genres You never know what you re going to find and what s going to surprise you.Again, this book is told from the perspective of telling a story, a first hand first person account, like the previous books that I ve read by Wells This just seems like his writing style and why fix something that s seems to be working We never really know the main Characters name as he is referred to as The Time Traveller, which I find interesting, even towards the end when I think they re going to say it, but they just say Mr and stumble the rest.I did really enjoy this book and it just hooked me from the very beginning, like I said, devouring it in one sitting I have obviously heard little bits about this books, whether about the film or from The Big Bang Theory, poor Sheldon so it was good to finally get this one off my TBR list and see what the fuss is all about And I had to go for the book of course, rather than the movie.It is mad to think that this novel, and his other works, were written decades ago and how much of a staple he is in the Science Fiction world I wonder where he came up with his ideas For thanyears, science fiction writers around the world have captured our imaginations with speculations about journeys into the past or future Countless novels, short stories, movies, and TV shows have used or adapted the theme of time travel However, all of them owe a debt to Herbert George Wells This, his first major novel, published in , was the origin of the very concept of time travel It is considered by many to be one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time In this story, the Time Traveller spins forward from late th century London to the year , where two rival species of human descendants co exist in tension The Eloi live in an apparent paradise, although constantly fearful of their nocturnal subterranean predators, the Morlocks Now you can have this incomparable story read to you Come gli altri Collins Classics in mio possesso, si tratta di edizioni economiche di classici della letteratura in lingua Le copertine sono tutto sommato carine personalmente odio quelle troppo colorate o confusionarie e affiancate restituiscono una sensazione di omogeneit e continuit.Purtroppo anche questo, come gli altri della collana, presenta caratteri piuttosto piccoli, pertanto risulta difficile da leggere in condizioni di scarsa illuminazione o quando la vista gi affaticata Al prezzo cui sono proposti un difetto che si pu accantonare ma, se per voi fosse importante questo aspetto, vi consiglio di puntare su altre collane. At least once a year a classic novel in English That s my personal goal and this year I chose H G Wells The Time Machine.I love time travelling stories yeah, I admit, I am a Whovian and therefore The Time Machine is kind of must read, because it is the first time in literature that time travelling using a machine is described.Considering that this story has been published in 1895 it is an amazing scenario Mr Wells paints in his novel.The story is narrated by the timetraveler himself The reader plays the role of a dinner party participant listening to the nameless man, who is also the host of the evening.During the first evening our narrator discusses with educated men scientist, psychologist, journalist etc the possibility of timetravelling and shows them his invention the time machine The description is so good, you could imagine standing it in your living room, inviting you for a ride and you would instinctively know how to use ist Of course he has to face mocking and doubts The guests leave the party and return the other evening during which their hosts tell them the story of his first trip into the future, his landing in the year 802.701, about meeting the childish, naiv Eloi and the creepy Morlocks.What this story is about I won t tell, because if you want to know, you have to read the story yourself Will you believe him His guests did not, so he started a new ride into the future, but as far as we know never returned.I enjoyed reading The Time Machine It is a reat piece of literature and the future H.G Wells is painting gave me the chills, although I was not too deep into the characters emotional.So, if you are a friend of timetravelling, you should, no, you have to, read this novel as it is the mother of all timetravel stories. I ve been wanting to re read this book for a while It s a fun read.I was disappointed that the book had a cut mark along the front spine It was likely the top book in a case of prints and the box cutter got it I m not going to return it because I do want to read it right away and it s not worth the trouble of returning It would have been better if the seller reviewed the quality of the cover spine before shipping it. So ziemlich jeder sollte den ber hmten Film Die Zeitmaschine mit Rod Taylor kennen Falls dies nicht der Fall sein sollte, kann man diesen nur jedem ans Herz legen jedoch nicht die vernachl ssigbare Neuverfilmung Der Film basiert auf H.G Wells klassischem, bereits im Jahre 1895 erschienen Kurz Roman von etwa lediglich 100 Seiten.Im Gegensatz zum Film ist die Geschichte ein Statement gegen die Unterdr ckung von Menschen und Klassenunterschieden Dies wird von Wells trotz dieser wenigen Seiten sehr deutlich dargelegt.Die Geschichte ist sehr vision r dargestellt und man kann sich deren Inhalt absolut nicht entziehen Sicherlich nimmt man gedanklich viele Anleihen aus der filmischen Darstellung dies macht aber die Geschichte nur noch lebendiger.Time Machine ist gleichzeitig zu einem stark beeinflussenden Ideengeber f r neuere Geschichten geworden und ich k nnte mir vorstellen, dass dieses literarische Werk von nahezu jedem Autor und Freund des SF Genres bereits gelesen worden ist.Sollte dies auf jemanden nicht zutreffen Holt das unbedingt nach, es lohnt sich.Alles in allem ein absoluter Tipp aus der Ursprungsecke des Science Fiction lediglich mit der Ver ffentlichungspolitik auf dem deutschen Markt kann ich nicht wirklich konform gehen Gerne h tte ich das B chlein auf Deutsch gelesen, jedoch gibt es in unserem Markt das Werk wohl nur in gedruckter Fassung und der Preis befindet sich dabei bei knappen 10 Euro f r dieses schmale B chlein Die oben genannte Version in der Originalsprache kostet als eBook lediglich knapp ber einen Euro und beinhaltet dabei noch einige weitere H ppchen des Autors inklusive seiner ersten Zeitreise Kurzgeschichte. 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