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I didn t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did as I wouldn t normally pick this genre to read It was recommended as a wonderful book about hope and not giving up What a mentally strong and inspirational young man is Aron Ralston who overcame the odds to survive Highly recommended. I watched the film first and during the opening credits it said based on the book so I just had to read this because the film was amazing This book Is just as good and shows just how accurate the films is The book is detailed and goes through each part of Aarons struggle, including his actions and his thoughts, as well as large amount of technical information concerning the climbing gear he used and his surroundings He also includes several stories from other parts in his life which he felt were relevant to the main story All in all a brilliant book that is made even better by the fact that it is a true story. This book is gripping, interesting, inspiring and a total must read.It shares not only the unbelievable story of his entrapment in the canyon, but also many interesting stories from his experiences mountain climbing, and adventures around the US I became totally addicted to this book and Aron Ralston s story the ultimate tale of survival and the human body s ability to cope with extreme situations When I reached the chapters where he begins the amputation I couldn t put it down and read half of the book until the end in one night.You should definitely read this book ps It has a section in the middle with pictures of various adventures, along with pictures he took whilst trapped in the Canyon yes even post amputation The book starts well with a map there are few books with maps that are not going to be good.Aron s story is well written and throughout his experience he paints a picture of him and his life It is all very real and could be someone you know.There is a lot of detail about previous climbs and expeditions which I found unnecessary but if you have at least a passing interest in climbing then I m sure it will be fascinating.I skimmed those sections and concentrated on the feelings and emotions described as he prepared for and enjoyed his trip then got trapped.You know what the ending will be but the tension is built very well and you will find yourself feeling every minute with him.I have seen the film which I think is amazing and I preferred it to the book If you have seen the film then I would recommend the book which gives information but does not seem to get across the same highs and lows as the film manages to If you have not seen the film, read the book first then watch the film Aron Ralston, an experiencedyear old outdoorsman, was on a days solitary hike through a remote and narrow Utah canyon when he dislodged anpound boulder that crushed his right hand and wrist against the canyon wall Emerging from the searing pain, Aron found himself completely stuck No one knew where he was no one was coming to rescue him With scant water and food, and a cheap pocketknife his only tool, he eliminated his options one by one On the fifth night, wracked by delirium and uncontrollable shivers, Aron scratched his epitaph into the rock wall, certain he would not see daylight Yet with the new morning came an epiphany if he could use the rocks vise like hold to break his arm bones, his blunted pocketknife could serve as a surgeons blade