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A spellbinding epic tale of ambition, anarchy, and absolute power set against the sprawling medieval canvas of th century England, this is Ken Follett s classic historical masterpiece The Pillars of the Earth tells the story of Philip, prior of Kingsbridge, a devout and resourceful monk driven to build the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has knownof Tom, the mason who becomes his architect a man divided in his soulof the beautiful, elusive Lady Aliena, haunted by a secret shameand of a struggle between good and evil that will turn church against state and brother against brother The Pillars of the Earth is followed by World Without End and A Column of Fire

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  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    I read the blurb of this book and thought it wasn t for me, and so I reluctantly started to read this mammoth historical fiction as a favour to my mother who was unwavering in her insistence that I would love it All I can say is that I was wrong and she was right This book read like a film movie in my head It was absolutely nothing like I had expected and was all absorbing from start to finish An easy to read epic classic.An astounding five star read from start to finish.

  2. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Very easy to read and quite fast paced story.It covers the early medieval period during unsettled time of King Stephen and Maud Evil lords and ladies, petty jealousies A hero Monk prior An insight into the building of churches and cathedrals and the lives of the people of the time If you think life is tough now this is an eye opener as to how cheap lives were considered then, how disposable the poor and uninfluential were I have now read it twice, about 10 years apart and I had forgotten how much there was to it.Some of it I grimaced at, the rape scenes and the bear baiting.I was delighted when I found there was a 2nd book, World without End and I have discovered that since 2017 there is a 3rd Its in my shopping basket now

  3. Shells Shells says:

    I remember reading this many years ago I was utterly desperate to read a book and this had been sitting on my shelf I d avoided it because cathedrals What can be interesting about that But I was wrong and soon became hooked After that I was a big fan of Ken Follet books He s taught me about history Especially ww1 ww2 and the cold war and made it stick far than history class at school managed If schools introduced these books rather than the stale old boring history books we had id have learnt When you can follow a hero that you can get behind like in this book, you become attached to the story You can put yourself into their shoes and allow your imagination to come to life I m very much looking forward to reading this novel again on my kindle.

  4. nivag nivag says:

    Wonderful book also its companion book World Without End Have read both and enjoyed them before buying for my son who is now reading one of them They are long books but give insight into how this country was a long while ago Also after reading and visiting various cathedrals in England it is appreciated how incredibly clever the people were to build such wonderful buildings without today s technology Also it is appreciated how hard lives were then and in contrast how much easier our lives are today.Ken Follett must have done an immense amount of research in order to write such brilliant books.

  5. Julian Guffogg Julian Guffogg says:

    Firstly, the book is over long, at over 1000 pages The author keeps introducing and plot elements which one wonders how they contribute, it could have ended nicely several times earlier Its wordy and verbose, and the narrative is actually predictable and cliched.It reminded me of a pantomime sometimes, with the baddies constantly against the goodies , one could almost imagine booing at certain passages.The sex scenes are poorly written to be honest, and quite cringe worthy at times The first scene with Tom and Ellen on page 72 is quite ridiculous.Others have cited several inaccuracies, and the speech is very modern did they really say awesome for example On the plus side, the book is historically accurate and mostly holds ones attention He has obviously done his research.Parts of the book are good to read, and hold the attention, but I wouldn t call it A Classic Masterpiece

  6. ReadnReap ReadnReap says:

    Not my usual genre, but, it was a thrill a minute.This was a recommendation from my Father in law, a Canadian, born of English parents He felt that I needed to read this to understand the history of England and the churches and cathedrals that I was so proud to show my wife I was sceptical.Needless to say, this book has changed the way I see those churches and cathedrals I see the changes in building techniques, over the ages, and a feel a thrill of understanding This book is not just, many tales of the trials and tribulations of many likeable, and detestable, characters, it s about the growth of a village, a town, a cathedral townand it s enticing, it s thrilling and most of all, enlightening Well worth a read.

  7. Sarah Plant Sarah Plant says:

    I was told by several people that I would LOVE this book, so purchased all three in the series I barely got thro Pillars of the Earth. I found it flat and that the characters had absolutely no depth certainly by the end of the book I was glad to see the back of the characters, I had no empathy for any of them at all It was also that the writing wasn t correct somehow I mean 12th century Englishmen did not use the phrase pretty good I left my mum with the other two books, I won t read them Really disappointed. I wanted to like it.

  8. Rupa's Review Rooms Rupa's Review Rooms says:

    Pillars of the earth, the first book in the Kingsbridge series, is set in the middle of the 12th century and tells the story of characters who in some way are all attached to Kingsbridge and its priory.The book is split into 6 parts each covering a period of time ranging from 1135 1174.There are various different strands which run through the book, each leading to the building of Kingsbridge Priory dream of Master Builder Tom.Ken Follett has done an amazing job of showing how the cathedral is built, helping you visualise every stone that is carved laid The treachery, romance, and murder that flow through the book, keep you gripped and make this book an ultimate page turner.I absolutely loved this book and as I waited impatiently for book 2 and 3 I read other books by Ken Follett.Absolutely Fabulous

  9. Yvon Maurice Yvon Maurice says:

    How can so many readers be wrong or are they This book was recommended by a friend and, after reading several reviews, I decided to get it It was an easy decision I couldn t go wrong, everybody loves it After reading a couple of chapters, though, I started wondering if the reviews that I had read were actually about this book, or were they about another book and I had made a mistake very unlikely, I thought So, I went back to the reviews, but this time I filtered them so that I would get the critical ones first You have to dig for them because close to 80% are 5 stars It turns out that the one and two star reviews corresponded a lot with my own perception of the book than the top rated ones simply awful, as one of the reviewers put it lifeless and flat characters transplanted from the 20th century into medieval England e.g a man and his wife discussing money and savings in the middle of the 12th century seems a little far fetched lots way too much profanity, obscene language, cheap sex, rape, and little in the way of historical accuracy.Admittedly, I did not finish the book I shelved it early on and I don t intend to go back to it I just don t like to waste my time But why did so many readers give it five stars Personally, I love to read history Someone suggested that I give an historical novel a try and recommended Pillars But, this is not a historical novel it is fiction, pure and simple, and it is not my cup of tea But it seemed to have pleased the 80% of the readership who gave it four and five stars They are probably mostly fiction lovers The morale of this story is, therefore, when reading reviews on anything it is wise to consider the entire range of opinions even if the distribution is heavily skewed.

  10. Marcel Zahm Marcel Zahm says:

    naja, eigentlich umgekehrt,ok Aber durch das Spiel habe ich mich erinnert, dass ich ja das Buch schon vor Ewigkeiten gelesen habe Es ist f r mich durchAtmosph re, Detailreichtum und soweit ich das beurteilen kann Authentizit t einer der sehr guten historischen Romane.Vor allem hat man nicht, wie in anderen historischen Romanen, das Gef hl, es mit modern denkenden Menschen in Kost men zu tun zu haben oder noch schlimmer, ein einziger modern denkender Mensch setzt sich gegen die antiquierten Auffassungen der anderen durch.Angenehmer Schreibstil, mit dem Englisch hatte ich keine Probleme Die Story ist gut aber kein Superbr ller, irgendwie kennt man alles schon, insbesondere den B sewicht will im Detail nicht spoilern Muss sogar sagen, die Story Bau einer Kathedrale inkl viel Beschreibung, wie das konkret damals funktioniert hat hat mich nicht einmal so umgehauen Auch ist das Buch f r meinen Geschmack sehr lang aber gut, Kathedrale bauen ging damals nicht kurz ber die Sommerpause.Alles in allem keine Offenbarung, aber als gem tlicher Mittelalter Schm ker eine definitive Empfehlung.

  11. Parth Bhatt Parth Bhatt says:

    What a page turner Right from the very first page till the last page not even a single dull moment.Politics,love,war,kindness,treason,vengeance, adventurism and cathedral,the pillars of the earth has everything a well weaved novel should have.At around 1100 odd pages initially it would seem an uphill task to get through this but once anyone starts reading this,I can vouch that it is unputdownable.Just go for it, you wont regret it.PS Just as there is action on the very first page,dont presume the book is over before it actually gets finished because there is something even in the last few pages.

  12. Michal Michal says:

    I m a huge Ken Follett fan I found this book a little difficult to get into One needs to have a basic knowledge of architecture to really understand the details For me it s about characters and story both of which were as usual engaging and alluring I will eventually read the second book in the series but honestly needed a break He s a brilliant author and at worse he s still one of the best The amount of research and education he needed to acquaint himself with to write this staggers me Again, the characters stayed with me for quite a while and I will go back and see what happens to them.

  13. Ping Ping says:

    Ich halt mich kurz Das Englisch ist einfach gedacht, ich empfand das Sprachniveau leichter verst ndlich als beispielsweise Harry Potter Lediglich die Beschreibungen einiger mechanischen Ger te oder Architekur k nnte etwas knifflig sein, aber oft kann man sich sowas auch bei deutschen Beschreibungen nicht so gut vorstellen.Die drei Handelsstr nge sind gleichsam interessant, da kommt es im Detail auf den eigenen Geschmack an Es gibt Charaktere, da wei man, dass die daf r da sind, gehasst zu werden Andere Charaktere sind daf r ambivalent und gerade deswegen spannend und authentisch, beispielsweise Prior Philip, der immer wieder versucht, eine Balance zwischen Kirche und Weltliches zu finden oder Tom Builder, der versucht, all seinen Kindern ein guter Vater zu sein und es nicht immer allen recht machen kann.Pillars of the Earth ist ein typischer historischer Roman, was die Intrigen und die Gewalt betrifft, man leidet mit und fragt sich, wieso das alles geschehen muss Manchmal kommen auch vulg re Ausdr cke vor, darauf sollte man auch gefasst sein, auch Br ste werden immer wieder beschrieben.Man begleitet hier viele Charaktere ihr ganzen Leben lang und erh lt somit eine umfangreiche, mitrei ende Geschichte Es lohnt sich, diesen Roman gelesen zu haben, weil immer mal wieder auf ihn verwiesen wird Dass dieses Buch fasziniert, merkt man auch daran, dass eine Miniserie dazu produziert wurde, ein Brettspiel und j ngst auch ein Computerspiel.

  14. Chris Maes Chris Maes says:

    Got seriously frustrated with the book after about 400 of the 700 pages Kindle edition Story gets boring, plot predictable and characters one dimensional This book could have been a good, instructional and fun read, had it been redacted to about 400 pages Instead, it goes on and on on on trivial facts about cathedral building in the Middle Ages and the eternal fight between the good and the bad Too bad I could not read on waste of my time, even in bed.

  15. Alex Borghi Alex Borghi says:

    A beautiful story that portrays the stories that lead to the construction of the Kingsbridge cathedral with many architectural details that despite the book s length of than 1000 pages are not booring The book also is a split of the medieval society between the earth s power of the Kings, and the spiritual power but very earthly of the church. with eclesiastic power games that do not fit much to an institution such as the church The title of the book can be read in two meaning One is the pilars of the cathedral that substain the roof, the other are the pilars of the earth, that is the continious conflict between the kings power and the spiritual power, that rule the medioeval world