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Ted Wallace is an old, sour, womanising, cantankerous, whisky sodden beast of a failed poet and drama critic, but he has his faults too Fired from his newspaper, months behind on his alimony payments, and disgusted with a world that undervalues him, Ted seeks a few months repose and free drink at Swafford Hall, the country mansion of his old friend Lord Logan But strange things have been going on at Swafford Miracles Healings Phenomena beyond the comprehension of a mud caked hippopotamus like Ted Really enjoyed this Haven t had the energy to read lately, too transfixed by Netflix This was the required tonic I would highly recommend. The story opens with Ted Wallace, a poet and drama critic who has fallen from grace He happens to meet with his estranged god daughter Jane in a London bar who asks him if he can visit Swafford Hall, which belongs to his old school and army buddy Michael Logan She has been seriously ill with Leukaemia but says she is cured and that events at Swafford Hall have led to this miraculous recovery She offers him a substantial amount of money to go and see for himself and report back to her and as Ted has just been fired from his job as a theatre critic from a newspaper, he agrees.Ted is soon welcomed at Swafford Hall which he visits on the pretence of bonding with his 15 year old godson Davey He along with a cast of upper class characters are invited to spend time at Swafford Hall and Ted has to do some detective work to try and ascertain if Jane s claims are true.I ll be honest, for probably at least half of this book, I was really not enjoying it Ted is a vile man a man who has no respect for women In fact in the first few pages he states that women would not be raped as much if they enjoyed sex I really disliked reading from his point of view and would have definitely given up were it not for the fact it was a book club book and that it was by Stephen Fry who I understood to be a good author There are some disturbing under age sex scenes and around half way through there is also a graphic and shocking bestiality scene.And then at some point, maybe about half way through it won me over I couldn t tell you what it was that changed maybe I got used to Ted as a character I think he wasn t quite as vile later on , I started to find it amusing not exactly funny and the story became intriguing.As a book club, we agreed it was maybe a acceptable book back in the early 1990s I think if this was written nowadays there would be uproar at some of the comments about women If nothing else it meant we had a lively discussion and we were all generally agreed that we liked the second half than the first and that overall we were glad to have finished I m not sure it is a book I would recommend maybe try another Stephen Fry book first I am a HUGE fan of Stephen Fry but I ordered this book on audio cd and The Liar on audio cd as I love to be read to I have all 3 autobiographies and having them read by the author was wonderful However, his novels are just a barrage of words and a lot of unnecessary crudity The characters are unpleasant and while he reads it well and does all the voices etc, its a real disappointment I have Sherlock Holmes stories read by Stephen and its lovely to have him read something interesting and void of crudity and swear words I love Stephen Fry and he s simply my favourite person but I d be lying if I said this book was good Matter of taste, but I m struggling with this one. On the holiday pile and I look forward to reading major Stephen Fry fan