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Amy Harper Bellafonte is six years old, and her mother thinks she s the most important person in the whole world She is Anthony Carter doesn t think he could ever be in a worse place than Death Row He s wrong FBI agent Brad Wolgast thinks something beyond imagination is coming It is The Passage Deep in the jungles of eastern Colombia, Professor Jonas Lear has finally found what he s been searching for and wishes to God he hadn t In Memphis, Tennessee, a six year old girl called Amy is left at the convent of the Sisters of Mercy and wonders why her mother has abandoned her In a maximum security jail in Nevada, a convicted murderer called Giles Babcock has the same strange nightmare, over and over again, while he waits for a lethal injection In a remote community in the California mountains, a young man called Peter waits for his beloved brother to return home so he can kill him Bound together in ways they cannot comprehend, for each of them a door is about to open into a future they could not have imagined And a journey is about to begin An epic journey that will take them through a world transformed by man s darkest dreams, to the very heart of what it means to be human And beyond The Passage

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  1. jfmdac jfmdac says:

    For once, I had to agree with the Stephen King comparisons, at least for the first 300 or so pages, but then WHAM, and suddenly we re 2 years further on, before another jump of around 100 years, to what at first seemed a completely different story Normally, when I finish a novel I can t start another one straight away I need time to come down and get the previous one out of my system So I found it unsettling, and hard to carry on reading this one I even disliked it for a time, but pressed on, assuming that something or someone from the first bit would re emerge I m glad I persevered, but the story had now lost its Stephen King feel, unless you count his Dark Tower series.Having got all that off my chest, I found the remainder quite entertaining, though I can well understand why some of the other reviewers slated it Further surprises to come after I finished it, I then found that it s part one of a trilogy I ll have to think hard about whether to continue At least there s the possibility that we ll find out about Amy, whose enigmatic comment What I am in the early part of the story seems to remain unanswered.

  2. Shelley Wood Shelley Wood says:

    Amy is a girl out of time in a world that has moved on In a time of men and monsters she is neither but feels the needs of both pulling at her.The passage covers some 100 years from the rise of the virals and the dawn of Amy s gift to the beginning of her journey to release the souls of the damned It is the story of those who will love her, protect her, stand along side her and those who will be released by her hand.Fluid writing with characters who are brave, honourable, evil, flawed and above all human the passage is in absorbing read leaving the reader thirsty for the next instalment.

  3. jules jules says:

    It took me ages to read this book and I read a lot I read lots of other books alongside and just tackled a few chapters daily It was good but did not hold my attention enough to read continuously.It s a bit difficult to get into at the beginning because there are a number of threads to the storyline.1 Dr Leah s military backed expedition to the South American jungle.2 Carter a prisoner on death row3 Wolgast and Doyle FBI agents4 Amy a 6 year old abandoned at a convent by her desperate mother.All these threads come together and result in the destruction of civilisation as we know it.The next part of the story is about an enclave of people who have survived through the decades after their ancestors escaped on a train to a compound in California Within the camp is a boy destined to lead a battle against the virals.The writing style reminds me of Stephen King but a little pondering There s good characterisation and the story is imaginative I will definitely read book 2

  4. Andy Graham Andy Graham says:

    I m not really sure where to start with this book.It s monstrous In the best possibly way.Did I like it Yes, absolutely I m half way through the sequel already.Is it easy to follow Yes no.The plot is the yes Essentially, the military create vampires by unearthing a long lost disease I m not sure if paleovirology is a thing but it sounds cool The army think they can control their subjects and the disease Yeah You got it Guess what happens The no That s twofold the cast of characters the massive time jump about a third in.I mentioned in a recent review of Salem s Lot how I was struggling to keep track of a town s worth of people I ll leave the comparison of Justin Cronin s style to Stephen King to other people I have the same numbers issue here Except a lot of the people in The Passage are related and have similar names There came a point where I had to roll with it and think that maybe character X was Y or possibly Z or actually Q s sister in disguise as TBWJzjsi7aaQ s brother Kind of And that s before we add in first names and surnames and nicknames And the time jump Did I mention that The book is essentially a long prequel and main story The prequel sets the scene where the virus is from, how it s released into the wild and so on The story then skips approx 100 years into the future to a band of survivors in the Colony It was a big break and left a lot of questions about certain initial characters unanswered, people I was invested in There were moments when I felt almost cheated by not knowing what had happened to them As I struggled with the vast secondary cast, I occasionally felt I was reading purely to see what happened to the original people Some of my questions are kind of addressed later on, but there s a long wait for those half answers.Otherwise The story is incredibly well written There are moments of poetic prose interspersed with sections that are brutally simple The nastiness within the novel was the latter it s clean There were no lengthy descriptions of monsters dripping in adjectives and doing things adverbily to their overly described victims The scare was all the powerful for that.Partly because of the quality of the writing, there were a few places were the story seemed to jump, almost like a stylus on a record A motive that I didn t get An action that made no sense A monster s inability to do something which I thought they could I d be hard pressed to tell you what those moments were now, but I remember them jarring.To wrap up For those interested in apocalyptic thrillers, there are a lot of staples here the hunt for food weapons safety surviving government f k ups We re due a major one at the moment, surely Then there s the banding together of the people who have fled the relative safety of their home and the resourcefulness they need to survive It s well done and there s enough realism, hard luck and fortune to keep it interesting.For those interested in vampires virals You ve got it all With a twist References to crosses, mirrors reflections , hanging upside down, blood and so on.Would I have changed anything Yes Filling in the gap between section one two Book two addresses some of that time lag brilliantly and it s nice to see some of the pieces slotting into places, but I think I d still have preferred the story in order By the time I get to the end of the trilogy, I may have different view.All in all a great read They re right.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Unlike alot of reviewers I had no problem with the time hop or the second set of characters I think just coming after the very strong first set the reader was always going to be slightly disappointed I especially wished I could have heard from some characters before they met their demise like Carter.I found it commendable that the author eschewed the popular post apocalyptic trend of following a single male lead and having his female characters just be a long line of the dead raped damsel in distress unlikely totty Amy, Alicia, the Nun, Sara, the old lady were all distinct and strong characters.The novel was very well written which is also unusual, the majority of apocalyptic epics these days are usually cardboard cut outs littered with clich s and poor editing Not so this book which was a delight to read.The virals I felt a bit blah about I know apocalypses are generally unexplained but how can a virus change a physiognomy so much How come the bunker crew caught the virus from the air but the 100yr survivors only from direct bites Overall I enjoyed this but not sure I have it in me to read part two yet and certainly not at full price.

  6. _Buchliebhaber_ _Buchliebhaber_ says:

    Ich habe ziemlich lange berlegt, ob ich mich auf dieses noch dazu mehrb ndige Mammutwerk einlassen soll, zumal mir im Vorfeld berhaupt nicht klar war, welchem Genre das Buch am ehesten zuzuordnen ist Horror Fantasy SciFi Endzeitdrama Abenteuer Um es vorwegzunehmen F r mich passen alle ein bisschen und keins so ganz irgendwie ist es eine Mischung aus allem Das ist keineswegs ein Minuspunkt, ganz im Gegenteil.Der Anfang ist ziemlich gruselig die Szenen in dem Labor mit den grausamen Versuchen an Menschen geh ren f r mich eindeutig in die Horrorecke, und das ist eins der wenigen Genres, die ich berhaupt nicht mag Dass ich das Buch nicht gleich wieder angewidert weggelebt habe, lag in erster Linie an Cronins Schreibstil, der mir von Anfang an sehr gut gefallen hat Und nat rlich war das Ganze trotz oder wegen des Grauens durchaus spannend Die Geschichte entwickelt sich ziemlich rasant, wechselt immer wieder Horror, Endzeitdrama, Dystopie und Abenteuer.Die Geschichte hat einige L ngen Vor allem den Part, der in der Kolonie spielt, habe ich als ausgesprochen z h und langweilig empfunden Phasenweise war ich drauf und dran, die Lekt re ganz abzubrechen Zum Gl ck habe ich weitergelesen, denn irgendwann war dieser de Teil zu Ende und es wurde wieder spannend Der berwiegende Teil des Romans hat mich mehr oder weniger stark gefesselt, so dass mir die knapp 900 Seiten insgesamt deutlich k rzer vorkamen.In Besprechungen des Buchs ist immer wieder die Rede davon, es sei kein typischer Vampirroman Tats chlich war es f r mich berhaupt kein Vampirroman zumindest nicht das, was ich mit Vampirromanen verbinde Bei den virals habe ich eigentlich nie an Dracula Co gedacht an Twilight schon gar nicht Interessant ist, dass man trotz ihrer Brutalit t immer irgendwie Mitleid mit ihnen empfindet das ist nat rlich den gruseligen Laborbeschreibungen zu Beginn der Geschichte geschuldet Insofern war der ganze Horror f r den weiteren Verlauf der Geschichte doch irgendwie sinnvoll.Die Geschichte endet offen und relativ abrupt So etwas ist bei neu erschienenen Mehrteilern immer sehr frustrierend, weil man mitunter viele Jahre warten muss, bis man erf hrt, wie es weitergeht Zu meinem Gl ck bin ich erst mit jahrelanger Versp tung in die Trilogie eingestiegen Die beiden anderen Teile sind l ngst ver ffentlicht sogar als Taschenbuch , so dass ich nahtlos mit The Twelve weitermachen kann Ich bin gespannt

  7. Owen Owen says:

    I doubt I ll ever say this again about a vampire or a post apocalyptic novel, but you must read this book I ve been reading a lot recently, mostly works from some of the big names in speculative fiction So it surprised me when I saw The Passage by Justin Cronin on my Goodreads list I don t recall where the recommendation came from, and the synopsis read as a post apocalyptic novel with vampires That did not instill confidence in the book two of the most overdone sub genres Combining them seemed like a recipe for disaster Throw in its almost 800 page girth and I was worried But for some reason I gave it a go And it was worth it.The Passage is the first in a trilogy, and begins in modern times It s a fairly standard plot, with the military trying to create super soldiers and I doubt I m spoiling much when I say it goes awry The story then jumps forward a hundred years and we see how the world has devolved with a small cluster of survivors eking out an existence amongst the hordes of roaming vampires So far, nothing inspiring However, what sets this story apart is the characters From the very first chapter, I was invested Each character is so well developed and rounded that you can help but become attached You know their desires and their weaknesses They become real This is the mark of a masterful writer and was exceptionally surprising to find in this genre.As you would expect, life in a post apocalyptic world ravaged by vampires isn t particularly pretty The world is well developed, and everything feels like it belongs Given that it s set only one hundred years after the event, there are no crazy technology leaps to worry about, it s an easily accessible world It s gritty without being overbearingly dark It s violent without being gory Being a character driven story, the pacing is a little on the slow side if you re after an action romp then look elsewhere The characters interactions with the world, each other, and themselves is what it s all about Having said that, there s no wasted parts Every chapter is building a deeper understanding of the characters and got me and immersed in their struggles.One thing that needs to be noted is the comparisons to Stephen King s The Stand Don t hate me, but I haven t read much King In fact, I think it s only one of his forays into fantasy, The Gusnlinger series, that I have read Having said that, I did some digging and I have to say it is a little uncanny Not just the setting sans vampires , but the style as well Oh well, it s not like anything is entirely new these days and there will always be these kind of similarities.I honestly rank this up there as one of the best books I ve read for some time Considering I ve been targeting highly rated works, this is no small commendation If you enjoy a good saga with engrossing characters that you actually care about, then go out and pick this up now less

  8. Wortmagie Wortmagie says:

    The Passage von Justin Cronin ist ein Reread Ich habe den Auftakt der gleichnamigen Trilogie 2011 schon einmal als Der bergang gelesen F r mich stand nie Frage, dass ich The Passage weiterverfolgen w rde, aber die langwierige Ver ffentlichungsgeschichte der deutschen Folgeb nde verz gerte dieses Vorhaben und schadete meinen Erinnerungen erheblich Als das Finale 2018 als deutsches Taschenbuch erschien, wusste ich, dass ich von vorn beginnen musste W hrend der Wartezeit ver nderte sich allerdings mein Leseverhalten, sodass ich auf die deutschen Ausgaben nicht mehr angewiesen war verf hrte mich mit einem g nstigen E Book Deal f r die gesamte Trilogie in Englisch und ich startete einen zweiten Anlauf mit The Passage im Original.Peter Jaxon hat noch nie die Sterne gesehen Er wurde in einer Kolonie in Kalifornien geboren, in der es niemals dunkel wird Dicke Mauern und m chtige Strahler, die die Nacht taghell erleuchten, bieten Schutz vor den blutgierigen Monstern der Dunkelheit Virals Die animalischen Infizierten erinnern kaum an die Menschen, die sie einst waren Angeblich waren die ersten Virals das Ergebnis eines fehlgeschlagenen Milit r Experiments vor beinahe 100 Jahren Heute beherrschen sie die USA Vielleicht sind die wenigen Familien, die in der Kolonie Zuflucht fanden, die letzten berlebenden Doch eines Tages entdecken die Wachen vor den Toren ein kleines M dchen Sie ist allein und etwa sechs Jahre alt Niemand wei woher sie kam In ihrem Nacken befindet sich ein Chip, dessen gespeicherte Informationen eine verwirrende Geschichte erz hlen Das M dchen hei t Amy und war Teil des gescheiterten Experiments, das die Virals erschuf Der Chip sendet ein Signal In der Hoffnung, Antworten und weitere berlebende zu finden, beschlie en Peter und seine Freunde, es bis zu seinem Ursprung zur ckzuverfolgen Amys pl tzliches Auftauchen muss etwas bedeuten K nnte sie die Rettung der Menschheit sein Ich m chte gleich zu Beginn meiner Rezension zu The Passage darauf hinweisen, dass meine Inhaltsangabe lediglich einen Bruchteil der Handlung des Trilogieauftakts abdeckt Ich habe mit anderen, umfangreicheren Versionen herumgespielt, aber es stellte sich heraus, dass jede Ann herung an den vollst ndigen Inhalt jeglichen Rahmen sprengte Daraus k nnt ihr ableiten, wie komplex die Geschichte ist, die Justin Cronin erz hlt Der erste Band teilt sich in zwei Zeitabschnitte zuerst erleben die Leser_innen den Ausbruch der urspr nglichen zw lf Virals und den daraus resultierenden Zusammenbruch der modernen Zivilisation danach folgt ein enormer Zeitsprung von knapp 100 Jahren in die Zukunft, der die kl glichen berreste der Menschheit in der von Virals dominierten USA fokussiert Klingt simpel, ist es aber nicht Cronin liebt Details Er ist ein penibler, perfektionistischer Autor, der keine Gelegenheit ausl sst, exakte Beschreibungen einzuarbeiten und sein Epos gro aufzuziehen Seine Zukunftsvision bietet eine spannende Perspektive auf den Vampirmythos, denn Virals sind im Grunde nichts anderes als u erst gr ssliche Blutsauger, Glitzereffekt ausgeschlossen Trotz dieser scheinbar bernat rlichen Thematik ist The Passage vorstellbar und glaubw rdig Cronin pr sentiert fundiert wirkende wissenschaftliche Erkl rungen, aus denen sich ein durchaus realistisches Szenario ergibt Wer wei schon, womit die Milit rs dieser Welt im Geheimen herumpfuschen In diesem Fall glaubte die US Armee, sie h tte ein Allheilmittel gegen Krankheiten und den Tod gefunden Sie injizierten zw lf Todeszelleninsassen ein Virus aus dem bolivianischen Dschungel und hofften auf einen medizinischen Durchbruch Nat rlich ahnten sie nicht, was sie erschufen Auf gewisse Weise wurden ihre Hoffnungen sogar erf llt, denn Virals sind albtraumhafte Spitzenpr datoren unsterblich, beinahe unverwundbar und Menschen in vielerlei Hinsicht berlegen Mich gruselte vor allem ihre primitive, inhumane Schwarmintelligenz Diese Monster lie die Army auf die Welt los, weil sie zu arrogant waren, um zu begreifen, dass ihre Kontrolle ber die Virals lediglich Illusion war Die explosive Eskalation, die Cronin beschreibt, erschien mir vollkommen plausibel Diesen ersten Part der Geschichte fand ich rasant, atemlos und ausgesprochen aufregend Mit dem bergang zum zweiten Part flacht der Spannungsbogen jedoch abrupt ab Cronin nimmt sich viel Zeit, um die Situation der Kolonie zu etablieren und ergeht sich in langatmigen Darstellungen des Alltags der neuen Figuren, die ich dadurch allerdings intim kennenlernte Ich bin sicher, sie alle zuverl ssig einsch tzen zu k nnen Die Spannungskurve nimmt erst wieder Fahrt auf, als Peter und seine Freunde die Kolonie verlassen, um den Ursprung von Amys Chipsignal ausfindig zu machen Ihre Reise ist der Beginn der grundlegenden Geschichte der aktive Kampf um das berleben der menschlichen Spezies.Als ich vor acht Jahren Der bergang las, war ich berw ltigt Diese Euphorie konnte ich mit der Lekt re von The Passage zwar nicht wiederbeleben, doch das werfe ich Justin Cronin nicht vor Ich habe seitdem eine Menge Dystopien und postapokalyptische Romane gelesen, weshalb es deutlich schwerer ist, in mir dieselbe Begeisterung zu entfachen Nichtsdestotrotz beeindruckte er mich mit der gewaltigen, Spannungstiefs rechtfertigenden Dimension seiner Geschichte und der berzeugenden Umsetzung seiner interessanten Ideen Seine Penibilit t gef llt mir, weil ich das Gef hl habe, mich jeder Zeit auf seine Autorit t als Autor verlassen zu k nnen Der einzige kleine Hickser in einem sonst stimmigen Buch ist der nicht zu leugnende christlich religi se Einschlag, mit dem ich als Atheistin nichts anfangen kann Solange dieser jedoch diskret bleibt, werde ich mich daran nicht st ren Eine Vampir Postapokalypse ist einfach faszinierend, christliche Motive hin oder her.

  9. Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews says:

    I ve heard many great things about The Passage over the past few years, the timing was right, so, I decided to embark on this epic journey concocted by Justin Cronin I ve got to tell you, I loved it This was one of those books that I opened up to read whenever I had a few minutes or hours.There were points in this story where I wondered what the hell is going on, but I was patient easier said than done and I allowed Cronin s story to reveal itself to me I came to the understanding that Cronin was not writing a story but creating a world, an alternate universe where the shit has hit the fan and the wide sweeping effects go beyond a handful of characters.The Passage is not the sort of story you can read during your commute on the train or bus, you must become involved with the story Cronin has a Martin esque respect for his characters, and I respect that in an author get me attached to someone, hurt me, make me feel.Cronin has written a story that isn t for everyone, no story is But he has written one for me If you love epic adventures in a world beyond your imagination, read The Passage If you want to sit down for an hour and complete a little adventure, The Passage is not for you.The worst part of finishing The Passage is that my voyage came to an end The best part of finishing The Passage is that there are two books just waiting for me to dive into.