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No duplication with his other excellent books and they seem well researched He covers many issues of golf, from practice to action and afterwards. As a new comer to the game I found this a very interesting read and it put many things into perspective Some say that the mental game is 80% of the overall game of golf and after reading this and as a beginner, for me it most definitely is This golf book on the mental game merits its classic title excellent text and drawings. Entertaining and just as I expected. This book is just awesome Every page is inspiring I have read it, read it and read it again, highlighted each point most relevant and read those again and again It has changed my game completely Now I play with much confidence pars are becoming the norm Easy to pick up and read bits of it at a time with each tip being short and simple I have also bought Zen putting but that is no where near as easy to read and take in as this book is. Dr Joe Parent, PGA tour instructor, executive performance coach and best selling author of ZEN GOLF Mastering the Mental Game and ZEN PUTTING Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens, has drawn on a career coaching the masters to write a hundred easy to understand yet powerful tips for improving any golfer s score, from the essentials of the mental game to helpful hints to keep your composure As with his other books, you will find yourself returning time and again to hear what Masters and PGA Champion Vijay Singh call lessons that make the mental game seem so simple