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Exclusively from Audible Can You Forgive Heris the first of the six in the Palliser series Trollope inextricably binds together the issues of parliamentary election and marriage, of politics and privacy The values and aspirations of the governing stratum of Victorian society are ruthlessly examined, and none remains unscathed But above all Trollope focuses on the predicament of women What should a woman do with her life asks Alice Vavasor of herself, and this theme is echoed by every other woman, from her friend, the uncomfortably married Lady Glencora, to her aunt, the coquettish Mrs Greenow, as well as her clear headed cousin, Kate Alice is torn between marrying her ambitious but violent cousin George or the bland but gentlemanly John Grey, ending up both accepting and rejecting each of them in turn and thus transgressing from the Victorian moral code In contrast, her friend Lady Glencora is forced to marry the rising politician Plantagenet Palliser to prevent the worthless Burgo Fitzgerald from wasting her vast fortune Trollope was considered one of the most successful and respected English writers of the Victorian era With thanpublished novels, they are regarded by some as among the greatest of th century fiction Many of his works covered political, social and gender issues Fans of his work have included former British Prime Ministers Harold Macmillan and Sir John Major Narrator Biography Timothy West is prolific in film, television, theatre and audiobooks He has narrated a number of Anthony Trollope s classics, including the six Chronicles of Barsetshire and The Pallisers series He has also narrated volumes of Simon Schama s A History of Britain and John Mortimer s Rumpole on Trial Timothy West s theatre roles include King Lear, The Vote, Uncle Vanya, A Number, Quarter, and Coriolanus His films include Ever After, Joan Of Arc, Endgame, Iris, The Day of the Jackal On television, Timothy has appeared in Great Canal Journeys, Last Tango in Halifax and Bleak House

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  1. Eva Wierzuchowska Eva Wierzuchowska says:

    Amongst the English Aristocrasy, manners and decorum count for everything Alice, born into the fold, as it were, learned to her bitter cost that endeavouring to go against the grain produced hours of endless angst and months of anguish and regret for her foolhardy and frankly ridiculous life choices Nevertheless, she miraculously managed to salvage her dubious lovelife into some appropriate order, thanks to wonderful Glencora Without whom her world would have been tragic indeed As her cousin, of the highest order, she stars throughout, complimenting Alice s placid nature with her own fiery joyous and ephemeral spirit.

  2. Huw Davies Huw Davies says:

    A substantial and very intricate work which explores many aspects of human relationships mainly of the romantic sort and also touches on aspects of politics.Of course this is a 19th century novel so much has changed but this is ever fascinating as a result And of course all written in Trollope s unique style.Said style is of course very wordy and dare I say it long winded which draws the novel out, and there is also a lot of padding in the plot Part of the reason for this is that Trollope originally published this book as individual chapters in a newspaper, so a drawn out plot would have had a financial benefit to him.So yes, I am a little cynical but it doesn t detract from the ingenuity of this work Stick with it and you will be rewarded.

  3. Bri Bri says:

    Since discovering Trollope via The Barchester Chronicles, he has become one of my favourite authors and I m now moving on to the Palliser novels.While the novels are set in a different age and a social world the vast majority of us will not know, the particular feature of his writings I like is the characterisation of his subjects The behaviour, mindsets, actions and reactions are timeless and to be found in all walks of life and throughout the centuries You can relate to and become involved with the characters, you can laugh at them or with them, become irritated or exasperated with them, profoundly wish that they win through or receive their come uppance.Personally, prefer to Dickens, Eliot and Austen.

  4. Kindle Customer reader Kindle Customer reader says:

    When I downloaded this excellent Trollope novel Can you forgive her it was substituted with an ill advised rewritten work in street slang This was incomprehensible, not because it was street slang but because who ever wrote it could barely make sense of the text.it was not what I paid for and it is something that should be flagged up at the point of sale Trollope s language is fairly accessible if old fashioned It is patronising to assume that people could not read it unless it was presented dumbed down form that made the story itself incomprehensible.

  5. Didier Didier says:

    This is the first book of the so called Palliser or political novels by Anthony Trollope, and if the next 5 volumes are as good as this one that would be nothing short of amazing If you ve read the Barsetshire chronicles, you ll immediately recognize the inimitable Trollope style, with its painstakingly detailed analyses of the characters feelings and emotions And therefore, remote in time as the settings of these novels may be, ever so much is recognizable and relevant even in the 21st century I found myself constantly thinking I would have felt so too , sympathizing with some characters and disliking others because all of them are painted so life like you ll feel you ve met them in the flesh.In this particular novel the heroine, Alice Vavasor, is torn between two lovers her cousin George ambitious and attractive but with a temper and the stoic gentleman John Grey She in turn accepts and then rejects both and is unable to forgive herself for being a jilt hence the title.There s nothing much sensational about the plot is there ever with Trollope and the pace is slow, much slower probably than what we ve become used to, but nevertheless this is a book thoroughly to be enjoyed.

  6. RobW RobW says:

    Trollope in full throttleAt this stage he was so big he presumably never had an editor and TBH this would be a far, far better book if the first 250 pages were reduced to a 5 page summary Some of the characters are rather two dimensional but Lady Glencora Palliser does light up every scene she appear inBest read as originally published two chapters at a time

  7. Dr. Alison J. Overend Dr. Alison J. Overend says:

    Trollope is less renowned than Dickens but I think ranks with him He is especially good in his realistic portrayals of women there are no sickeningly sweet females, nor does he fall into Dicken s error of portraying bad women as totally devoid of good characteristics He is good at showing a variety of complex, often flawed female characters, with their strengths and weaknesses clear to all Perhaps being brought up by a mother who had to earn the family s living by writing gave him such a good understanding and respect for women, as well as helping him sympathise with their lot at the time You can see he disapproves of women being so subject to husbands or fathers.The relationships between men and women are developed you feel you are really getting to know the characters, may of whom feature in other Palliser Novels.The politics of the time is fascinating and help me understand the history of British Parliamentary democracy a bonus I wasn t expecting

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    I bought this copy to replace one which had fallen to bits after years of re reading.When I read it forty years ago domestic violence by fists or by mind control was hardly spoken of But this mid Victorian novel features a fiance who threatens the former there is another Trollope novel where the threat becomes reality and I will leave you to find it and a loving and well intentioned husband who is nevertheless a control freak Decades ahead of its time.

  9. Brexit-Gegner aus England Brexit-Gegner aus England says:

    Anthony Trollope 1815 1882 Can You Forgive Her Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Dinah Birch Oxford, New York Oxford University Press Oxford World s Classics , 2012 New Edition ISBN 978 0 19 957817 7.Dieser Roman, der erste in Trollopes politischer Palliser Serie, folgte unmittelbar auf den f nften Roman der Barchester Serie, The Small House at Allington, und greift u a die Geschichte von Plantagenet Palliser und dessen Ehe mit Lady Glencora M Cluskie auf, eine Geschichte, die im Small House at Allington kurz zusammengefasst wurde Hier erfahren wir, dass Lady Glencora von einer unkonventionellen Eheschlie ung mit dem armen Taugenichts Burgo Fitzgerald tr umte und nur durch das beherzte Eingreifen ihrer hochadligen Verwandten davon abgebracht wurde Ihren Ehemann Plantagenet Palliser, einen Vollblut Politiker, dem Aussichten auf das Schatzkanzleramt nachgesagt werden, findet sie recht langweilig und versteht es, ihn konstant zu piesacken Dass am Ende alles gut ausgeht, versteht sich bei Trollope von selbst, aber wie es dazu kommt, das muss man sich erst erlesen nach rund 600 Seiten Trollope w re allerdings nicht Trollope, wenn es in diesem Roman bei der einen Geschichte bleiben w rde Wir machen gleich zu Anfang des Buches Bekanntschaft mit der Familie Vavasor, weitl ufige Verwandte der Pallisers Alice Vavasor, eine selbstbewusste junge Frau mit politischen Ambitionen, hat sich vormals von ihrem Cousin George, der als wilder Mann eingef hrt wird, getrennt und sich mit dem nomen ist omen blassen Mr Grey verlobt Im Laufe des Romans macht sie diesen Schritt r ckg ngig, was damals als gesellschaftlich inakzeptabel galt, sieht sich jedoch nicht imstande, George, der beinahe einen Mord begeht, zu heiraten George ist Parlamentsabgeordneter, braucht jedoch dringend Geld, um seine Wahlkampagne zu finanzieren, und schafft es, einen Gro teil von Alice Vavasors pers nlichem Verm gen auszugeben, ehe er merkt, dass die Ehe mit ihr wohl nicht zustande kommen wird.Einen dritten Strang f hrt Trollope, anscheinend als comic relief ein Eine Tante Alice Vavasors, Mrs Greenow, ist jetzt eine reiche Witwe Bei einer Erholunsreise an die englische Ostk ste lernt sie zwei m gliche Ehem nner kennen den reichen Bauern Cheesacre und den verarmten Milit r Bellfield Wir erfahren, wie diese Situation sich zuspitzt, bis am Ende auch Mrs Greenow erneut unter die Haube kommt, ihr neuer Ehemann jedoch eher unter die Pantoffel.Mit 675 Seiten geh rt dieser Roman zu den l ngeren, die Trollope ver ffentlichte, aber aus Sicht des Lesers kann das nicht zu lang sein, denn die Geschichte erweist sich als in jeder Hinsicht faszinierend Wie der Titel andeutet, geht es hier u a um das Thema Vergebung dazu empfehle ich das Buch Vergeben und Vergessen von Lewis B Smedes Francke Buchhandlung als philosophisch psychologisches Gegenpol , aber auch um die Auswirkungen des damals aufkeimenden Feminismus sowie um die gro e Politik Es f llt auf, dass Trollope sich hier zum ersten Mal mit Gestalten aus dem Hochadel besch ftigt und nicht nur mit dem verarmten Landadel, wie in den Romanen zuvor Das alle Konventionen sprengende Benehmen von Lady Glencora w re zudem damals als schockierend empfunden worden, auch wenn man heute kaum dar ber stolpert.Eine F lle von Nebengestalten bev lkert das Buch Wir lernen hier den recht ekelhaften Mr Bott kennen, ebenso dessen k nftige Ehefrau, die petzende Mrs Marsham neben vielen weiteren Verwandten der Protagonisten aus allen Gesellschaftsschichten Ganze Abschnitte der Erz hlung spielen au erdem in der Schweiz oder in Baden Baden, was dem Roman ein gewisses internationales Flair verleiht Dass Mr pallisers Ambitionen auf das Schatzkanzleramt am Ende in Erf llung gehen, versteht sich von selbst und bereitet den n chsten Roman der Palliser Serie vor, Phineas Finn the Irish Member.

  10. Anthony Marinelli Anthony Marinelli says:

    One of the all time classic novels from the hand of Anthony Trollope who has written so manyhere we have alice who has one fianc in mr grey whom she soon drops to begin an affair with the scandalous cousin George who is egged on by cousin kate and they begin an affair or rather rejoin an old affair which was broken up when alice went with mr grey and soon she breaks off a second romance with George whom she deems unworthy mixed into all this are kate s aunt and her affairs with mr cheeseacre and mr bellfield one of whom she will marry It all makes for fun reading and the novel turns grim as George becomes increasingly evil and is written out of his grandfather s will and attempts to murder mr grey for interfering in his life and his romance with alice but he fails in his attempts and soon is written out of the novel and we are left to reconsider whether alice will once again marry mr grey The on again off again romantic adventures of alice makes for fun reading and the novel is well written and here the accent lies on politics and not so much on religion as there are no divines to whittle away our attention..the focus is all on the house of commons and this brings us to the pallisers..This is the first of the six great Palliser novels and here we have alice s cousin lady glencora who is entranced by burgo fitgerald but gives up her romance to marry a Palliser and begins an affray with the pallisers and the house of commons and it gives Trollope an excuse to talk politics about a budget minister and the various people who make it into glencora s household through her husband They have trouble having a baby and glencora loves alice and often invites her to her house and for excursions but she eventually gives up on her affair with burgo and stays true to the pallisers and on a trip she takes with alice alice is reunited with mr grey and they decide to exchange nuptials and lady glencora becomes pregnant and they all return to England which makes for a happy ending to a novel one really does not want to put down and one only wishes that it will go on a nd on but stop it must at this point Startling good novel by Trollope RECOMMENDED

  11. Moe Mur Moe Mur says:

    I am 2 3 through this book by Trollope I am absolutely enjoying literature words, detail, the historical times, character developments it s the complete package, so to speak Quality learning and quality use of time.

  12. José Juan José Juan says:

    Es la primera novela de la serie Palliser, y se hace un poco lenta a veces, pero es muy interesante porque se ve y comprende muy bien la vida, mentalidad y actividades de la clase media alta y alta de la Inglaterra de esa poca, la pol tica inglesa del momento, etc Y las siguientes novelas, aunque independientes, repiten personajes como Lady Glencora McCluskey, que es favorita de muchos lectores.

  13. John Mathewson Boyle John Mathewson Boyle says:

    The transfer to kindle from the original text contained syntactical errors and the author s literary intent blunted One star for prompt service I guess.