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Brought to you by Penguin Rick Riordon s sequel to The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters is now available to download, unabridged and read by the actor Jesse Bernstein Half boy Half God All Hero I look like a normal kid Only there s a difference Poseidon, God of the Sea is my dad Which sounds cool, but actually means there is usually someone or something , somewhere, trying to kill me Now I live at Camp Half Blood, with other kids like me But Camp Half Blood is a bit different to most summer camps Instead of toasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs, we battle giant cannibals at dodgeball This time, we re under attack and I need to get my hands on the Golden Fleece or we ll be invaded by monsters Big ones

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  1. Alyssia Cooke Alyssia Cooke says:

    Another entertaining and well written instalment in the Percy Jackson series, although I wasn t quite as impressed as I was with the first novel Some aspects of this were absolutely fantastic, and I absolutely fell in love with the character of Tyson who is definitely an interesting take on a step sibling The action moves along at quite a clip and the characters are well defined and developed Somehow it didn t quite have the sparkle that I got from the first book, but it s still a strong sequel and I am looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I am 12 years old and am quite an advanced reader, so thought these books would be for younger kids and not for me I fell in love with them The concept of the book is amazing It is about Greek demigods in the modern day, who have to deal with normal problems as teenagers as well as fighting Greek monsters and saving Olympus The books didn t get worse during the series and the characters were relatable and funny and it feels like they are your friends As well as this, since reading these books, I have found I now know tones of stuff about Greek mythology and aced my classics test I have now read the Percy Jackson series, heroes of Olympus series and trials of Apollo series and could not recommend this series enough

  3. Nguyen Ba Dam Nguyen Ba Dam says:

    This book has an excellent storyline and plausible plot The story is based on Percy Jacksons adventure to find the Golden Fleece and use it to heal the Thalia the daughter of Zeus who turned into a tree Percy Jackson sets on a quest to find the fleece but encounters the horrible Cyclops Polyphemus and other monsters on the journey to the finding of the fleece.During this time Percy has to grasp the fact that his brother is a cyclops as well and is called Tyson, Tyson has a huge impact on throughout the story and protects Percy Setting off with Annebeth he encounters the witch Circe who turns into a guinea pig Luckily if his friend had not come to rescue him he would have been stuck in that state for eternity.Excellent book I would definitely recommend this book for all readers it is a brilliant book and I think Riordan is a genius when it comes to writing in Greek mythology.

  4. Mrs. K. A. Wheatley Mrs. K. A. Wheatley says:

    I have just finished reading this second book in the Percy Jackson series to my children They love these books They seriously pester me every night to read to them, which given the number of other distractions and delights available to them in the form of electronic gizmos, is high praise indeed They are never content with just one chapter either, they always clamour for Luckily, reading to them is no hardship with books as well put together as this I have enjoyed reading it to them as much as they have enjoyed being read to.In this book, Percy is reunited with Annabeth, daughter of Athena, and a new friend, Tyson, and sent off on a new quest which sees him reunited with friends and enemies alike, as he races to save Camp Half Blood from imminent destruction I don t want to give too much of the book away if you are about to embark upon it, because there are lots of unexpected twists and turns to the plot which make it exciting to read.As an adult who read a lot of mythological stories, and who later studied Greek and Roman civilisation at university, I love how Riordan effortlessly threads the ancient stories into new and exciting shapes for modern readers My children aren t really aware of the background of the original stories, and I am also looking forward to them discovering them as they grow older.We already have the third book lined up.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    I absolutely love this book I think its for all ages and it is full of excitement and monster s.I am also a big harry potter fan and if you like harry potter thus book will really suite you.I gave it 5 stars and I can t wait to bread the next book I would also recommend the heroes of Olympus for those books are also amazing to I hope you enjoy is book