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Foryears after a nuclear holocaust annihilated civilization, the Family has eked out a meager existence in the wilds of what used to be Minnesota But something is going wrong in the Home People aren t living as long as they used to Mutations are becoming common To ensure their survival, there s only one thing the Family can do venture outside the compound walls for help Three of their best warriors are chosen for the task Blade, Hickok and Geronimo Each is a weapons specialist renowned for his cunning and battle skills, each a proud defender of their fledgling society But when a band of barbarians attacks the Home, the newly formed Alpha Triad may find their mission over before it even begins and no one left to save

5 thoughts on “The Fox Run: Endworld Series, Book 2 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: David Robbins, Kevin Foley, Books in Motion: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Laurence Moore Laurence Moore says:

    Fast moving and all action Great characters Great dialogue Just doesn t let up The beginning of a superb series.

  2. James Standing James Standing says:

    I read a review that pointed to the Endworld series being a good set of post apocalyptic novels As I love this genre I thought I would give it a go Having been reprinted only last year, the pretty amateur cover was slightly off putting forget what they say The fact that there are 28 books in the series also makes you wonder how good these books really are However, I bought a second hand one and gave it a go I sat down on a Sunday and did not put the book down till I had finished it in one go and have just ordered the next 2 in the series.Despite some aspects of the book being a bit far fetched Each warrior happens to be a expert in a certain field of fighting such as samurai swords it is well written and very enjoyable Expect a fun, entertaining novel and you can t go wrong with 28 books

  3. Ed Hammond Ed Hammond says:

    Love this series since it first came out when i was a teen

  4. Mathias Larsson Mathias Larsson says:

    the endworld series delivers and so does thisThe Fox Run Endworld if anyone is a fan of fallout then you should really look into the endworld series.

  5. Geolec Geolec says:

    This is a Great book I did not want to put it down Finished it in two days Highly recommend it and his followon book to this one.