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Joanna Trollope s tenth novel Marrying the Mistress focuses on Guy Stockdale, a judge who is in his early sixties and has been married to Laura for forty years The couple have two sons who are now in their late thirties Simon Laura s favourite , who is a solicitor and married to Carrie, with three teenage children and Alan, who is an interior designer, unmarried and gay and about to embark on a relationship with doctor, Charlie Shortly after the Stockdale s marriage, Laura gave up working and despite Guy s encouragements over the years for her to build a life for herself outside of the home, Laura has insisted to her husband that he, their country home and her beautiful garden is all she needs But Guy knows that Laura isn t entirely happy, and neither is he and that is partly why, for the past seven years, he has been having an affair with Merrion Palmer, a barrister, who is younger than his two sons When Guy decides he no longer wishes to remain married and tells Laura that he wants a divorce so that he can marry Merrion, Laura reacts in a way that has far reaching consequences for all involved as does Merrion s mother, who feels that Guy is ruining her daughter s life and has everything that Merrion will never have Whilst Laura refuses to see, or even to talk to Guy, and clings possessively to Simon, insisting that he acts for her in the divorce which effectively means that Simon is at loggerheads with his father Carrie comes to the grim realization that she is going to have to fight her manipulative and self absorbed mother in law for her husband.As always, Joanna Trollope displays her skill at depicting the dynamics of family relationships and all of the little intricacies of daily domestic life, and she does this with perception and intelligence in this novel, as she has in her other books However, I have to say that somehow I didn t really care very much about any of the characters in the story Guy, although not the villain that Laura tried to make him out to be was, nevertheless, not a very admirable character, and if he had been so unhappy in his marriage for such a long time, why had he not done something about it before Laura, who although was the injured party in many ways, had spent years making her husband feel uncomfortable and guilty about the satisfaction he obtained from his life and work, and when she couldn t get her own way over the divorce, shamelessly manipulated her son to try and get her revenge, and Simon s weakness in allowing himself to be manoeuvred by his mother then caused huge problems for himself and Carrie a lot of which was rather irritating to read about All of that said, however, I do find it interesting that with each of her books, Joanna Trollope focuses on different social and family issues and, as her novels are well written and very readable, I still derive a certain amount of pleasure from reading her books even if, as in this instance, I did not warm to the characters or find the story quite so enjoyable as other novels I have read by the author for example The Choir The Rector s WifeorA Spanish Lover For this particular novel, I opted for the Kiindle Whispersync version, which meant that I was able to download both the Kindle version and the Audible audio version ably narrated by Lindsay Duncan for the list price of the new paperback edition and could switch between reading on my Kindle and listening on my iPhone when commuting.3 Stars. It s quite a while since I read anything by J Trollop, and this was like coming home Having read several hard hitting books recently, this was a nice comfort read The characters are well developed and I found myself caring about how things would turn out Family dynamics are something we all deal with in different ways but this book gave food for thought. Always a joy to read this brilliant writer, with believable characters and an often poignant twist to the family life described with wit and insight Even when the people are not particularly likeable, she is never harsh but her insight into the machinations of the human spirit is clear and unsentimental, so her novels are always a pleasure for the reader. Re reading Joanna Trollope s earlier books now on my Kindle and loving them just as much second time round She has a style of writing uniquely her own, and one that I love This is another story of the events which can rock a family s corporate life, a bolt from the blue, and how the members try to resolve the resulting mess, in this case a much loved and respected husband and father suddenly deciding to up and leave his wife after a secret seven year affair, and how his wife and adult children try to deal with the situation Absorbing Loved it. JT creates a group of people dealing with a painfully difficult situation while also confronting their own private dramas This book is well written enough to make it a gentle pleasure to read However, I found it hard to develop any real interest the characters They are all too stifled by the upper middle class web which enmeshes them to stand out as relatable individuals. I loved this book, it was difficult to put down, the characters in it were all interesting and the story made it hard to guess what would happen I hate doing reviews as I don t read them normally, some people tell you the whole story before you begin and ruin good book, suffice to say ,for me, 5 stars makes it a great book A sad book Real life yes Normal family, Mother of the Son, liked power over her children One strong enough to realise and the other afraid to upset her Mother of the mistress, very interfering The mistress was old enough to make her own choices He loved her for 7 years Daughter in law had a rough deal Made you think. Joanna Trollope has done it again It s always a joy to read this accomplished writer, with believable characters and a poignant twist as she exposes the frailty of family life in Marrying the Mistress exceptionally well.I assumed I was just going to read about a married man and and his relationship with his mistress, soon to be wife but not at all We look very closely at the effect his actions have on the dynamics of his eldest son s marriage and family life, as well as the eccentric, gay younger son s view.The main premise of the story is about a man who decides to leave his wife of over forty years to marry his mistress of 7 years What follows is the ensuing fall out and the intricate web of family relationships which suffer in the aftermath It shows how fragile family relationships can be and how some mothers manipulate their own children for their own ends.Even though I ll admit the people are not particularly likeable, Trollope s insight into the machinations of the human spirit is outstanding After all, a Much older man with young woman usually means the man needs to feel young again, but not Guy Stockdale and Merrion doesn t fit the stereotype either, she seems to feel happier with an older man as they claim theirs is a marriage of minds.The ending, though, is not what I was expecting Quite sad really Once again, a fascinating observation of the complexities of the human mind a story well told and incredibly thought provoking. Merrion Palmer has been Judge Guy Stockdale s mistress for the last seven years and his wife and two grown up sons know absolutely nothing about her Up until now, Guy and Merrion have enjoyed a blissfully, uncomplicated relationship in stolen moments in Merrion s flat, and to the rest of the world, Guy has played the part of model husband, father and grandfather But now the time has come for things to change Guy has become conscious of wasted years and he wants to share his relationship with Merrion with the world He wants, dammit, to marry her Yet he is quite unprepared for the storm that will follow und darin ist J.Trollope eigentlich gut Sehr einf hlsam und psychologisch gekonnt schildert sie die vielschichtigen problematischen Folgen der Tatsache, dass Opa Oma verl t einer sehr viel j ngeren Geliebten wegen Es war ein wenig langatmig und leider f r mich am Ende falsch gel st.